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My first question is: sucks?.

My next question is: Http://

Take the quiz above and come back and tell us what "type" you are.  Do you agree?.



Comments (5)

Your question was: sucks?.

I got....


The Straight Shooter.

You've got a good mix of sass and sensitivity. Sure, sometimes he annoys you. But you do your best to finesse it with a sense of humor and the knowledge that, hey, he's only human. You know a good relationship (thru is like 1940s movie banter it's all about the back and forth. Balance is key to you, and you excel at being a peacemaker and solving problems with a firm, but loving, hand. (And, let's face it a hand with a nice manicure.).

I am totally a Straight Shooter - that is when I have the nerve.  But if you do get me talking - you will know what I'm thinking.  I am a problem solver type with a strong now factor.  I actually love 1940's movies and I have a terrible manicure.  I have paper thin nails that I keep clipped very short. :0).


I'd love to she how your results came out!!.




Comment #1

I also got the Straight Shooter, and I agree with that 100%. I always try to be honest but tactful at the same time in my relationships, and don't freak out if I have to take one for the team every so often.In a weird way, though, sometimes I feel like guys don't know how to deal with "our kind". I don't tend to sugarcoat things and if I am feeling upset about something, I don't play the passive aggressive game - if I'm mad, I say so, and if I'm not, I say that too. But guys will always assume that when I say, "I'm not mad," that I am lying and preparing to let them hear about it afterwards. It can take the charm off of playing it straight!..

Comment #2

Hi Nansense,.

Welcome to the board!!.

I think your right about men not always knowing what to do with a straight shooter.  I have to admit that I've lost a little of this since I was a divorced a couple of years ago.  I just want to be sure I'm not reacting out of old habits that my ex helped creat!!.




Comment #3

Great question.  It's not just about expecting the guy to treat you well but treating him that way as well!.


Comment #4

I actually have to say that probably anyone with an ounce of common sense will wind up as Straight Shooter!  ;-)  You can tell what the "right" answers should be.  The other categories would be Doormat or Psycho.  Officially the categories are "Good Girl" and "Control Freak" - I went through and gave all the doormat answers and psycho answers to see. .

Quite honestly, I think it might have been a better quiz if you could see what percentage of each you were because all of us are a little bit of all of each.  But it is cute and I think the answers DO show you what you SHOULD do rather than what a lot of women actually do and that is communicate in a mature manner rather than sulk, pout, scream or manipulate..




Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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