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My first question is: Song?.

My next question is: I am a single guy of 30. dating (online dating with has not been a huge part of my life thanks to my extreme shyness, so I guess it's safe to say I have no "game". Anywho... here's the facts..

I have been on one date using in the last six years. During that time, not many ladies have expressed an interest in me. This consumes my thoughts daily..

About three weeks ago, I was contacted on Myspace by a very beautiful single mother of two. (12 & 2)It didn't take long for her to give me her phone number, and we were talking a day or two after that. Since then we've spoken every single day/night. I've met her in person twice. The first was a meet and greet for drinks, that turned into a movie..

This is the first thing that confuses me. During the movie, this bombshell that I had just met was leaning in and placing her head on my shoulder. I didn't mind, but it through me off a bit..

Our next meeting, she invited me to her house, where she lives with her parents, to play cards. Nothing too strange there, but I did think it was a little early..

Now it's been about a week and a half since then. We still talk every night, but it's quite brief now. Admittedly, she is very very busy with her kids, ex-husband, christmas and family. I don't fault her for that at all. But something keeps nagging at me and I'm hoping someone can shed a little light my way... because I'm clueless..

Here's this girl who is way out of my league, calling every night. It seems that she might be interested but...1) There has barely been enough flirting between us to mention.2) I've only talked to her once when she wasn't surrounded by her kids and family.3) She seems to have zero free time on her hands.4) When we do talk, it's only about meaningless day to day events..

Just so we're clear. I don't have children and I've never been married, but I do not have a problem with her kids. I've realized that I'm going to encounter that. However; I really would like some adult on adult subject matter between us..

So my question is this... What do you think HER intensions might be?.

I'm going bonkers every day trying not to screw things up by playing the "I really don't care" card...

Comments (4)

Your question was: Song?.

First off forget any idea you might have that she's out of your league. Obviously she isn't. You probably aren't even realizing what a great catch you are. Back when I was in my late 20's and trying to date, it seemed like all the men had crazy ex-wives they were dealing with and were paying huge parts of their income in child support and juggling custody arrangements. Men who didn't have all that baggage were wonderful to find. She's probably thrilled to find someone like you.

If she's looking for someone to help her co-parent and provide financial support, then you'll probably find that out fairly quickly...

Comment #1

It just sounds like she has a very busy life and is looking to connect with someone emotionally - but you and she are at different stages of life and maybe that is why you feel something is "wrong" with how she is getting to know you.  If you also had custody of kids you could possibly see that it is so hard to find someone nice to talk to and date using that you could possibly rest your head on her too kind of quickly.  And maybe all you would have time for during the week is a short recap of your day.  Her daily conversations with you sound like conversations couples have after a certain period of time - the "getting to know you" conversations get replaced by "what I did today" conversations.  It sounds like you need more of the "getting to know you" talk and with two kids the only way you'll get those conversations is if you get her out of the house.  dating (online dating with a person with kids is rough...

Comment #2

Just be yourself.  You don't have to act a certain way.  Be kind, interested in her and her children, although she shouldn't allow her children to get attached to you right now since you aren't going steady or in the commitment stage.  Still, show her that you would except her kids.  Stay cool.  Don't act needy.  Just be there for her.  She needs your love and kindness.  Don't allow her to take advantage of you.  A woman who has children is not always wanted by available young men.  They don't want the responsibility of a ready-made family.  So the woman might be very hard-up to get a date..

At any rate, I hope a nice guy like you, success in your endeavor in getting a mate...

Comment #3

Hello, I share the opinion that you're not out of her league. And that she might be thrilled by a nice guy who happens to be that sweet with her.  Keep getting to know each other and if you think things might be happening a little too fast, tell her about it. What I find amusing is that you seem to be thrilled by her as she appears to be thrilled by you.  Cupid wouldn't have done it better. Good luck =)..

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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