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My next question is: I thought this was kind of amusing but I am on board with treating personal hygiene/maintenance issues with privacy..

Gross Couple Habits to Avoid, Starting Now.

What's okay for couples to do in front of each other, and which behaviors should be outlawed? Read on to help determine the nasty, too-much-information activities you've been sharing that should really be solo pursuits..

The Nest Editors.

Let's be honest: The more comfortable you get in a relationship, the more likely you are to be lax about other matters namely ones relating to bodily functions and bathroom habits. Yes, we live in a modern age where partners are equals, but do you have to become equally scary, whether it comes to twin-belching or hedge-clipping in front of each other (and we're not talking about pruning your front lawn)? We polled users to see how many couples are guilty of these habits, and the results shocked us! It's high time to put some boundaries back in your twosome, starting now..

Banning the burping.

Picture this: You and your better half are cheersing two cold ones after a long workday. You gently pull the bottles away from your lips, lock eyes ... and let out a long, booming "eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhuuuuuuu" belch in unison. Romantic or revolting? Well, 90 percent of users say it's fine to bring on the burps in front of your partner. But open up your relationship (thru to Richter-scale mouth-quakes (and the stench that comes with it) on a regular basis, and how kissable is your partner going to be year after year? Our take: If it's unavoidable, let it rip. If you can swallow it (and in most cases, you can), applaud your own self-restraint, swig a little mouthwash, and dive in for a smooch instead..

Ending the gas crisis.

For some couples, farting in each other's presence is as normal as snuggling. A whopping 72 percent of users agree that it's perfectly okay to cut the fromage in front of your spouse. Sure, there's something to be said for that level of comfort, but seriously: Where in the marriage vows does it say, "'Til death do us fart?" End the gas crisis by calling a truce. Tell the offender that you'll stop if he or she stops. Or at least limit your gas passing to times when it's unavoidable (nacho night, for example). Cut down the flatulence and you'll be shocked by how much sexier you feel..

Stopping the popping.

Ever met a duo who admits that they pop each other's zits or pluck each other's stray hairs? Unless you're writing a book called How to Lose a Spouse in 30 Days or Less, zit zapping, tweezing, and other gross habits (like ear wax removal, toenail clipping, and south-of-the-border trimming) should be done solo. The majority of users (62 percent) agree that private maintenance should be kept, well, private. After all, the main point of plucking random hairs or maintaining your nether regions is so your spouse doesn't see your, um, overgrowth why destroy the mystery?.

Closing the door on number two.

Leaving the bathroom door open while you're doing your business? Well, it stinks in more ways than one. To keep the attraction burning in your relationship, ignore the open-door policy. Think of it this way: You didn't dare leave the door ajar when you were first dating, so why would you let all hell break loose once you're married? After you're finished, spritz some air freshener and get down to the kind of "business" that's always welcome between couples in bed..

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Your question was: or

I have helped groom men as well- from pimples to back hair,etc. and it doesnt bother me.  However, unlike many women,  I dont find a man grooming my genitalia to be erotic.  It is something I would prefer to do on my own..

I also feel that one has to be human in a relationship (thru but when my second exhusband would come to bed all the time dressed in his hole infested underwear, farting under the covers just when I entered the bed and not brushing his teeth...the eroticism flew out the window that should have been opened to air out the room.  It was just too much at once for me to handle and then stay horny...

Comment #1

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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