How do I find out what birthdate I put on my profile?

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My first question is: How do I find out what birthdate I put on my profile?.

My next question is: I have been seeing this woman for almost a month now. She is a very traditional, quiet woman. She rarely ever calls, and I am the one who sets up all of the dates. The dates have been fun, but she has not opened up to me. I guess I just feel like I'm doing all of the work here, which was cool for the a few weeks, but now it's becoming a problem for 2 reasons:1) It's hard for me to get close to someone who does not let me know how they feel.2) I really don't wanna waste time here.How do I handle this? Do I open up a little more, which triggers her opening up more? Or, ask her how she feels about everything?..

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Your question was: How do I find out what birthdate I put on my profile?.

You know, I think that there are some women who think that the chase is what the guy wants and so they don't call when they really want to call because they want to make sure the guy maintains his interest by chasing.   (Now me, I don't want a guy who wants me to want to be chased.).   Or they can be shy or nervous.  It can all be very confusing, because how do you tell if someone is letting you chase or just not into you or something else we can't guess.  But there it is. .

My point is, her failure to call may not be because she's not interested.  I think that, next date, just cut to the chase, open up and say "I really like hanging out with you" (or some such thing) and then give a long pregnant pause or better yet, ask her.  She'll have one of two responses.  She'll say "Gee, you know, I'm just not sure."  Then you take her home and don't waste any more time.  Or she'll say "Yes, I love hanging out with you too."   If she's into you, tell her candidly, "I want you go call me".  You get your answer and you start to work to build something.  Life is good. .

But I definitely think if you like her you should give her a chance to find out how she feels too...

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What do you mean by "open up"?  What is it you're expecting from her after less than a month of dating?  That's very early to be discussing feelings IMO.  You should just be having fun and getting to know each other..

If a woman's interested, she'll keep taking your calls and going out with you.  If she's not, she won't (this is of course assuming she's a person of integrityand if she's not, that will become obvious soon enough)..


Comment #2

Try to ask her one question and see if she opens up.  You may have to be direct and tell her that contrary to what women think not all men want to date using someone who doesnt demonstrate her emotions or how she feels about him and that you are not into game playing.  She may be used to men who like a woman who stands a little aloof to them...

Comment #3

It takes some people a while to warm up and feel secure. Let her know you like her and want to get to know her better so you hope the two of you can little by little be a bit more revealing. And yes, revealing things about yourself should trigger her to feel it's becoming 'safe' enough to do the same. When you say you don't want to waste time, what do you mean? Are there specific things you need to know in order to make a decision about moving forward or do you mean in general you need to feel connected to her and her reticence is slowing down that process?.

But don't push. You don't want her to feel under pressure to communicate more. Just try to enjoy and discover each other by creating memories together..


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