guidelines - why did my friend get kicked off?

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My first question is: guidelines - why did my friend get kicked off?.

My next question is: Hello! ok so I went on this really good date using with this guy I met this past weekend. I mean things just went so well..the conversation flowed well, he held my hand all night. we went to a movie and then went back to his place to hang out...which later led to making out. but nothing really more thats it. anyway, we ended up falling asleep and I woke up at 5 am and said I was gonna head out and he was like are you sure and I was like yeah. so I thanked him said I had a good time and he said he had a good time too.

Then I got up and left. he didnt say ill ttyl and I didnt say either. it's now 3 days later and he hasn't contacted me. I dont know why I feel the need to do this but I just want to text him so bad. I was thinking of just saying something like "hey what are you up to tonight?"..

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Your question was: guidelines - why did my friend get kicked off?.

Well, my initial thought would be that he was hoping to get lucky that night and since that didn't happen, he's not interested in taking this any further..

I wouldn't initiate contact in any event.  If he's interested in seeing you again (for whatever reason), he'll get in touch..


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If you really want to text him or call him then do it - with an open mind.  He may not have thought to call you because he didnt see any fireworks so in his didnt dig him ( the male ego - either it works for us or against us).  He may want to see you again. ..

Comment #2

The fact that you 'need' to contact is the very reason you shouldn't. I'm with Sheri on this - That 'need' is insecurity talking. YOu want to know if he liked you, etc. so you 'need' contact him - all that really is is you satisfying your insecurity by reminding him of you. Hon, when people like you they don't forget you - now it's an entirely different story if they stay in your life or not..

Sit on your hands. YOu could contact him and it might make you feel better - but it's shortlived. The need to know if he likes you is best answered by HIM taking the next step, not you talking him into it..


Comment #3

You just met him this weekend and had sex.  You probably won't get another call until he wants more sex..

You can call him if you want.  If you want him as a consistent boyfriend, you may not get your wish...

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