erases emails after 30 days!?

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My first question is: erases emails after 30 days!?.

My next question is: Ok here's the story in short....

Several months ago, I met this guy on a chat room.. we hit it off right away and started to talk every night! We spoke about anything and everything. We exchanged numbers too. At some point, we started to get personal in our conversations from talking about family to our lives to our hopes and dreams.  Then, a few months later, I started to get weird.. thinking how in the world did this happen? We found out to be very compatible with each other, with very similar wants and likes for now and the future.. yes weird I know.  We even spoke about sex! It was all just very weird to me thinking back on it...

Im 20 hes 30..

What happened was at some point we just stopped talking because I wouldnt agree to see him in person (i felt weirded out at the extent we shared personal things via IM) and so I just decided it was all a joke and really stupid.  I didnt want to meet with him, he didn't want to wait for me to make up my mind, and we stopped talking period..

Now, like 5 months later, he texts me.. Hey whats up? Hows everything? .. I respond with a friendly text nothing more.. we start texting more and more and I realize he's getting that flirtatious side out of me again.. which I didnt want to happen!! (because when we stopped talking I had told him I didnt want to take this to another level and wasnt interested in having anything happen between us - one reason being his age.. it bothered me that hes 10 years older...

I feel we are not compatible physically because I look younger than i am and he looks older than he is).

A few days later, he texts me again.. but this time with a kind of hey hows my baby doing kind of way.. and I havent responded....

Any idea what this guy is thinking or wanting? what's going on here?..

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Your question was: erases emails after 30 days!?.

I think he'd like to have sex with you.  What do you think?..

Comment #1

I think so too...

CL - Women of Color  ..

Comment #2

Take it from a 29 year old experience woman. I have been in your shoes. Good for you for not meetingh him. He was sweet talking you and sharing his emotions and all so that you can fall for him since woman like the "gentle side" of men. Once you told him "i ain't getting with you" he must of thaught "the heck with her, who's next". Obviously he stopped talking with you because he would not get with you.

A bunch of crap. If a guy really really likes you, he would keep talking to you even if you aren't ready to see him. Plus, trust your instincts, if you feel like something smells funny, go with it. You are young and don't want to fall in some dangerous traps. Be careful.


Comment #3

Yes that did help actually! And I was thinking along the same lines.  I am also glad I didnt make the mistake of meeting him.. because I got the idea all along that maybe he's in just for the sex and is trying to sweet talk me. At some point I thought he is a very mature person and was very gentleman with me expressing his desire to get married and find the woman of his dreams.  But then I felt like well while that may be true, why would he initiate sex talk even after I told him I dont want anything with him and after he told me he is moving on to someone else since I'm not willing to meet him.  Well I guess he realized he wasnt just dealing with any 20 year old! Men will always be men!..

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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