en espanol?

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My question is: en espanol?.

My 2nd question is: Well my bf has been wanting to see me all the time on the weekends lately. It turns out my bill for a voluntary d and c is going to be 925. my mom is being kind enough to give me 600. I only asked him for 325 and he said until he his done going to court for a hit and run car accident that he did (i didn't know he did a hit and run when we got back together he lied and said that his car got stolen) he can't give me the money and asked me if he does go to jail I'll stay with him and I told him def not if you don't give me the money. I know I'm better off without him but when I go on a date using and it's boring or I get nervous thinking about sleeping with someone new I want to call him...

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Wow you must have never made a mistake in your life.......I know I made mistakes and I know that he is a scumbag, I have emotional attechments because of what we went through together not to mention, he didn't want me to keep the child...

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Of course I've made mistakes but the thing is to learn from them.  If he's a scumbag, get him out of your life and keep him that way.  Don't play games with him telling him that you'll wait for him while he's in jail if he gives you money.  Why would you do that?  Right now, you need this cancer out of your life so deal with your medical procedure on your own with your mother's help.  But get a job or get a payment plan with the hospital and tell Mr. Hit and Run to hit the road..




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"I know I'm better off without him but when I go on a date using and it's boring or I get nervous thinking about sleeping with someone new I want to call him.".

You may need help finding your way out of this type of relationship (thru with a counselor.  He or she can help you see why this type of relationship (thru is no good for you and how to identify healthier relationships that will not bore you. ..

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I have been going to counseling and it has been helpful even when on dates a couple of times. I decided I am not really ready to date using but when I did see chris twice earlier in the week we had a serious talk the first night, and the second I realized there was no future at all, I mean I already knew in my heart but it's like I had blinders on before  and now see just a lot of let downs. Its still really upsetting though, I feel like my soul has been taken out of me. But really I am doing ok...

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You need to allow yourself time to grieve the loss of this relationship (thru and what it signified to you. Acknowledging that there is no future with this man was the first step in you taking charge of your life...

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Lots of good advice here.  Your procedure - not his. And that he had a hit and run and lied about it!  This is not a person who is very trustworthy.  The appeal here is???? You need to spend some time thinking about how you got to this point. This is not a place you want to stay and not the type of relationship (thru you ultimately want to be in..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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