any one knoe match.coms customer service telephone number?

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My first question is: any one knoe match.coms customer service telephone number?.

My next question is: I have a very good friend , male friend, who told me that most ...MOST men have 2 to 3 ladies on the side. What do you think? He was adament about it and was warning me...

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Your question was: any one knoe match.coms customer service telephone number?.

I totally agree with his statement!  I think most people in general have 2-3 people they can always turn to, not sure if they all act on it but I'm sure there is always someone else that it can happen with.  Morals have changed within the past 20 years and I think everyone gets caught up with Hollywood crap.  Not all men are like this but most of the good ones are either married or gay.  LOL..

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Hi Bridgie2007,.

Welcome to the board!!.

I diagree.  I don't t hink MOST men are bad people.  If they have these "go to" women this means that he is using them and the women are allowing themsleves to be used. .

I do think that some of this depends on the age group.  Younger people are supposed to be playing the field and figuring out what they want in the long run.  Some men never move out of this group even when they get older..

Yeah - I disagree!!.



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Hi Paleale20,.

Welcome to the board!!.

I have to admit that I disagree with the statement, but I do agree that morals have changed a lot in the last 20 years..



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In regards to dating:  I would guess that most men do not have 3 active functional relationships going on simultaneously.  However, that doesnt mean that while a guy is dating (online dating with a woman he doesnt have a couple of other women in his mind who he would like to take out to see who he likes better.  In the beginning many men may have one date using with one woman and the next week he could be taking out someone else but those are just dates, not relationships..

As far as affairs go..there could be someone else out there but 2 to 3...I dont think so.  Then again, I knew a woman who had an affair while she was married to her husband and then I guess things werent' exciting or dramatic enough for she had an affair on her affair guy with someone else.  So...ya never know...

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Most men do NOT have 2-3 ladies on the side.  If you go into a relationship (thru expecting the best, that you deserve someone wonderful and trustworthy, you will find one. They do exist..


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Thank you for your response. At least I know there is hope in this world...

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 I'm with Snafu, I do NOT think that the MOST men have 2-3 women on the side. The sad fact is, is that MOST men can't even get AND maintain 1 woman, let alone 2-3. I don't know if you've heard the stat about 'rich people', being that 95% of money is controlled by only 5% of the population.

 It's the same with men that are really good with women. 5% of men, get 95% of the women. So, it's safe to say that your 'friend' is one of the few that can hold down multiple women.

 Is this why you want him so badly, b/c, most women do? ).


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"Most men do NOT have 2-3 ladies on the side.  If you go into a relationship (thru expecting the best, that you deserve someone wonderful and trustworthy, you will find one. They do exist.".

I think *some* women can find a man as you've described, but I never met one who didn't cheat. I asked one man are you married, or have a girlfriend or children? He said no to all three categories and it turned out, he had: a wife, girlfriends and children by various women. I do not meet trustworthy men. I'm on dating websites and the men have girlfriends or wives. The tell-tell sign, they say they live in one area, but have a cell phone with a different area code; no home land-line phone; you can't meet their friends; or you can't go to their home. I've gotten better sorting out the attached men, but all men have several women, in my experience.

I doubt I will ever be a wife or a girlfriend let alone being the only woman a man is sleeping with...

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If you continually attract men that cheat then the common denominator in this is YOU.NOT all men cheat, the ones that do who do they cheat with???? Women, does that mean all women cheat? Work on yourself and get to the bottom of why you seem to pick untrustworthy men, counseling if that is what it takes.... because you think all men are untrustworthy that is why you attract men that are not trustworthy (sounds like that is what you have been around your whole life, not only dating (online dating with but with family) maybe you think you don't deserve any better, whatever it is, until you fix yourself you will continue to attract men like that. If you respect and love yourself and are trustworthy, you will attract others like that. You deserve better but until YOU believe that it is not going to happen...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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