another Dating Scam?

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My first question is: another Dating Scam?.

My next question is: About 10 days ago I was at an event and I met a guy.  He ended up sitting next to me and we talked and talked for two days.  It was if a magnet was drawing us together!  At one point he held my hand and looked me dead in the eye and said "I am single, available, a serial monogamist, not gay and I like you!"   He asked for my number three separate times and I gave it to him.   The last evening when we were ready to leave he got so close to me, he was impossible to ignore, or not look into his eyes.   He touched me on the nose a couple of times (like boop boop your nose is so cute).  He gave me a light kiss on the lips and told me when he returned from a Holiday trip with his family he would contact me..

He emailed me and called me and left a voicemail last Saturday (I didn't open email till Monday due to being very busy) and somehow missed the voicemail until Monday as well.   He asked me out for this weekend in the email and voicemail.   I called and left him a brief message on Christmas Day wishing him a Happy Christmas.   He called back less than an hour later and made sure I was available "to get together" this weekend.  .

Last night he emailed again and gave me the time for our meeting but did not indicate what we were going to do, and where we would he has never been to my apartment.  .

I really really really like this man as he makes me laugh harder than anyone ever has.  I am terribly attracted to him physically and just feel totally drawn to him, and we have so much in common. .

My question you ask?   Well I have a long track record of pushing too much and being so open and honest I believe it scares people away.  I don't want to mess this one up.  I want to make sure he comes to I am playing it cool (inadvertantly and accidentally)...and I know he is physically attracted to me (he told me this) I want to make sure I do not sleep with him too soon, or push too much, or even play it too cool.  So any suggestions on what I should and shouldn't do on our first date?   Also should I call him to find out if he is planning on picking me up or coming over here?   I have let him contact me except for my brief call on Christmas Day.    Also, how can I let him know I want to spend New Years Eve with him without seeming like a pushy person..


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Your question was: another Dating Scam?.

Re: << Also should I call him to find out if he is planning on picking me up or coming over here? >>.

Nope.   You said <<  Last night he emailed again and gave me the time for our meeting but did not indicate what we were going to do, and where we would he has never been to my apartment.    >>.

Its up to him to let you know where ... or, at the very least, call you and ask "what do you want to do?" ...  I think it's nice when a guy seeks feedback on what you'd like to do ... rather just choosing place and time.   I find it odd that he gave the time but nothing else, though..

Secondly, don't have him pick you up.   Offer to meet up.   We live in a different day and age ... it's not always safe to let a guy you don't know know where you live.     And just because you are smitten, that doesn't mean letting your guard down and letting him into your place..

PLUS, if you let him into your apartment ... you are setting yourself up for sending the 'hook up' message.  And, if you want to make sure you don't go there too soon ... then, best bet is to keep him away from your apartment for at least 3 or 4 dates.   Don't let your guard down too soon.   You can be interested, friendly, flirty (but not a tease), approachable, all those things without letting your guard down..

Good luck!..

Comment #1

Thanks Starbuck!  I now have a roommate who I will use as an excuse for tomorrow.....

Comment #2

Hi Michigan! You've painted a scene that was similar to mine- although I didn't show as much romantic interest when I met my (future?) girl at the airport. Which was definitely a mistake on my part. New years is almost here so time is running out for you, why don't you ask to see what he's doing for New Years.. if he doesn't have anything planned, playfully hint at doing something together? Trust me, I would love to spend New Years with my love interest.. but unfortunately I can't muster the courage to even call her. Have fun! Happy New years.....v..

Comment #3

I think that if you contacted him with your address it wouldnt be too pushy at all "We havent discussed logistics about our date using this weekend so I wanted you to have my address.  Please call so we can work out the details.".

This guy sounds like he is pushy enough for the two of you, hehe.  I think that things will go well if you just be yourself.    If your date using goes well, then just ask him what he is doing for NYEve. ..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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