How do I make Medifast shakes taste better?

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Ok all you do you drink your shakes? Really cold or on ice? Mine don't taste all that great. Bearable but not great. I have ice here at work but no blender..

Give me some tips please!.


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I usually don't drink shakes at work for that reason - I like them best when I can whip them up in the blender with crushed ice..

When I do have shakes here at the office, I will mix with other things. Mocha or Chocolate are great in a cup of coffee in the morning, and I will top a banana, strawberry or orange shake with an ounce or two of diet 7-up. I don't drink soda, but the little bit of fizz and sweetness tastes really good and reminds me of that non-alcoholic punch we always used to get at middle school parties years ago <smile>...

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I use the shaker and water from the poland spring water cooler because it is always COLD - for my afternoon shake I use the Vanilla and put in Diet Root Beer - a recipe straight from the Medifast cookbook..

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It's all about instant coffee for me - I put two or three teaspoons of decaf Nescafe in a Swiss Mocha, Dutch Chocolate, or Vanilla shake along with equal parts splenda or other sweetener and it's fantastic!.

For Orange and Strawberry, I put about 1/2 of a packet of Crystal Light To Go powder, either lemonade or rasberry lemonade, and it's great - like Sherbert..

I haven't found a way to get the banana shake palatable though... tried coconut extract for a "pina colada" concept, but that didn't work out.....

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I just use cold water BUT I prefer to let them soak. You know mix it now, refrigerate, then drink in an hour. For some reason they taste creamier. I do use some of the other hints above. Crystal light and extracts work well.

And the diet soda thing is great just don't shake! Stir not shake!..

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Most of the shakes I just chug after making them with tap water and follow with a full glass of water. If I'm going to take my time, I sometimes I add SF syrups to them and drink them with ice...

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Hey my coach gave me a great recipe for vanilla, strawberry and orange shakes. For instance with the orange shake (or strawberry), mix 1 cup of ice and 1 can of Diet 7up or Diet Sprite with the 1 pak orange shake in a blender and Man it's like an orange fizz. For a root beer float take 1 cup of ice and 1 can of Diet Root Beer with the vanilla shake mix to a blender and you won't believe you're on a diet. I find that when I have a taste for more than an 8oz shake I use one of these recipes and it fills me up. It makes 16oz or more. Try it...

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I really can't enjoy the shakes at all if I don't use my blender and lots of ice. I take two shakes to work every day that I mix the night before and take with me frozen.

I use the magic bullet cups, so I have lids that fit tight and I can easily transport them frozen. I let them thaw somewhat throughout the day, then eat them with a spoon as they become sort of icy/slushy. It takes quite awhile to chop the ice as it is thawing...then enough is thawed, then I can eat a little more....then chop a little more.

It is a good way for me to make my meals last all afternoon. Co-workers continually ask me how I am losing weight when I am constantly having treats?.

I just smile sweetly..


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These all sound like good suggestions...Ive seen some people talk about the cookbook.....where can I find that?? Am I missing that somewhere?..

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I have found that the N.Y. Cheesecake flavored Capella drops are great in the Banana shakes...just make sure you use *enough*!!.


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