Making chips out of the Medifast soups

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When I started Medifast for "phase one" of my weight loss, I quickly lost tolerance for the soups, no matter how I doctored them up. Finally I tried making chips out of them and eating the chips with a wedge of LC cheese, and I really liked that meal. I'd forgotten all about that when I started back up again, but on my last order, I ordered some COC soups so I could make them again. My box came today so I whipped some up, and boy was it good! If it weren't so time consuming to make, I'd eat this every day!..

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I know there must be a real recipe here somewhere, but I mix up the soup with enough water to make a thin "batter" consistency (think crepes) and I mix in a little Better than Bullion. Then I spray a pie plate with a little Pam and pour in the soup. I pop it in the oven at 400 for about 10 minutes, I think. I watch it and when it gets browned, I take it out and let it cool. Then I just break it into pieces and spread them with a little Laughing Cow cheese. Yummy!..

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They also are easy to make in the microwave. Mix soup with enough water to make into a medium consistency paste - maybe 3 tbsp? Take a smallish dinner plate, spray with PAM and spread mix over plate as even as you can get it.

Micro times vary so you'll need to figure yours out. Mine it takes about 2.5-3 minutes. When I first started, I started at 2 minutes and then added time in 20-30 second increments..

It's done when it's slightly brown and NOT wet looking. Let sit for a minute or two and then break into chips..

I have eaten these pretty much every night for a year..

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You are so right! I just made my second batch today using.

COB soup.

And Mrs Dash extra spicy Crunchy and satisfying!!!!..

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What is better then bouillon? Is it lower in sodium? Where do you get it?..

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The Tomato Soup mix makes awesome chips and it also makes an awesome pizza crust!..

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I love doing this with the tomato soup. I add a little taco seasoning as well. I just got some LC cheese.. guess what's getting smothered on today??? garlic and herb LC!! oh yummmmm.. can't wait til lunch now...

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These sound really good. I'm day 5 on MF. Dont have any of the creamy soups just chicken/wild rice and chicken noodle. Can I make them with these?.


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I doubt it mammac since there's no creaminess to them and there are bits that have to be soaked. you may be able to make a savory cake out of them though.. lol like how I do with oatmeal and shakes. hmmm.. something new to try!..

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Thanks Joodie! I'm going to try the cake. I'ts been really hard to not go over the 3 condiments rule. When you make your cake your using them all up for the day right? I just had the eggs and hot sauce, so I guess a cake would be out for me today. Still learning.

Good luck!..

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Wow you have 12 children! How neat! I wish my family was bigger. Anyway you have done wonderful on the program. Congrats..

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I made chips for the first time the other day with COC soup and a little bit of hot sauce. OMG, those were so good! I don't actually dislike the soups, but this was much, much better.

I've heard tell that the chicken noodle soup can make chips if you powderize the soup in your food processor first. I haven't tried it, though...

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It's been awhile, but I made the chips with the chicken and wild rice, and the chicken noodle, but you do need to blend it / "powderize" it so the big chunks get broken up. The chicken and wild rice one is good with salsa!..

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I can't wait to try the Chicken and Wild Rice chips now!..

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"Better than Bouillon" is a bouillon thing that comes in a jar, as a paste, rather than as granules or cubes. It's delicious...

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Ok- tried the chicken & wild rice "cracker" today.. not a fan.... but it did taste better than it being soup. it was the texture I didn't like. I smeared it with laughing cow cheese and choked it down with lots of water. Food is Fuel!..

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