Magic Bullet blender best for Medifast?

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I've seen several people reference the Magic Bullet blender and just signed onto Amazon to order me one. The user reviews I saw weren't very favorable. A lot of people said that it breaks down, won't blend ice, etc. So I thought I'd ask the Medifast veterans if they have had success with this product? Thanks...

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I use mine a lot. When I was on the weight lose phase of the program, I used it every day. I've never had a moment's trouble with it. It was a good investment for me...

Comment #1

I love my Bullet. I use it every day too. I even found more cups and extra stuff on ebay. I hate washing dishes. I have never had a problem with mine. If you do get it, your going to love it.


Comment #2

I absolutely love the magic fact it has to be the ONLY thing I have ever bought on an infommercial and actually usedYou will love it and it will make the medifast shakes taste like smoothies...just add ice...

Comment #3

I just got one yesterday and I love it!! Smoothies, smoothies smoothies and very little cleanup...

Comment #4

I use the Shake N' Take as I had heard that many people had problems with crunching ice in the magic bullet. They're all about the same price.

My husband uses it for his fruit smoothies and I use it for the Medifast Shakes. throw some ice in there and they blend up great!..

Comment #5

LOVE the Magic Bullet! Just bought another one so I could have one at work and one at home. I make so many different things with it!! It's great with the Medifast shakes! Especially the dutch chocolate and a teaspoon of coffee in the mornings...

Comment #6

Thanks for the replies. One more specific question. How does it do with ice cube? Do you need to use crushed ice in it or can it handle regular sized ice cubes?..

Comment #7

When I am off work for the weekends, I use mine 3 times a day for shakes, pudding, soups, etc...I got it on Ebay and it has all the things to go with it. Juicer and steamer cups too!..

Comment #8

The ice maker at work make like ginormous cubes but it really does a great job blending and crushing and I have ALWAYS ended up with a smoothie like is an excellent investment...I have one at home too..

Comment #9

Thanks everyone, you convinced me. I just placed my order. I got the Magic Bullet along with an electronic kitchen scale. I'm looking forward to those yummy smoothies!..

Comment #10

I bought the Cooks version at J.C. Penneys for 29.99 on sale. I Love it. It really doesn't have a problem with ice provided you use the correct blade you get two with it one with a flat blade and one with 2 blades the double bladed one works on the ice...

Comment #11

I got the real thing "Magic Bullet" at Bed Bath and Beyond today. (I had a 20% off cupon so it was about $50.) I haven't seen the infomercial so I have to figure out how to use it..

If I don't like it, I'm taking it back!..

Comment #12

I don't like it! It's a cheap gimmick compared to my blender I've had for 20 years! Return desk - here I come! Ha ha ha!..

Comment #13

My MB has a permanent home on the kitchen counter.

Works easiest with smaller ice cubes, so I only fill the tray halfway with H20. Easy.

Whiping Medifast pudding in the small cup makes it very nice indeed.

Use the MB in my regular cooking for the rest of the family, too..

Easier to clean than my blender or smoothie maker, that's for sure..


Comment #14

I use mine 2-3 times per day!! In the am, I mix coffee and dutch choc w/ SF hazelnut and ice. I use whole ice cubes and it blends perfectly. I got mine off of Ebay and LOVE IT!!!..

Comment #15

I just bought mine today at Linens and Things (with a 20% off coupon) and came right home and made ice cream. I used the crushed ice that I get from my refridgerator door thingy and it worked great. Haven't tried the big cubes - probably won't since I can just flip a switch and get crushed. so far I love it...

Comment #16

I find that my bullet works better if I used crushed ice from my freezer rather than the cubes. If I use cubes there is usually one or two that don't get pulverized. If I used crushed it's much better and thicker I think. Hope that helps...

Comment #17

The thing I like about it is that you can drink your shake or soup from the same cup you blend it in or take it go... my blender couldn't do that!.

I do have trouble with ice unless I use small cubes... but the easier cleanup and what I said above makes it worth it...

Comment #18

I was being frugal and got the Bella Cucina Rocket Blender from Target ($25) and have not regretted it one minute. Whatever you do buy something. The difference between shaking things up in a shaker cup versus a blender is 1000%!..

Comment #19

I have the target brand also no problems and like the big difference in price. I have been using 3 months and if it does break down no problem just get another. I got one from JC Penny that I use at work (on sale after Christmas for less than $10) it is okay but not as good as the Target brand. My Target store didn't carry ordered it from target on-line...

Comment #20

I ordered a Magic Bullet and I am not impressed. My blender works better!..

Comment #21

I ordered the magic bullet from an infomercial Christmas before last. I not only ordered for me, but for my mom and 2 kids. 3 out of 4 broke down in less than 3 months. It worked great while it lasted but it just didn't last!..

Comment #22

I must be one of those lucky people that never get the lemons..

Have had two MBs since September, and both of them get a real workout every single day..

Esp since DH has started the program and DS learned to make his smoothies with it!.

Got one at home, one at work, one at MILs house, one at my Mom's..

Now, if they could make one for the car, I would be set..

I even travel with my MB on the plan, carry on lugguge..

They never seem to think it's anything unusual. Esp when they see all my Medifast packets/boxes with it!..

Comment #23

I just got one from Amazon used it three times and it quit. Magic Bullet warranties after finally getting ahold on them were not any help. Contacted Amazon and they are express shipping me another one. Hope it works because I really want one...

Comment #24

I bought mine originally to make baby food. Works very well, BTW. I got it at Costco.

I was so excited to see that it is useful for me on MF. I made 3 things today, pudding then shake, then latte, never even had to rinse it out between because they were all chocolate. How easy is that????.

I really think you will like yours...

Comment #25

I got one the end of 2005, but it never really got a workout until I started MF. Since I started Medifast I've used it twice a day with crushed ice (except in the dead of winter). Well, I think I killed it! Sounds like the motor is stripped or something. Gotta see if K-Mart has anything similar (only store we have in this town)...

Comment #26

I bought one and stripped the motor in 21 days....MB sent me a new base when I was able to show that I owned it less than 30days...had I not...I could have purchased just a new base for 14.95. I also bought the 4 year warranty for 14.95 after that! The second one has lasted now about 2.5 months so far. The difference I believe is in whether you pulse it or leave it run for the minute. I never run it for more than a 10 second cylce. so good...

Comment #27

Does the Magic Bullet make a lot of noise? I've been looking into getting it but if I want to use it at work then I don't want everyone and their buddy coming to see what I'm doing... hahaha..

Comment #28

Its not as loud as a blender, and you don't have to blend for as long as a blender...

Comment #29

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