Mac and Cheese with Beef and Nutrisystem

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I received five of these in my first order and would like to have some suggestions on how to make them more appetitizing. Kind of afraid to try them. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks!..

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Your question was: Mac and Cheese with Beef and Nutrisystem.

I agree with Vicki, I really enjoy these. My favorite things to add to it are salsa and/or applesauce (I know, the applesauce thing is a little weird, but I prefer almost any kind of pasta dish with applesauce)!..

Comment #1

I add a slice of fat free American cheese and microwave for 30 seconds after regular preparation and make it super-cheesy...

Comment #2

This is one of my favorites too. It sounds like Vicki and I do the same thing. The only thing different is I add just a little ketchup to it - it reminds me of the mac and beef when I was a kid.

I've also made it plain and added a couple of tablespoons of ff greek yogurt to make it really creamy...

Comment #3

I fix according to directions and then add Mexican style tomatoes to it and reheat. Suateed green pepper and onion if you wish..

Comment #4

Instead of using the microwave, I cook it on the stove and add fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sauteed spinach. It's quite good this way...

Comment #5

I love to add sauteed spinach to mine. I first cook it with the boiling water and then add it to my skillet...

Comment #6

I add a little more boiling water than recommended on the package, then just let it sit covered for 8 minutes. Then I put in the microwave for about another minute to warm it up again then dump over steamed brocolli. Yummm! Sometimes I will also add 1/2 lite laughing cow to make extra cheesy...

Comment #7

Thanks, everyone, all great suggestions. I'll try it tonight!..

Comment #8

I really like it by cooking it in a small pan with the boiling water and I add chopped dill pickles. Sometimes caraway seeds as an added flavor. It reminds me of my time in Germany...

Comment #9

I saw a suggestion on the boards of combining it (after it's made) with the chili/beans entree. Add cheese if you have saved protein. It makes 2 servings, so have to save one, of course. My DH & I are both on NS, so it works out great. Tastes pretty good, too!..

Comment #10

I add a little Mrs dash Chipolte seasoning, my new favorite spice!!!. Also pour it over cooked broccoli or cauliflower sometimes...

Comment #11

I was planning to order this on my next order and I have to say I'm reallly excited now because all these ideas sound fantastic!!.


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I cook all of my dry pastas in a microwave safe dish, with 1 cup of cold water, mix it together and cook it uncovered in the microwave 2 minutres at a time, stirring in between until the pasta is tender (about 4 minutes in a small microwave. It turns out perfect for me that way. I then add Mrs. Dash salt free lemon pepper seasoning, sometimes I also add chunky salsa and other times Fiesta blend veggies or broccoli or cauliflower. I cook the veggies seperate in the microwave and then mix it all together..

With the mac and cheese I sometimes add tuna or extra cheese. With the three cheese pasta with chicken I add the veggies and Mrs. Dash and sometimes 1oz. of grilled fajita chicken breast chopped into small peices.......yum!!..

Comment #13

I have one that I haven't tried yet. I tried the regular mac and cheese and that was just terrible by itself. Does mac and cheese with beef have the same taste as the regular? The regular was so disgusting that I was only able to take a couple of bites...

Comment #14

From what I have read, the two taste different from each other. I can't get the regular one on the diabetic plan so I have never tried it...

Comment #15

Had it for supper and poured it over broccoli and cauliflower, mushrooms and green, red and yellow peppers. It was sooooooo good..

Comment #16

True - The mac n cheese with beef is waaay better than the mac n cheese...

Comment #17

I had this for the 1st time today, and I just threw some shredded carrot I had in the frig into it along with the boiling water. When it was "done," the carrots still had a little crunchloved it!..

Comment #18

I love the macaroni and cheese with beef too! One of my fav along with the chilie with beans and the Bean soup with ham...just some of my fav's....tell me some of your's? Hope you are all having a great week!..

Comment #19

Well, I used fire roasted tomatoes with my mac/cheese/beef and it reminded me of goulash I used to make when my kids were little. It is one of my favorites now! I like the ham soup too, and the fettucini too, with lots of veggies in it. As I go along, I check here and find great ideas of how to make things more tasty. I love the hamburger too, but what wouldn't taste good with lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup and dill pickles?.

The two things I've tried and really can't tolerate, even threw them away and that was the chicken and noodles and the pea soup! I literally gagged when I tried to eat both of those, no dressing them up for me. Oh, the Tortilla soup is good too, very spicy, but I like spice so it was really tasty for me...

Comment #20

Well it depends on why you didn't care for it. Did you have problems with texture or was there a taste you just didn't care for? Some things just can't be made edible for some people... like broccoli in my case. Nothing can make it taste good and get me to eat it...

Comment #21

I love the Mac 'N Cheese! I add sauteed mushrooms, yellow squash and onions and make a casserole with it. Top with parm and bake about 12-15 mins. until lightly browned on top. Soooooo good!..

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