'm going tostart using Lean Shake made by VitaminShoppe. Has anyone taken it? How did you like it? W?

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My first question is: 'm going tostart using Lean Shake made by VitaminShoppe. Has anyone taken it? How did you like it? W?.

My next question is: This article was taken from Gavin's board so all credit goes to Gavin, it is a very good and simple article for beginners.

Steroid Information for Beginners.

By Gavin Kane.

So you have finally made the decision to cross over to the dark side, the often talked about, but never discussed in public, use of anabolic steroids. You know you want to use them, but you dont know what to use, how to use it, or even what they really are. This article will cover the very basics of steroid use, as well as safety information, and general knowledge so you can make an informed decision to use..

What are anabolic steroids?.

Anabolic steroids are all synthetic forms or derivatives of the basic hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It causes physiological changes in the body, such as; body and facial hair, development of male sex organs, sperm production, deepening of the voice, and increased libido (hard-ons)..

Testosterone also creates increases in muscular size by way of protein synthesis and anabolic mechanisms. Testosterone interacts with lots of cells in the body, but since we are really only interested in muscle growth, I will focus on that action. When testosterone floats free in the blood stream, it looks for androgen receptors to attach to. One it attaches, it can start it's activity by way of transcription and therefore an increase in the synthesis of two primary proteins, actin and myosin. In addition to this action, there will also be increases in red blood cell count, oxygen capacity, and some mobilization of fat cells..

Why are there so many different kinds of steroids?.

One look at a steroid dealers list is enough to make anyones head spin. There are so many choices and options. What you must remember is that all steroids are chemically altered derivatives of the master hormone testosterone. Each chemical alteration allows the steroid molecule to exert a slightly different action in the body. Steroid are primarily classified as anabolic or androgenic, while this is a simple classification, you should know that all steroids are anabolic and androgenic, they just have varying degrees of each activity..

With that in mind, the more anabolic and less side effects a steroid has, the safer it is to use, but in that same theory, it will also be a less effective steroid. There are some steroids that are better for lean mass gains, some to assist in fat burning while dieting, some to add a lean hard look before a show, some for off-season and bulking, etc. Once you have determined what your goals are, that is how you determine what products to take for a cycle. Being that you are new to steroids, I will assume you are looking for more mass and assemble your product list and cycles accordingly..

What kind of side effects will I get from a cycle?.

Most people have seen the commercials, print ads, or something with all the scare tactics of steroid side effects, hell, even in the locker room guys talk about your penis shrinking. Ignore everything you have heard, it is media hype, high school scare tactics and other misinformation. I am going to write out a complete list of possible side effects, and then discuss the real world and what to expect..

Possible side effects from steroid use include: Acne, aggression, anaphylactic shock, birth defects, blood clotting changes, cancer, depression, gynecomastia, hair loss, headaches, high blood pressure, immune system changes, kidney stress, liver stress, prostrate enlargement, sexual dysfunction, stunted growth, testicular atrophy, water retention, and virilization.

That is quite a list, but now I will write out what you can really expect with steroid use, how to combat it and why not to worry. The first and most common side effect is acne. Yup, good old zits, just like when you were in high school. The reason you get them is the same reason you got them then, increased oil production which is stimulated by androgens. Gyno, the dreaded bitch tits can come about as a result of too much androgen use without controlling estrogen. Hair loss is common in some users who abuse oral steroids; there will be little to no loss on safe and sane cycles.

Testicular atrophy or raisin nuts can occur during a cycle because you will shut off your natural testosterone production. Finally, sexual dysfunction can occur in a very long cycle, too high a dose, or post cycle if you dont do a proper post cycle therapy..

You should remember that most side effects are the results of two things; too much or too long without using precautions. Too much mean taking too much of any product or the sum of products taken. There is no need to go overboard; twice as much does not equal twice as many gains. Too long means staying on cycle for excessive periods of time, and then starting another cycle when there has not been enough off time. Both of these problems are easily overcome, hence most side effects can be avoided..

What should I take for my first or second cycle?.

Remember the old acronym KISS? That is the best applied advice for your first few steroid cycles. Honestly nothing more than a cycle of testosterone is needed to make incredible gains but nobody goes that simple anymore. Stacking, or the adding of multiple steroids together for a cycle has become far too common, even in new users. While there can be come synergy from stacking certain steroids, they will serve as no benefit to first time users...

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Your question was: 'm going tostart using Lean Shake made by VitaminShoppe. Has anyone taken it? How did you like it? W?.

Have just started 2nd course of sus and deca.

Have the diet sorted.

Looking 4 info on wot gains can be expected.

And will this appear faster than the 1st course?..

Comment #1

Its impossible to tell you gains based on what you're taking alone. You will need to post up more detailed info about yourself for some of the more experienced users to comment on. Even then, everyone is different and responds differently to training and juice. Otherwise 90% of the forum would all look like Arnie!..

Comment #2

What is the difference between stacks? I am 5ft 10 10 stone 7 and looking with no body fat, I am looking to increase my weight in muscle tissue by 2 stones of lean muscle. What would be the best for me? I have never took any steriods before and am a beginner. I do not want to loose or reduce my man hood are these side affects..

Comment #3

Yo dudes I would post a new thread but I cant for some reason sooo.

Im gona be doing an 8 week cours of Dbols, whilst using protien,glutamine and milk thistle..

My question is about my PCT would I be ok with just using nolvadex or isit a must to have Clomid too ?

Any info would be good this isnt my 1st cycle but my 1st cycle ive actually tryed to gather info..

Many thanks dec !..

Comment #4

Hi everyone I am new to this, I am currently trying out Dbol 5mg , only been on thwem for a week but have already had some weird side shrinkage of my testicles so I decided to come off them =/ now I have kinda lost my sex drive almost can anyone fill me in on whats going on or how long this will last for starting to get depressed nd worried..


Comment #5

Did you do any research before you used this drug?.

A common side effect is testicle shrinkage whilst on cycle this would be fixed when on PCT.....what PCT did you have planned if your answer is what is PCT then I would highly suggest you leave steroids well alone until you have done alot more reading in the article section on this board..

Comment #6

Have just started 2nd course of sus and deca.

Have the diet sorted.

Looking 4 info on wot gains can be expected.

And will this appear faster than the 1st course?..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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