Lowest carb vegetarian options for Medifast?

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Hi all. What are the lowest carb vegetarian leans you have found that don't seem to stall your loss? I like the MSF crumbles, but I feel like I don't lose much (if at all) when I eat those. I have been sticking to the MSF breakfast about you guys? Thanks in advance!..

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I'm only on week two of the program, but I've lost 5.5 lbs. I've been eating the Boca Vegan patties. They have 12 grams of carbs for two patties. I've been chopping them up real small into my salad. Yummy!..

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I struggle with the same thing...carbs are high for the soy meatless options. If you eat dairy: eggs have how carbs...or lowfat cheese or even low fat cottage cheese. I mostly use the MSF Prime Grillers (green box, I think it's MSF brand) 170 cals + 4 Grams Carbs. The cals are a bit higher, but carbs slow me down more than a few cals. I've been looking for leaner options myself and am considering the cottage cheese route, but am not a fan of eggs!..

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I like a low fat cheese on/in my salads and find I lose quickly that way. I also love eggbeaters egg whites with the veggies cooked in. Lately I've been eating more stir fry and such (with MSF chicken strips meal starters or tofu), but lately I haven't been losing... and have been having trouble staying away from teacher appreciation week chocolate goodies.....

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On the Dr. Oz show yesterday, he said that cottage cheese has a suprisingly high amount of sodium in it...which can make you retain water, resulting in water weight..

I totally messed up my carbs my third and fourth week on Medifast because I picked a Portabella Veggie Burger, and thought I could eat two for my lean and green. um, NO. Bad choice on my part. The MSF chick n grillers are low count, taste good and get nice and crispy. Yum......

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Have you looked at the meatless options sheet?

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Low Fat mozz cheese was my choice for 90% of my lean meals and I lost it quick. It was great because I could use 1/2 on a pizza (COT) and 1/2 of a salad......

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I eat the Morningstar Sausage Links a few times a week ever since I started and I seem to be losing just fine...

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Anyone know how to count the Gardein foods. I have been sticking to foods that are only listed in the Medifast Database. How do I keep track of other foods?..

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If they are not in the MyPlan list already, then you need to add them as private foods. Private foods do not show up in the lean/green/fat categories of MyPlan so don't expect it to credit you there appropriately. Just watch your totals at the bottom...

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Thanks, but how do I know how many servings equals a portion or if it is a lean, leaner or leanest selection? I'm pretty new at this and the only foods I have been eating are what comes up on the computer and it tells me what to eat...

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Well you need to ensure your lean and green falls within the guidelines to see if you need a healthy fat or not. This will also help you figure out if the product you're using is within the guidelines or needs to be put aside until T&M. This is for the full meal, not just the lean portion...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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