Anyone taking a low dose of Murad Acne Complex?

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Anyone taking a low dose of Murad Acne Complex?How many mg's?How long is your treatment?How effective is it?What about side effects? Are they less severe?..

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My dose isn't that low I went from 40mg once a day to 20mg once a day. And I've noticed that my side effects have decreased. I haven't had any more headaches, my lips aren't as dry, my back isn't as sore, i'm not as tired, and i'm sleeping better.I haven't spoken with her since she changed my dose last week but she did tell me that if I were to stay on it long and from what I calculated it looks like it would add about 4 months to my treatment and that would make my total time about 10.5 months but I know that you can't stay on it that long. I'm at day 40 and I'm almost clear...

Comment #1

Low dose = less severe sides, but longer course.Longer course = greater time length of retinoid exposure which could = skeletal system side effects, greater risk of heart disease, etc...

Comment #2

Thats what I was afraid of. I dont think I'm going to do it. Thanks anyway...

Comment #3

Is that right thought? even if you are on a low dose, but longer period of time - you get bone problems?!Because it's exactly the same accumlative dosage as a high mg / short course would give...

Comment #4

Has anyone noticed a decrease in redness with a lower dose?..

Comment #5

I have bascially no side effects apart from needing to moisturise more often - but thats not a side effect haha..

Comment #6

What dosage are you on, how long have you been on it, and do you notice any redness at all compared to before you took Murad Acne Complex?..

Comment #7

20mg, 12 weekshad redness and itching initally - but that was on 40mg..

Comment #8

So you were on 40 mg initially? how long for on 40mg? and so you experienced redness on 40mg but now not on 20mg? and was the redness just due to dry/irritated skin.. as in was it on top? or was the redness more internal i.e. the "tane burn" that people talk about?sorry for all the questions! looks like i'm in a similar boat to you. thank you!..

Comment #9

I was on 40mg for a 30 days and I have been on 20mg for 11 days. The difference in redness that I noticed was when I started moisturizing at night with Aquaphor instead of Cetaphil. It was right at the dose change that I switch moisturizers, so I can't be sure if the redness was caused by the dose or by previously under moisturizing...

Comment #10

Think it was more an inital sorta tane burn - for a few weeks just as my skin adjusted and the lovely Murad Acne Complex flowed around my body If your having problems just go down to a lower dosage - and dont be afraid of topicals!everyone is different..

Comment #11

And 40mg was for 8 weeks - but actually it wasnt, becuase I adjusted the dose myself down to 20 sometimes for a week or so...because of side effects - and I cba with those thanks!..

Comment #12

How many mg's? 20mg/dayHow long is your treatment? 8 monthsHow effective is it? I'm still acne free and it's already almost 1 and 1/2 yearWhat about side effects? Are they less severe?Not much side effects to begin with just the dry lips and slight dry skin plus some fatigue. Became better in month 2 and after that just got progressively better before all side effects disappear. Probably my body got used to Murad Acne Complex. Read my log for more info...

Comment #13

I was considering Murad Acne Complex but a low dose, maybe 10mg. Im 5ft 3in tall and weigh about 104lbs. My acne is pretty under control. It went from moderate to mild thanks to antibiotics, birth control and 10% BP but my skin is still extremely oily and I still breakout. I have my appointment with my Derm to discuss a low dose course of Murad Acne Complex. I'll have to see what she says...

Comment #14

Say it's making you really self conscious and affecting your confidence - push for it good luck..

Comment #15

Thanks I dont think it will be a problem getting it. I'll post back after my appointment on Monday...

Comment #16

How many mg's? 10mg for 3.5 months, recently upped to 20mgHow long is your treatment? doctor said 6 mthsHow effective is it? my right side of the face is acne free now, left side has 2 pimples, but the pus is coming out..What about side effects? Are they less severe?dry lips only...

Comment #17

Yoyobarn,do you or have you experienced any redness or facial flushing during your course?..

Comment #18

Hi, I have taken 40 mgs for 3 days so far and my face has been really red, although I do have rosacea but it's not normally so red. I'm going down to either 10 or 20 mgs which will mean I'll either start taking my pill every other day or every other two days. I think low dose is the way to go for me, I would much rather a longer course and not be this red. I'll keep you updated...

Comment #19

Me too. please let me know if it makes a difference to your redness...

Comment #20

Were you really red off of 40mgs 123000?? Was it right away that you were red or did it take a few days??? Some people seem to say that it fades away but right now I look like I have a really bad sunburn so I'm not going to wait around and see if that proves to be true...

Comment #21

Redness for me went away within a week or so. Leave it for a bit and see how it goes - otherwise go down to a lower dosage.Make sure your using gentle skincare, could be that you are irritating it?..

Comment #22

I got the general redness pretty much straight away. this didn't really bother me too much, however about 4-5 weeks in I started getting terrible flushes in my face. going from cold outside to a hot central heating room would make me go completely red for no reason and would gradually subside over hours. also the general redness seemed to get worse along with the flushes. I was on 40mg. i'm looking to decrease down to 20mg or even 10mg, so let me know if you see a decrease in redness! hope this helps, thanks..

Comment #23

I am taking 5mg per day for 21 days few improvementsbut you will not expereince much side effects on low dose..

Comment #24

How red is "general redness" though?? Because like I said I look as though I have a really bad sunburn, expecially on my nose. The thing is though, I haven't even taken my pills sense Saturday yet I still look like this. So this will go away you all are saying if I persist and continue to take my pills?? Because I can't be this red throughout my course, I look like a freak...

Comment #25

How many mg's?between 10-20mg a dayHow long is your treatment?about 9 months.How effective is it?im 3 months off Murad Acne Complex now and have no new acne.What about side effects? Are they less severe?The reason I was put on low dose is because Im in the public and was worried about side effects, I experienced sligtly dry skin and lips and thats about it...

Comment #26

I chickened out on my appointment with my Derm this Monday. My skin is about 98% clear. Its always really clear during the last two weeks of my BC pills. I was afraid she wouldnt see any reason to even consider Murad Acne Complex (but I really do need it, the oil on my face is out of control). Im going to wait till I start my new pack of BC pills (this is usually when I breakout). Im clear for two weeks then I breakout for two weeks, I hate this. Anyway, this gives me time to do some more research on low dose courses of Murad Acne Complex...

Comment #27

You'll get prescribed Murad Acne Complex for insanely oily skin - at a low dosage, it's the only thing that works.He might try and blag you off with retin-a or something for the oil - but it won't do anything. Its just got an alcohol base so it's slightly astringent at first.Can't some birth control help with oilyness? Or maybe Spiro?..

Comment #28

Ive been on Ortho Tri-cyclen for 5 months and it hasnt made a difference with the amount of oil my face produces. And as far as spiro, once you stop taking it your acne comes right back (so I read). Im not sure if it can make a permanent difference with oil, ill have to look into that. IDK, my Derm probably would have given it to me. She always listens to what I have to say. She never BSes me.

It will be interesting to see what she has to say about low dose treatment. Im going to reminder her (if she gives me a hard time) she was the one who brought up Murad Acne Complex in the first place, the first time I met with her. I even took a pregnancy test and got my ipledge packet in the mail. It was so weird though, it's like my face knew. When I woke up Monday morning my face was all clear, plumped and healthy looking.Im going to re-schedule for the earliest opening she has..

Comment #29

Let me know wheat you find out. I m hoping I can go on a low dose since I'm out in public to but hoping it's a normal course like 5 or 6 months...

Comment #30

Hey, I am on 40mg (3rd Month)....I here that with the lower dosages you do not get perm/long lasting effects, idk. My doctor has been prescribing tane for decades and the only time he see acne come again is when you take it when your a teen, he say as an adult some ppl acne come back. I am also staying on 40mg my entire course. I do not get red but most of the time (from reading others logs) they do not moisturize good. You should drink water and get get essential nutrients and moisturize and your skin will be okay...

Comment #31

Is 40 consider low? and how long are you on it? I'm probably going on tane soon and I'm wondering why some people take it once a day and others twice a day hm...

Comment #32

Something around 10 mg/day should be good for you. You need to really moderate how much you're taking and take care of any side effects, but you many people can get very good results with a low dose at those levels...

Comment #33

Osfan2006: 40mg is based on my is all based on weight, according to my derm. I will be on a 5 months for sure, I might consider a 6th month to make sure this crap do not come back. My doctor said that it is up to how my face is doing and if I want to go longer. I think (I could be wrong) that a low dose is for ppl with less severe acne. From reading other logs most ppl who were on los doses acne came back. Hope this helps, Let me know if you have anymore questions. I putting up new pics today!!!..

Comment #34

K thank you well than maybe I wont go any higher than 40 mgs than I just want this to be all gone...

Comment #35

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