Losing weight during Nutrisystem and taking birth control ?

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I have been looking through the threads and can't find much on the question I have....

I'm a BBW that has over 100+ pounds to lose and was thinking about getting on "the pill" again, but I want feedback on the success (or struggles) on losing your weight while being on the pill. How much have you lost?.

I don't believe what doctors say about the birth control pill not being a problem with weight loss....BUT I will believe your true-life stories....and really appreciate your feedback in advance!.

I always wonder if the women on Biggest Loser (tv show) stay on the pill, or get off of it right away to lose weight faster...

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Your question was: Losing weight during Nutrisystem and taking birth control ?

This is a little bit off-topic, but if you would prefer a non-hormonal route of birth control for whatever reason, you might want to consider an IUD, if you haven't already. The hormones in BC pills make me crazy! I got an IUD a few years ago and am sooooo happy with my decision. That said, in the past I have lost weight without a problem while on the pill...

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I've lost 40 lbs in the last 5.5 months but the loss has been very slow the last couple of months..ever since I went back on the pill. I hadn't even put 2 + 2 together till I read your post. I still lose a pretty steady 1 - 2 lbs/week so I can't really complain but I think you may be on to something...

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I'm on the pill and have lost 60 pounds so far. Have a lot more to go, but it's totally possible...

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Kim, Congrats on the weight loss while on the pill. May I ask you what brand of pill you are using?.

FreeaSharold: Hmmm, nuvaring. I should check into that. I liked taking the pill, just wasn't sure if I could lose weight on them. I have been off of them for a year, but didn't take weight loss seriously so I didn't lose that much off of them either. (Except lately on NS).

.dgm: I forgot how my attitude was on the pill though. I should ask my husband! lol..

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I've been on oral contraceptives (low dose) for about ten years, and I lost weight with NS. I lost at a rate of about 3 pounds per month, but I only had about 20 pounds that I needed to lose so I expected my weight loss to be a little slow...

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I started the pill again just before starting n/s and I've lost over 2lbs per week...

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Thank you for the info. I might go back on the pill in a couple of months...

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I started the pill in June (Loestrin 24 Fe). I started Nutrisystem in September..

I was able to lose 50 lbs in 9 months. The above poster said the pill makes her crazy - it's just the opposite for moods are more even keeled when I am on the pill..

Best of luck,.


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