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Dear Vets,.

I have been wondering about this for a while. I am noticing some 'loose' (using the term loosely ) skin with my 50 pound weight loss, and have another 80 to go...and thinking about this constantly...who will I look after this 80 pound loss: how do you deal with loose skin that might just hang?!!!!!!.

Thanks in advance for your input!..

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Hi there!.

I am down over 126 lbs. so far and almost to goal. I do have some loose skin but it is something that I can live with. From talking to many of the people here, I understand that if you do exercise with weights it helps. Also, in time the skin will tighten up a bit. I think that it also depends on your age.

In any case, I wouldn't worry about it. I would much rather deal with the aftermath of loose skin than being morbidly obese for the rest of my life. Hope this helps ease your mind a little...

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Hey there.....

I've lost 75 and have some loose skin around my low belly - but I am 50, have had a kid by C-section, and it's just going to be there..

It does matter how old you are, how elastic your skin is, whether you've had kids, or how long you have been overweight....

I exercise a LOT! I do a lot of muscle conditioning/weight lifting, spinning, treadmill, elliptical, running, stairmaster - (I used to be a fitness instructor) I have found that my muscles are showing through and I do look more toned, although the loose junk is still there..

I'm okay with that and if at some point it really starts to bug me, maybe I'll be able to afford to have it removed, but either way, I am VERY fit now at 50 and I feel great about that........

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I'm down 60 pounds and to tell you the truth the more I lose the worse it gets. When I got pregnant at 20 years old I was partying pretty heavy. I stopped all that and quit smoking and ate and ate. I gained 110 pounds in 9 months. I got up to 270 pounds. Had a C-section and had a 10 1/2 pound 24 inch long baby.

Anyway, a lower body lift is in my future. I want to reach goal, maintain for a year, join the 5% and then get surgery. I want to do this for myself. I don't like what I look like naked with this wrinkly tire all around my lower body. I look fine with clothes on and noone can see it but I have some of the worst strech marks you ever saw.

Good luck to you and whatever you decide to do...

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I read once somewhere,to get to your goal weight, wait about a year, and then see where the skin issue still is. I have been maintaining for almost a year and a half, and the skin is really not as loose on my tummy as it was. I didn't have the 100 pound weight loss though, so I am sure I am not a good comparison. I can say though, that it does tighten a bit in that year following goal..

I am sure genetics, the amount of weight lost, and age all play into it though..

I am 57, no cosmetic surgery in my future, but I don't blame anyone one bit for doing what they need to for themselves. Either way, with or without the loose skin, you will be a much healthier and happier person minus those pounds!..

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After I lost a lot of weight and sizes in 2003-04, working out 6x a week very hard and maintaining weight for about a year, I had a circumferential body lift (a/k/a around-the-world, lower body lift, belt lipectomy) and a breast lift (both) with reduction on one side for symmetry. I had the surgery in 12/2005. Here is a little before/after photo album of my surgery results:

I wrote tons of long posts about my surgery (answering a lot of questions), in this thread: .

Good luck!..

Comment #5

This is a good place to share about my personal friend, Ginger, who started out at over 320 pounds. This link I'm sharing is her surgery journey, posted on her surgeon's website:.

Http:// (FYI, this is a surgical site and it's not g-rated).

Ginger and I have been friends since our little girls were pre-schoolers, and they're now in college. We were both quite heavy back in the day. As you can see in Ginger's surgical transformation pics after her weight loss, she went through a series of procedures...breasts, arms, circumferential body lift, thighs. She looks FANTASTIC now!..

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Witch hazel lotion will help tighten the skin back up. It is a natural skin tightener and it also minimizes the appereance of stretch marks...

Comment #7

I do have a great big loose skin belly blob as well as loose skin on my butt. I also have encountered some loose facial skin when my face thinned out..

No amount of creme is going to counteract genetics and age, so I am learning to live with it, even though I do slather firming creme and all sorts of good stuff on my body and face every day just in case something might help just a little..

I am hoping my skin gets a little more elastic over time, but I don't ever expect to have a model body without surgery of some sort..

I do work out daily and my muscle tone on my abs and legs is pretty tight right now, so I do carry a fair amount of muscle weight (hence my higher goal weight). I went from a size 28 down to an 8. I just tuck my blob down into the front of my pants and flatten it out as well as I can.... I still look pretty hot in my jeans despite the tiny bulge in the belly area..

I have decided that my loose skin is a badge of honor and success and is a good reminder to me of how far I have come on this journey as well as a reminder to me that I do not want to ever go back there again. I may get it cut off some day, but for now, I don't obsess about it and it is not a problem...

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The surgical procedures all look like good results. The problem is, there's scarring involved with tummy tucks, butt lifts and other procedures like that. Plus, there are inherant risks with any surgery..

I've lost over 150 lbs. so far, and I do have loose skin. My plan is to wait a year and let the skin adjust to my new body. I'm also going to be doing heavy weight training when i'm in transition and maintenance to fill out a certain amount of the loose skin. After that, i'll re-assess things and if I feel like I need to correct anything surgically, i'll consider it at that time...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.