Why am I not losing weight with Medifast?

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I have been on Medifast since 3/18 and lost only 5 pounds my first week which was amazing! My goal is to loose 20 pounds. I don't understand why I am not losing. I don't excerise and I have been following the plan and drinking the water amount + Any insight from those of you that have more expeerience with the plan..

Thank you Shelly..

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Only five pounds? Please consider not just the pounds but the percent of your body weight. When you are closer to your ideal weight, your body 'hangs on to' those pounds.

If you follow the plan, it works. The temptation is once you are transitioning into 'regular' foods, to hurry it up, add back your trigger foods and think, "it's okay to eat (and eat and eat) now. I speak from experience!.

You may decide to set a time period, like a month of eating Medifast on plan, avoid the scale, and go by what your clothes (or a measuring tape) are telling you. After all, you'll know when your body is responding, and it sounds like the scale is frustrating you.

I'm guessing that at your weight, it will take more than four week to lose twenty pounds. Give yourself the time to let your body do it's work. Consider that you are taking good care of yourself, and it will happen...

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Ask Nutrition Support....

Maybe upping the water to beyond 64 oz.

Write down everything you eat, especially any additives like splenda, condiments, snacks and see if they are adding up.

Log your food in myplan and make sure you are within the parameters of the diet.

Good luck..

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Thank you, you are so right the I am going to set a time limit and see what happens and stop depending on the scale to tell me how well I am doing...

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Thanks for the response. I am waiting to hear from Medifast for their insight...

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I am having the same problem as you. Did you get any response from Medifast?.


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