Disappointed at Medifast support at local health center

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A few things are on my mind today; sorry if these are a bit negative, they are meant to be more inquisitive then complaining..

MF is great and I love the weight loss&.

I joined Medifast at a local health center and am mildly disappointed in the support I receive...the weekly visits appear to be perfunctory...they do not look at the ketosis tab; they ask the same questions (1-3) and check my BP, then the weigh in and the summary&you; have lost this much for an average of this&then; keep OP and off we go to shop for the next weeks supply..

Am I wrong to expect more?.

Does anyone know if there is an additioanl charge for another fat and water test (the one where you stand on the machine and it gives you a read out)?.

Third question: once I reach my goal and am thru transition, can I still buy product without being OP?.


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Most of us here just buy the food online or through a TSFL coach without going to a physical store.

I am not sure what you mean by being "OP" to buy food - you can order online anytime and in any quantities you want, whether or not you are sticking to the 5&1 plan or just transitioning and using a few products. If you mean OP as in visiting the local store, I don't know what their policy would be - there really aren't that many stores (I think only in a couple of states like TX and CA) so we don't hear a lot about that here..

To be honest, if you are not getting any support from the local center I don't see why you would keep going there (I am not sure if you are paying extra for the membership there?) The support you get here on the boards is wonderful and you can order whatever you want.

BTW, congrats on losing 65 pounds! That is awesome...

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If I were you, I would check out:.


That's the direct site where you can order. IF you order $200+ of food AND are on VIP membership (your order gets shipped automatically every month) then you get free shipping plus to start a couple free weeks of food and ongoing a 5% discount..

BTW, the VIP membership is what I use right now, and you CAN go in and change your order up until 2 days before shipment (I've changed my order around about 10x this month - I just can't decide.).



Is the direct site where you can get a coach plus discounts on the food. Also, there are coaches on here if you want to contact one directly..

Compare the prices/discounts/support and decide what your best option is.

I'm actually considering switching to a coach, because once again, more free food plus the discounts eventually will add up to more than 5% per order..

Of course, once I'm not OP anymore, then if I feel I need a few more boxes, I'll just order directly and pay shipping..

BTW, if you want a Bodyfat % scale, I bought the WW one at Target for about $50 and it's been great so far. The one they use can't be THAT much better - to get a really accurate bf% the scale is never the way to go, it's always got a 1-2% error margin...

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HI. I've read a lot about getting a coach. I'm in week two and doing just great. What can I expect to get from a coach that I'm not getting on this site? Just wondering if it's something I need to do or what..

Hmm, wondering why my ticker below doesn't show my 5 lb. loss from last week. Guess I need to edit my page again...

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There are coaches on the boards. Search coach and you should find one to ask questions. I have a fantastic coach and I do urge everyone to team up with one. Not only do you save money, you have support and encouragement from someone who has and is going through this too. Your ticker needs to be done everytime you want to change it, then changed in your edit profile/settings. When you enter weight on My Plan it doesn't effect the ticker. I wish it did, would make it much easier...

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I am from Texas and there was a MediFast store/center not too far from me. I opted to join online instead of having to go into a place and humiliate myself in front of someone else to weigh me - I wanted to hold myself accountable. I ordered my first month directly through Medifast online and then just recently switched over to a TSFL coach and I have to say that it sure saved me some money on my order. Even though my coach has gone through a death in the family, she kept everyone in her team informed of where she would be and how long she would be away. I am really glad I went the TSFL route...

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The coaches and local centers are fine if you like that kind of support. I order direct, just click the link that says "back to medifast" at the top of any page and it'll take you directly to the medifast site, where you can order direct. The other "life coach" sites are fine, but they are getting a cut of your order. I thought about being a life coach until I saw that the system was set up like a pyramid scam. I did this weight loss without a life coach, why would I sign up as one now that i'm about out of the program and make them money? No thanks...

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Hi Pokerbob,.

There isn't a local Medifast health center where I live, but it sounds like having a coach might be better for you. You'll get personalized support and not have to go into a health center to get weighed every week and have to answer the same questions day in and day out..

Your Health Coach will be with you the entire way and help you enter T&M as well as going into Maintenance..

As many people have suggested, there are several of us Health Coaches on the boards. If you're interested in a Health Coach, send the person you would like to be your coach a PM and let them know..

Best of luck to you!!!!..

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I have looked at the TSFL site and want to know if I go with them for my ordering will I still be able to use the site? I dont start till monday but I like the inventory thing and logging of the meal and of course these boards. TSFL has a rewards program also? Anyone have input on the rewards program-it shows the points you make toward the rewards but not what the rewards are and how many points for the rewards- so if a shirt is a million points- that really wouldnt be worth the effort..

From what I see- if you order $200 or more you get the free shipping and for the first 2 months you order more then $250 you get the free week of food- in addition the 5% savings starts from month 1... is this site directly linked to the medifast site?.

Dont want to lose my VIP status here if the TSFL site is not all that?.

And I dont want to loose my ability to use the site.

And one last question... can I sign up for the TSFL site after my 2 months with the free meals is done here then get the free meals there too?.

Thanks for any input anyone can give. Cant wait to start on monday but I need to think of the $ part too since the price went up right after I ordered my first month...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.