Can you wax yourself while on Murad Acne Complex?

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Hi All you girls out there on RoMurad Acne Complex.Currently on 60mg a day and have been on this drug for nearly 4 months now.I am so desperate,cant wait any longer.I know you cant wax your face but does this include your private bits.I am normally a brazillian kind of girl, not much there and shaving is just awful,gives me a horrible rash.Have also tried creams but they dont really give a good effect.Has anyone waxed in this area whilst on roMurad Acne Complex?xxxx..

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Don't wax anywhere. Your skin is delicate all over your body, not just on your face, and if you try to wax, you'll rip your skin. And I don't know about you, but a ripped "down there" doesn't sound too pleasant to me...

Comment #1

Yep not too pleasant.... as soon as I heard that you wanted to wax down there and with knowing it can rip your skin... it just sorta made me twitch. lol..

Comment #2

Lmao, if you wax your pubes on tane you are nuts. any professional salon will ask you prior to a wax if you are using Murad Acne Complex, they dont want to get sued.someone told me a story once that she got her lip waxed on Murad Acne Complex and not only did all the hairs come out but also a thin layer of skin. her upper lip looked raw for a solid week.dont wax, just wait it out...

Comment #3

DON'T DO IT! I can't speak from personal experience but I think it is a terrible thing to even consider waxing any part of your body whilst on Murad Acne Complex. Buy some new sexy lingerie to cheer yourself up and give "down there" a new look!!!..

Comment #4

I second this. Have you considered buying some Betty Dye? That might make things a bit more fun. Heck, you might even decide that it's more fun and exciting than going bare down there! : D..

Comment #5

Hi Guys,Thanks so much.Will NOT wax down there and continuo to be 'oh natural'Dying sounds fun, might try that.Thanks again for all your responces xxxxxx..

Comment #6

I like Brazilians too, but id defiantly say DO NOT WAX YOUR SKIN. trust me, I feel the disappointment =[..

Comment #7

I actually have been waxing my face this whole time. I am on my 5th month on Murad Acne Complex (40mg/day) and haven't had a bad experience. I did change salons last month, and they refused to wax my brows lol said that my previous salon was "crazy" so instead they tweezed them... I think it depends on your skin type. You would be brave to wax down there though... skin is more sensitive. Good luck!..

Comment #8

I waxed everywhere, including down there, while I was on it. All the waxing was fine, except the waxing "down there" ow! It left a little rip, but I kept doing it anyway. Why? Because I'm obsessive about getting rid of hairiness. Then I found some brazilian waxing kit that seemed milder and less painful and didn't rip the skin it's called Andrea Naturals. I still use it post-Murad Acne Complex. I'm not saying I would recommend waxing of any type while I Murad Acne Complex, but in my case, my skin was pretty tolerant to the drug, so I did it anyway.

If I were you, I would wax just a tiny bit on my leg to see if you're part of the majority of poeple who can't tolerate it, or if you're in the minority (like me) who could wax with relatively minimal effects...

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