Lite vs Fat Free products

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I have posted this queston to NS, but whie awaiting a response, I thought I's pose it to you veterans. Here it is:.

I have a question with regards to products marked Lite and those marked Fat Free. Given a choice, which prodcut should you choose? I have noticed that obviously, FF products are just that and that Lite products still contain some fat, however the FF products are higher in carbs. What is the best choice, especially in light of the fact that both my husband and I are doing medifast and he is a type 2 diabetic. My inclination is to go with the product with the least amount of carbs, but at the same time, I am concerned about MY fat intake since I am NOT diabetic. Any thoughts or suggestions? TIA...

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I'm not sure how Nutrisystem will answer, but I always go with whatever has the least carbs; within reason. If there's a significant difference in calories, that's when I'll think twice.

Salad dressings always make me have this debate. So far, I've gone with the most balanced and whatever is considered "on plan". Nutrisystem usually has some guidelines for whatever you're thinking about, no matter how weird it sounds. I'd reccomend searching their board for an answer, as I doubt mines the "right" way to go.

I hope that helps you out! Happy MFing!..

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I usually go with LF rather than FF. Most FF items that I would use either have too much sodium or sugar or unpronounceable ingredients for my tastes. Often times I try to see if the regular version can fit into my daily diet plan in a smaller amount. Minimal or no carbs, sugars, chemicals. Maximum taste. And sometimes, I just go without...

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I would say the lower fat rather than the fat free. I have found that most "fat free" products have a ridiculous amount of carbs (and/or calories). I tend to do like sue, if I really want it I figure out how much I should have and decide if it is worth it. Plus if you look up the vegetarian options, it doesn't mention fat free cheese at all. Just low fat and moderate fat...

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Thanks to all who answered. I too agree, and although I still have some FF ricotta in the fridge, any of the other cheeses (cottage, cream etc) are light rather than FF. Nice to know that we are all thinking the same way, kind of like Medifasters United! I haven't heard from Nutrisystem yet but if I learn anything different, I'll let you all know...

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My doc told me to go with the Lite instead of the Fat Free and it's worked great for my BS levels and weight loss..

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The reason FF products have more carbs is the fact that they use sweeteners a lot of the time to make them taste better. Lite products are probably better...

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The answer is probably best found in your food log, really. You are allowed some additional fat every day depending on what lean you choose, so using a light dressing instead of a FF one can serve that purpose. Same with cheese..

Honestly, the Medifast plan (if you follow it 100%) is so low in fat anyway, that you can have some leeway in adding fat back in without ever being in a dangerous area. There have been a few times over the months when I have gone over on fat, and there was no appreciable change in my weight loss, and no cravings. But let me go even a little high on carbs, and it knocked my weight loss out and made me crave even more carbs.

I would definitely default to the light instead of FF, with the exception that I do use FF shredded cheese on my salad, and I do use the Walden Farms dressings sometimes (if my fat servings are coming from another source)...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.