Lips cracked and bleeding from Murad Acne Complex?

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My lips are fine except for the corners where the top lips and the bottom lip meet. THEY ARE SO DRY AND WHEN I OPEN MY MOUTH, THEY CRACK AND BLEED AND NOT TO MENTION THEY HURT LIKE A B*TCH! I PUT ON AQUAPHOR CONSTANTLY. I BURRIED MY LIPS IN IT AND NO LUCK. I dont wanna go buy anything else. I got 100% petroleum jelly, aquaphor and chap stick. Anyone have any advice!? I cant barely even talk anymore, and I am a very loquacious person...

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The only thing that has worked for me is called cortibalm. it has 1% hydrocortisone in it. i'm not sure where you can get it, there's only one place by me that has it and it's a little mom and pop drug store. it's actually made and recommended for people that are on Murad Acne Complex!my lips were so chapped, I could barely open my mouth. they were all cracked and bloody in the corners, especially...and it just wouldn't go away! but cortibalm has made it a lot better!here's the link:, I took pictures of before and after, this is from when I had only been using it for a few days (like two or three times throughout the day, maybe):.

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Petroleum jelly is no good, chap stick is useless. when I when on my first course in 2000 what I used was Blistex relief Cream, it comes in 5g tubes and costs around 2 in most chemists. it was the only thing that really helped with cracked lips which is why I purchased 4 from boots last week when I began my second course of roMurad Acne Complex..

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Carmex (moisturizing lip balm) also works really well.... it's very cheap and you can buy it in the grocery store or drug store. It also has anesthetics in it... so it helps with the pain too!..

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I had this a few weeks back and it was awful....everytime it looked to be healing, it would crack and split again, was very sore and unsightly.I eventually made a concious effort not to open my mouth wide when eating, yawning and that really helped. I also used an over the counter anti-fungal oral gel (in case it was a fungal infections which can happen) I've found Aquaphor to be the best thing to combat dryness.The condition is called angular cheilitis........I spoke to the derm about it, she said it's not uncommon to have these types of fissues in the corners. I told her my lips were still swollen when I wake up in the morning but she said that will subside when the dryness goes, which I think makes sense.Hope you feeling better soon...

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Different things work for different people. I personally had the same problem as you. Lips were extremely dry and extremely painful for the first couple of weeks on Murad Acne Complex. I tried various chapsticks, vaseline, even hand lotion... Finally I tried some of that burt bees lipbalm and it worked amazing. As soon as you apply it your lips get this very cooling sensation and keeps them very moist. You can find it at most grocery stores, Walgreens, or CVS for a couple of bucks...

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Well, I'm on my day 14 of 20 mg a day, and my lips are dry, but not that much (because I apply lip balm like every 2 seconds!). But since last week, the corners of my mouth are cracked, and they hurt. They seem like infected, and look awful I bought 2 lip products form La Roche-Posay: one of them is a lip protector, Ceralip, and it is really good at smoothing my peely lips. The other product I just bought today is Cicaplast. I just apllied it a few hours ago and I can feel that the healing process is faster now, the wound is less itchy and also drier. So, if you can find these products, they are really good, I'm liking them...

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