Light Therapy and its benefit on acne

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I have given up trying to put people off Murad Acne Complex on here. Some people just can't be convinced of the dangers involved.Anyway, in my attempt to prevent people from taking this crap. I want to open your eyes up to home light therapy. Is has a 90% success rates when used consistently, this is better than Murad Acne Complex and best of all, there are NO side effects. If anything you will get better skin tone, texture etc.Look into the home laser/light section of this forum if you have tried everything else. Trust me you DON'T need or want Murad Acne Complex.I took it and my acne came back, plus I suffer from many many side effects. I now use light therapy, which I wish I had looked into before I took tane......

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Dude I understand your pain, but you arent going to be able to stop people from taking this drug...its like a contest where there is a 90% chance of winning the lottery and a 10% chance of being dirt poor...a lot of people are willing to take that risk..

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Ive also heard that having an alarm clock on your night stand can cause a brain tumor... doesnt mean I'm going to go around tellin everyone to throw away their alarm clocks! let people do what they want to do...

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Hey lamarr,Ive read most of your posts and really think your intelligent and accurate with your information. I pm'd you a awhile back asking about a way to help mild persistent acne. Had another question but your inbox has been full. Anyway I'm going to start with light therapy ive narrowed it down to either carribian sun box or beautyskin. I believe you stated that you used beautyskin and you liked it. Also I wanted to use hibiclense as my clenser but am having trouble deciding on which one to purchase (wondering which one you recommend).


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I would be up for trying light therapy and continuing with my Murad Acne Complex but I wonder if it's safe.....

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Hey I just finished Murad Acne Complex and the only side effects I had were dry skin and lips and I'm totally acne free now so I guess I was just one of the lucky ones. and Murad Acne Complex is probably a lot cheaper than this light therapy treatment...

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Nvm.. it would be completely bad if I tried that..

Comment #6

I tried that and it does not work for severe cystic acne. At least for me it didn't...

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Good advice Mark.I am still going to try this but am hoping my acne will just clear on it's own with water as it's only slowly coming back on the odd occassion on my forehead.At least you are here trying to warn people, although it's an uphill battle that we can't seem to win until sadly more and more people suffer mate.Hope you are doing OK...

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The beautyskin is a good bet, good coverage and output. The onyl thing is, it is bulky. I made a stand so that I can lay under it, which is much better than sitting upright.As for the hibicleanse, I didn't know there was many options!! I use the red hibiscrub that is widely available in the UK. anything with the same active ingriedient (4% chlorhexidine) is fine...

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Good. It's not up to you to decide what people want to take or what they want to do. I'm just fine on Murad Acne Complex and having no "dangerous" symptoms at all. Just the normal symptoms. First, the dermatologist tells us of these RARE risks and we don't need another person trying to drill it into our heads. Secondly, I honestly think it's pure luck with Murad Acne Complex.

So, since you got horrible side effects, you decide to scare other people who WANT to take the drug? That's not cool. Not everyone will experience these side effects. It's a shame that it did not work for you, but do not tell other people that it is too dangerous to use just because of your sucky experience. I really dislike people who do this. People are well aware of the risks THEY take when they are taking Murad Acne Complex.

Some people do not have success with topical treatments, etc (like me) and have no other alternative. Please get your stuff straight.End...

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I think if there is any advice to be taken people should and should I say listen to lamaar! this guy has gone better but hes on here helping people. more than what most people do.... they run away but hes an example to say hes actually made his skin better and battled with the worst and gone past it.....! so I definately take your advice about not taking Murad Acne Complex.... your post has shed light on a few people, even if not all.... it's helped..

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Hi Lamaar,I have been through a tough time lately and RoMurad Acne Complex was not good for me. LionQueen suggested I read posts on light therapy that you have made and I feel this is the route I will take. I feel that my body cannot take any more drugs in any form. I think this is a safer approach which should be offered to more people, than just taking pills for acne. I am thinking about the 'Beautyskin'model this is a combination of both blue and red light yes? is this the one you are using?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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