Life Changing Realizations during Medifast

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Yesterday as I was walking through the mall I realized two things that made me feel soooo good.

The first thing that I realized was that I could walk into any of those clothing stores and a) not get a dirty look that says "you're in the wrong store, Lane Bryant is that way" b) I could fit the clothing in said store without stressing out about 'losing another 5lbs and it'll zip". c) Salespeople were much more friendly to me.

The second thing I realized was as I passed a Lane Bryant store I thought "I don't ever have to shop in that store again unless I choose to. I control where I shop now, not food.".

Going into a chocolate store with my brother he wanted to buy a hunk of fudge. He asked me to share it with him (I should add here that he is morbidly obese with diabetes and doesn't want to do anything about it). When I said 'no' he said "what? you don't want to eat fudge?" (knowing how I would normally kill to get a piece of fudge). I answered "I want to eat it but I won't because it's just not worth it to me anymore". He response was "what kind of fun is it if you're on a diet where you can't eat fudge occassionally." I didn't want to get into it with him about how it'll be there still when I've lost the weight and if for some reason fudge is no longer available anywhere then "Oh well, I'll still survive without fudge". This led me to the realization that I have not only changed my thinking patterns and my food value system but it also helped me to realize how unhealthy my thinking was before MF.

So what are your life changing realizations that you have learned since starting MF? How has your life changed - attitude wise? I am learning more and more each day that Medifast is not just about losing weight but it is about making positive attitude changes that affect you for the rest of your life. It really is true not only in life but definately on Medifast "it's all about the attitude"...

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Karen- you are so right! Medifast does change your opinion food! My attitiude and my self worth has changed too..

I now value myself much more than I used to. Now I wouldn't even think to have a piece of fudge. Why would I put that in my body? It's not healthy and will hurt me! I'm better than that!.

I am sorry to hear your brother hasn't changed his eating habits and he does need to. Just be there for him..

Happy Thanksgiving!..

Comment #1

Today as I cook I realize that taste is all in the smell.

My house smells wonderful and I am satisfied...

Comment #2

So many things are different for me this year!.

MF is definitely near the tippy top of my "thankful" list!.

Loved your description of the mall experience; but, I have to say I'm kinda miffed about Lane Bryant's huge buy-one-get-one-free sale. Couldn't they have had that when I needed it?.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!..

Comment #3

My life changing realizations have been:.

1. Food does not have the power to make me feel better emotionally. It doesn't take away pain. It doesn't make me not feel things..

2. Hunger is not a fatal condition. If life happens and I go a little too long between meals and get hungry, that really is okay..

3. Medifast is not a sentence that must be endured. It's a choice I make every day to get myself to a healthier place..

4. Nothing tastes as good as wearing smaller jeans than I wore when I graduated from high school...

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Since Medifast I see things very differently too. My husband is the 'everyday' cook. BUT on Thanksgiving, I do it ALL! I LOVE Thanksgiving! And this year is no different as *everyone* still expects me to cook. So I have decided that family and friends who come to Thanksgiving at my house will ALL have to bring containers for leftovers to take home with them. I will have a L&G and send everything else OUT of the house as Thanksgiving food is my favorite. I have not cheated even a TEENY bit since Sept.

Go figure! But I expect that I will reach MY Goal far sooner than she will..

WE ALL have Medifast to thank for a LOT of lost weight!.

Linda Chesson..

Comment #5

No kidding! I never looked at food labels before. Now it's important to me. And I'm learning with my local health coach how to do that. Medifast has really changed how I look at food. I am no longer on autopilot, consuming vast amounts of food without really enjoying it. Now I'm purposeful, focused, intentional, and on plan including today, Thanksgiving.

Biggest realization to date ... exercise is not as hideous as I once thought it would be.


Comment #6

Shopping for fun clothes instead of clothes "that fit" beats the hell out of eating junk food, eh?.

Great that you've found your zen point..

Comment #7

Wow, Bob - great word - "autopilot" - I'll bet a lot of us can relate. Yes, if I saw it, I ate it with no thought as to whether or not I was hungry (hunger had nothing to do with food in the bad old days)..

These are all terrific thoughts - thanks!..

Comment #8

I have lots of these little revelations;.

I no longer spend time obsessiong about getting the exit row seat. Now I can fit nicely anywhere in coach and cross my legs, AND work on the laptop..

I was hauling a big bag of dog food out of the car the other day "man that's heavy" I thought.. then I noticed the label on the bag, "Net weight. 48 lbs" NO WONDER I WAS DRAGGING BUT!.

Started wearing my son's old jeans, his 38's are loose, donated all kinds of fat clothes the CCA.

These little snippets add up, increased confidence, general well being, I can't believe I didn't findMF sooner!..

Comment #9

Great observation about the dog food. My husband pointed out that I have lost the weight of one 4 y/o and 1/2 a 3 y/o (our daughters) combined...

Comment #10

At size 28, the salespeople would actually pretend not to notice me. Other people would come in the store and they would rush over and stick to them as to not tend to me. Yesterday for Black Friday the sales associate followed me around the store carrying all my clothes; size 14.

I know who my friends are. From the beginning there have been those who continue to encourage me to eat and eat big. Then there are those who invite me to tea and great conversation..

I notice people's mindless eating. I see people around campus stuffing their face with chips and fast food and I think, oh jeez, that was me!.

I look forward to exercise. I do 45-55 min of hard core aerobics with weights six times a week and it gets all the kinks out, frees my mind and completely satisfies me. I never drank coffee but I imagine this is what "normal" people do to start off the day right..

I do things when they need to be done. I used to procrastinate things at the office I would go to the bathroom only when I needed to make copies or get my mail as to lessen my movement. Now I automatically get up when I need to!..

Comment #11

Wow! So many things to be thankful for on this thread. Great job folks!.

As for my latest Lane Bryant experience, it just happened yesterday. Black Friday.....yes Joanne, I took advantage of the By One Get One Free sale. The thing is this, I was able to purchase the smallest size top that they had to offer! I realized that I will not be buying anymore sweaters from them, sale or no sale!.

I did a little happy dance!..

Comment #12

That is the best darn feeling! You go girl!..

Comment #13

Ha! I know exactly what you are talking about! Getting the tray table down and wedged into my belly was bad enough. Getting the laptop screen a some reasonable viewing angle was just not worth it...

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