Medifast recipe for Lemon Yogurt Bars?

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I am sooooo disappointed in the flavor of the Lemon Bars. I was really looking forward to them since I do like lemon yogurt. My palate just does NOT like them at all!!.

I don't want to waste does anyone have any suggestions on how to use them in a recipe or are they going to visit my trash can??..

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HATE THEM. Mine are going in the trash. I can't even choke them down if I'm starving. Since I divide my food into daily baggies when I get my order and throw away the boxes, didn't see much point in trying to send back to Medifast for a credit. You might want to try that if you still have the box.....

Comment #1

I love them, wait a few months maybe your palate will change, I love the lemon tartness...

Comment #2

I really liked the old Lemon Fantasy bars and do not care for the new ones that much at all. I use to nuke my bars for 20 seconds and eat them with a fork...they became softer and much tastier. Tried that with some of the new bars (chocolate and the lemon) and they turned into dust.

The good thing is I am now NEVER tempted to eat more than one bar a day. In fact, I seldom eat the bars now. I do miss them tho'..

Comment #3

I do LOVE the Oatmeal Raisin Bars, so those I can at least enjoy.

Probably is a blessing not to like them you say...less temptation!..

Comment #4

Oh yes, the oatmeal raisin barsstill MMMMmmmm! But I've run out of them which isn't such a bad thing weight loss wise. Will probably get some more on my Feb order..

I also still like the fruit n nutnuked for 20 sec w/a drizzle of SF strawberry syrup on it. Very tasty (I don't have these that often though)...

Comment #5

I HATE the new lemon bars!! The old ones were by far my FAVORITE medifast product!! WHY do they feel the need to make the lemon bars taste like all the rest of the bars, which, by the way, I HATE TOO!! (except the oatmeal raisin - I can tolerate that, and if they change it too, I'm going to be very POed.) It is very hard to want to stay on this diet when the only food I can throw in my purse tastes horrible. You would think they would want to make the bars as diverse as possible so that everyone would like some of them instead of giving them all the same taste...... The new lemon bars don't even taste like lemon anymore......

Comment #6

I can eat them ok, but they have that "vitaminey" taste...

Comment #7

I know I ordered one box to try and have not bought them again. I choked down the bars cuz I didn't have enough other foods not to eat them..

Live and learn!.

I like the oatmeal Raisin and the Chocolate crunch...

Comment #8

The old lemon bars were my favorite. The new formulattion is HORRIBLE. No lemon tart flavor at all... just the flavor of chemicals. Medifast will never be getting my money for these disgusting creatures again...

Comment #9

WOW, I wasn't even aware that Medifast messed with the lemon bars until today. I knew they changed the chocolate mint into the crunchy formula (those used to be my favorite but I no longer order them since they went crunchy). Now, the new lemon bars have none of that sweet and tangy lemon flavor I used to love. Another one bites the dust. For new medifasters, trust me the old chocomint and lemon bars were superb! If they reformulate the oatmeal raisin I will be out of bar choices. No can do the PB or caramel. The S'mores could choke a corpse! I hope Medifast brings back the old formulations..

Comment #10

I hope they bring back the old formulations too!! (Do they read these forums?)..

Comment #11

I just got my order and got a booklet. It says the oatmeal raisin are new and improved..

I got a box and it is the old one, but I am guessing it means there is a new one coming..

Comment #12

Hello JenLee,.

I'm sure they read the forums here, but perhaps it might be beneficial to formally request they bring back the old formulas by emailing Medifast directly??.

There are links to product development and customer service on the Community homepage....

Product Development.

Customer Service.

Call 1.800.638.7867..

Comment #13

Thanks lisabn for that heads-up! I will be placing an order shortly after the specials are announced but it looks like I am officially our of bar options, now that I hate them all!.

How can that be?? Just months ago, I was living for the choco mint, lemon fantasy and oatmeal raisin. Now, I am majorly bummed..

Comment #14

I'd love to know who tested the new versions and thought it was IMPROVED!.

Now I read here that the Oatmeal and Raisin Bars may be doomed. Don't know if I want to risk buying a box to try the new version.

I'm still new to the program and this is a true disappointment. I'm not eating the bars daily, but they come in handy when you are on the run and can't prepare other items.


Comment #15

No more oatmeal raisin either?! I guess I'm out of bar options too......

Comment #16

Yep, I'm out of bar options now too. The chocolate diabetic ones are okay, but I've decided that I'm not ordering any more Medifast bars. The South Beach Diet cereal bars have better nutritional value, less calories, a lot less carbs, less fat and the same amount of protein as the Medifast bars. They taste 100 times better and are WAY cheaper. And they keep me fuller longer. Those are going to be my new bars from now on and I'll eat them every day (I don't eat Medifast bars every day because of the carb count)...

Comment #17

I'm with you farrell,.

I ordered Medifast bars and ate one every day without hurting my weight loss. Now that they are newly formulated, I hate them all. I have been substituting the Atkins bar (caramel and peanut) and the Atkins (cinnamon bun), using them in place of my Medifast bar and I am losing just as well. They are cheaper too! If Medifast were to assure us that the old formula bars were available I would go back to buying them, I just can't handle the new bars... Blecchh.

One word of caution... the Atkins Caramel are dangerous, they are unbelievably yummy!.

PS - I am not trying to promote a competitor's product, just stating how I tweak the program for my level of comfort and enjoyment. I really miss the old lemon and chocolate mint bars. I am certain I will not appreciate any change in the oatmeal raisin bars as well...

Comment #18

I don't like the lemon either but still REALLY like the chocolate.

I have to admit it's a lot easier and cheaper (and less calories) to get a South Beach or Slimfast snack bar sometimes, than to order Medifast ones......

Comment #19

Palettes are all different I guess becauce I love the lemon bars. Everyone try tyem - as there obviously are the in favor, and the don't like the. I am eatting one now. yum!..

Comment #20

Our palettes are all different I guess because I love the lemon bars. Everyone should try them more than once - as there are two factions: those find them tastey and those that don't like them. I am eatting one now. yum!..

Comment #21

I just got my first box of lemon bars. I really liked them but I never had the old ones. been of program since oct 9th. love the fruit & nut and the oatmeal rasin bars...

Comment #22

OK, I'll come out and say it. I love all the bars. The chocolate are great -I don't get all this negativity about the bars. Allow me to put it this way: compared to some of the muffins I have made with Medifast oatmeal, ALL THE BARS ROCK!!!..

Comment #23

I was really looking forward to the lemon bars which I just ordered and received 2 days ago. The only way I can get past the medicinal taste is to eat small bites and drink with a large glass of water. However, the oatmeal raisin and smores are great...

Comment #24

I miss the old lemon bars....loved them. They were my second favorite to the oatmeal ones..

Comment #25

I use Atkins Cinnamin Bun also ,,they are cheaper and tastier...lower carb also..

Comment #26

I guess I'll try some of the alternatives mentioned here as far as the bars, like the Atkins, Southbeach, etc. It definitely sounds like the old Lemon Bars and others mentioned here from those of you who have been on the program longer than I have were much more tasty. I can't find a bit of Lemon flavor in the new bars, it's simply bitter and dry to me. But everyone does have different likes and dislikes. Just wish I had a chance to taste the older version.

Guess if enough people stopped buying the Medifast bars they would consider going back to making the older versions so people would think about buying the Medifast bars again. If they lose enough revenue, it could happen...

Comment #27

I mentioned to Medifast that they needed to take lessons from the Atkins people, they are able to produce a bar without trans fat and tasty .....that is the reason Medifast refromulated their get the trans fat out..

Comment #28

Farrell and Indigo,.

Thanks for the information about what you're using from another plan. I dislike the new lemon bars alsoand the old used to be my favorite. Etc. Etc. Etc..

But, I have two questions. May I ask how long you've been making this substitution? I'm curious because I'm wondering whether it's affected your weight loss over time..

Also, I was just on their website. I couldn't find the bars. Where do you find them?.


Comment #29

I've been substituting South Beach bars for a few months. I've never hit a plateau and the last 2 weeks are the only 2 weeks where I've had less than a 3 lb loss (which I attribute to the fact that it's just time for my losses to slow down). I buy a box of 24 bars at Costco for $11 (16 PB, 8 chocolate). Or you can buy them at any grocery store, Target, WalMart, etc. Just make sure you buy the cereal bars (not the snack bars or the meal replacement bars). I've even gone so far as to have 2 in one day if I exercised a lot, because they have 7 less carbs per bar than the Medifast ones do...

Comment #30

Hey Farrell,.

Thanks for the information. That is a better bargain. But, I'm curious about why not the snack or meal replacement bars. Are they higher in calories/carbs?.


Comment #31

I buy the cereal bars because they are the closest to a 'real' Medifast meal. The snack bars don't have as much protein and the meal replacement bars are more than twice the calories. The cereal bars have 140 calories (most Medifast bars have 160), 5 gms fat (same as most Medifast bars), 15 carbs (most Medifast bars have 20-22) and 10 gms protein (MF bars have 10-11).

I would not eat Medifast bars every day because of the higher cal/carb count than the other Medifast food, but the SB cereal bars I'm okay with eating every day. My absolute favorite is the peanut butter one, but they come in chocolate, cinnamon raisin, cranberry almond and maple nut. They are all good and the nutritional value is the same for all of them. The grocery stores typically carry them on sale, 2 boxes for $5 (each box has 5 bars). Since I prefer the PB one, I buy the big box at Costco that is 24 bars for $11 (16 PB, 8 choc). I hope you like them!..

Comment #32


Thanks for all the details. I could have figured that out by myself but I appreciate you saving me thinking..

I believe I will get out to the store soon and try some..


Comment #33

Hello, I have been switching out the bars for approx a month without adverse effect on my weight loss. I purchased my bars at Giant food store. The Caramel being my favorite but I sometimes use the Cinnamon Bun (but the Cinnamon ones are noticeably oversweet for my palate). I was running out of Medifast bar options when they changed the chocolate mint and now the lemon. I hope this helps...

Comment #34

Thanks for the tips about the other bars - I love PB too and will give them a try!..

Comment #35


More information always helps me so I'm sure this will. Thanks for responding..


Comment #36

Thanks a ton for the tips on the other bars! When I tried the reformulated Lemon bars, I thought I was getting sick, they tasted so off. Ate them anyway, but they didn't get any better. And I desperately miss the old chocolate mint, although I love the new chocolate crunch. Either way, though, I'm going to get some South Beach bars and give them a shot...

Comment #37

I can't believe they are going to mess with the oatmeal raisin bars, that truly stinks! I haven't reordered lemon since the change and now this. Well I guess it is on to SOUTH BEACH BARS! (Do you hear us MF???????????) Stop screwing with a good thing. You ruined the blueberry oatmeal and now you are on to the bars. I have gotten use to the choc and choc mint bars, but they sure aren't as good as they use to be, and I won't be the new s'mores they rot! Who did you get to reformulate this stuff, major mistake!..

Comment #38

You're welcome Karen.....

I just returned from Target and bought three more boxes of the Atkins Advantage Caramel (Chocolate Peanut Nougat) because there was 2.50 off each box coupon stuck on each box. My favorite replacement to Medifast bars and with money off to boot! There are several of the Caramel choices so if you try them go with the Atkins Advantage Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat... My box says "new" on it, so I believe this is a new flavor. - No chemical taste and the closest you'll come to a snickers bar! Just my two cents!..

Comment #39

All righty indigo. It's off to Target for me..

Well, tomorrow I think..


Comment #40

Medifast....are you listening? PLEASE give us some of the old flavors back..

Comment #41

I had my first Lemon Yogurt Bar last night after 6 blissful months of Lemon Fantasy Bars.....

Oh. My. Gosh!.

I'm STILL scraping the flavor off my tongue!.


I'm doing my first ever Medifast Return tomorrow..

All three boxes..

I'd have had better flavor if I'd licked my bottle of Lemon Joy Dish Liquid..

I'm saddened......

Comment #42


You are exactly rightthat's what the lemon yogurt bars taste like..

LOL, you go (but I'm sorry you dislike them as much as I do)..


Comment #43

Ditto. I was thinking I should just suck it up and force them down (I only ordered a box), but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Ended up sending them to someone else who wanted to try them. I have 6 of the old ones left that I'm rationing for special days. They were my favorite...

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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