Lemon juice in Medifast puddings

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Being new to MF, I am playing around a lot with recipe/mixture ideas. Also being incredibly cheap, I refuse to throw out those that don't turn out so well (with the exception of one which still gives me nightmares)..

Tonight, I was craving something lemony in the worst way, so I thought I'd toss a little lemon juice in my vanilla pudding assuming it would magically transform into the most delicious lemon custard. WRONG. It was soooo gross. But, as I mentioned, I'm cheap and refused to toss it out, so I plopped it into the blender with some ice, added some raspberry syrup and OMG.......raspberry cheesecake shake! Even my kids said it tasted great!.

Hope all my mistakes turn out this well!..

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Hey bobi....

Im new... please tell me about the raspberry syrup.... what brand and where in the grogery store would I find something like that? does it count as a condiment? does it have any calories???.


Makeup girl..

Comment #1

When we mention syrups, they are the sugar free toroni or davinci syrups. 2Tbsp = 1 condiment...

Comment #2

Thanks MT Cup.... I went to my Publix and they had some toroni sugar free syrups, but only in chocolate and caramel. sadness. do you have to go to a Whole Foods or some kind of speciality store?..

Comment #3

I found the Torani sugar-free raspberry in my local Waldbaum's supermarket...

Comment #4

I got all the Davinci flavors from Walmart and the Torani flavors from Albertson's.

A little splash of the carmel in the apple oatmeal also makes a world of difference if you don't like the oatmeal...

Comment #5

DaVinci syrups are cheap and easy to buy on line too if nothing can be found locally. It's how I got mine (which I still haven't used LOL)...

Comment #6

Walmart???? who knew!!!?!?!?... ok I'm off to the walmart right NOW!.

Thanks everyone..

Comment #7

Wonder if it would be good in a vanilla shake??? that lemon juice and raspberry syrup.....

Comment #8

I also know wolrd market carries a TON of the flavored sugar free syrups. I get mine there all the time...

Comment #9

[quote=bobimthomas]Being new to MF, I am playing around a lot with recipe/mixture ideas. Also being incredibly cheap, I refuse to throw out those that don't turn out so well (with the exception of one which still gives me nightmares)..

Which one gave you nightmares? just curious, ha..

Comment #10

[quote=BarbaraM]. was my first attempt at making a frappuccino. I was running late for work and knew I was walking right into a 2 hour meeting, so I thought I'd make my shake and just take it with me. I tossed the shake mix and ice in the blender, picked a syrup and reached for the instant coffee crystals (which I'd never used in my life). I must have dumped in 10 times the norm for STRONG coffee. Of course I didn't realize it until I was sitting in my meeting, reached for my shake and took a sip. Some of my coworkers are still mimicking the contortions my face must have made.

Lesson learned...

Comment #11


Oh no - that does sound gross LOL! Sounds like you ended up with bitter beer face - just like I did the first (and last) time I tried to make a recipe out of the blueberry antioxidant shake - YUCK..

Comment #12

I love this idea, my fave flavors.

And thanks for the tip on World Market!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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