Medifast recipe for L&G for Thursday, Jan 25?

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L&G for today is a recycled chicken casserole from the other day with a little maple chipolte sauce to give it a different flavor and a side of grilled zucchini.

What are you having for your L&G today?..

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God love 'ya, Sue, for always starting the L&G boards. I steel ideas from people all the time. Love it! Tonight I'm going to try that Mexican Casserole that I just saw on one of the boards. Looks interesting. So does the "rice."..

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That's what I love about this thread everyday. People post such great ideas which helps so much in trying to come up with ideas for the L&G. Sometimes I even change my mind and have one of them instead!..

Comment #2

Salmon, not sure how I am going to season it yet.. and I am going to try the Mashed Califlower receipe from another post. I can't wait. :-)..

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Used some of my Lean for FF cream cheese on some Medifast bread this morning, the remainder will be some left over chicken from last night. I'll throw on some SF BBQ sauce and then have it with a veggie. Your grilled zucchini may end up being my veggie!..

Comment #4

Albertson's and our other grocery stores have asparagus for $1.49 a pound, I am having oven roasted asparagus...

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I don't know what I'm having tonight but I wanted to mention what I had last night because it was really good.

I grilled 6.5 oz of tilapia and par boiled a package of shirataki noodles first..

Then, I threw the whole mess into a pan with olive oil (cut the fish in chunks with the spatula as you go) and stir fried with pepper, salt, lemon pepper, italian seasoning, lemon juice, fake butter spray, and some parmesan cheese. Basically whatever spices looked good and kept going til I was sure it was hot. Was yummy...

Comment #6

I'm going to do some fresh salmon on the grill with a little Old Bay seasoning, and either grill some squash, too, or have the squash boiled and mashed with some salt and pepper and a spritz or two of olive oil...

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Suesully, how do you make that maple-chipotle sauce? Sounds good..

I'm making my "fake lobster bisque" again for lunch. And a large salad with my Galeo's dijonaisse!.

That'll leave me with some cheese available for dinner, not sure what to do with that yet. Maybe a cheese-mushroom omelette! Yum!..

Comment #8

I don't make it, I buy it from Stonewall Kitchen (a local gourmet company in Maine). I used 1 TBS (20 calories/5g carb) rather than the suggested serving size. (NOTE: THIS SAUCE CONTAINS REAL INGREDIENTSUSE WITH CAUTION).

I am working on revamping their southwestern pizza recipe to be Medifast friendly (so far I'm using OB's sausage recipe w/Mrs. Dash Chipotle for the spices and 1 TBS of sauce. Haven't figured out the crust yet...maybe OB's pizza crust? Will post it once tested.)..

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Well, I was going to have steak and a salad, but decided to hold off on that until the weekendthat will be my treat to me. (I know don't reward yourself with food!) But....

So, I an going to have roasted turkey and spinach and a few left over green beans. Tomorrow is weigh-in so I am hoping for a good result.

Good luck all!..

Comment #10

Thanks! Let us know when you get that pizza recipe worked out!!! Yum....


Comment #11

Shrimp with Curry Yogurt Sauce.

2 tablespoons Pure Canola Oil (You could probably use spray, but since this is my first time making it, I'm not going to so I can see how it comes out)..

3-4 cloves garlic, chopped (about 2 Tbsp).

1/4 cup chopped onions.

1 -1/2 tablespoons curry powder.

1 lb peeled/deveined shrimp.

1 cup plain lowfat or nonfat yogurt.

Fresh parsley, minced.

Heat the Pure Canola Oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and onions, cook, stirring often until just tender..

Stir in the curry powder; cook about 1 minute. Add shrimp to skillet, and cook, stirring often until just cooked through. Add the yogurt and stir to combine well..

Cook for about 3-5 minutes, stirring often until the sauce is hot. Taste and add salt and pepper if needed. Serve with rice. Garnish with chopped parsley.

I'm using a Dannon with only 110 calories and 12 g carbs per cup. This meal makes two lean servings, so I'm getting half of what's listed above. Overall, it kept me well within my calorie and carb limits for the day..

I modified this recipe from one I found for Chicken with Curry Yogurt Sauce on some Crisco branded website..

I'm also having a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers for my green...

Comment #12

Oops. I'm omitting the rice too. Sorry about that...

Comment #13

I want some!!!! I love bisque soups! Can you post this one Gatita?.

I am having grilled chicken with brocolli seasoned with butter spray and lemon pepper..

Comment #14

What can I say?.

Blackend Mahi Mahi again with a side salad.

Im telling you all I just cannot get enough of this blackened seasoning with the fish plus I need to go shopping and dont have time today so thats what I have left in the freezer..

Comment #15

My L&G's have been so boring because I've been pressed for time and don't have time to prepare, nor go shopping. I've been eating salad greens with canned chicken (I know) mixed with Galeo's dressings, and a little bit of cheese. Every day this week. Looking forward to this weekend so I can have something different...

Comment #16

I made a salad with 2 c. salad greens, 1/4 c. red peppers and 1/4 c. cucumber topped with 2 hard boiled eggs. And Walden Farms dressing. I have on occasion also added a couple teaspoons of parmeasan cheese.

Some days I am just not hungry or I am too lazy to make something else...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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