Medifast recipe for L&G for Sunday, Jan 21?

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Back to poultry again. LOL Todays L&G lunch is 6 oz. chicken breast (those new Purdue perfect portions) marinated with a little of this great new balsamic vinegar I got and 1 tsp. olive oil cooked on the Foreman grill. Veggie is red leaf lettuce & grape tomatoes, served with 1 oz. of LF cheese crumbles and LF creamy garlic dressing..

What are you having for your L&G today?..

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I having grilled turkey breasted with oven roasted asparagus..

Comment #1

I am going to do chicken tonight too. Sautee chopped chicken with lemon peper and a splash of lemon juice, using a soy based cooking spray. Boil spinich with a splash of the lemon juice, drain, then add to the chicken to cook off some more of the water. It is usually served over rice, but I'll only make a small side for the hubby.

For some reason the lemon is a compliment to the spinich, wouldn't have though so, but it works...

Comment #2

As usual, I split mine up. I had most of it for b'fast. I made a crustless quiche. I had an egg, an eggwhite, a cup of chopped spinach, and 2 T of lf cheese. Very good! THen later I'll have some leftover roasted chicken and some greenbeans...

Comment #3

We're having Pork Tenderloin roast, cole slaw, and green beans. In addition, my "maintenance" spouse will have the other half of the baked potato he had at dinner last night...

Comment #4

I'm going to make some sort of Italian creation with 99% lean turkey burger, pop it into a zucchini, throw some 2% mozzerella and a few tomatoes on it and bake it in the oven...

Comment #5

Thinking simple.........maybe 95% lean hamburger meat, grilled, along with steamed cabbage...

Comment #6

I am sure this is no surprise to anyone...beef and cauliflower. I think I am going to turn into one big ole CAULIFLOWER one of these days. But you can't beat that mashed cauliflower when it comes to craving mashed taters...

Comment #7

I am trying out a new idea.

I have some boneless skinless chicken strips and i'm going to make coating out of some spicy BBQ sauce and Zaterans Blackened seasoning and coat the chicken in it and bake it. Hoping to get a spicy buffalo chicken strip kind of thing going. I put some on a chicken brest the other night and it was good just needed more sauce. And some kind of side veggie probably green beans..

Comment #8

I'm going to stir fry a big mess of shrimp with either fresh ginger and garlic or curry. I haven't decided which..

Then a nice salad with baby romaine and tomatoes topped with a little Newman's low fat ginger sesame dressing...

Comment #9

Tilapia with Herbs de Provence, GArlic and a little Olive Oil.

Snow Peas,mushrooms and asparagus ! Mmmmmmm.......

Comment #10

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