Can I go tanning while on Murad Resurgence?

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Sooooi know it's really not a good thing to tan while taking acctutane. HOWEVER!i never burn, even when I have taken antibiotics for acne & have been told not to tan, I did anyway & never got burnt..this is only like day 17 for me on my course. i'm only on 40mg.CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME if it would be AWFUL if I went tanning.or someone else's tanning experience while on Murad Resurgence?OR, a good facial bronzer to use that won't clog my pores?!thankssss..

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I only went tanning a few times while on Murad Resurgence and I got super red, even though I went for the minimum time.i honestly would tell you not to do it. even if you don't have a history of burning, your body is different when on Murad Resurgence. but that's just my 2 cents...

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I would not go in a tanning bed no but there have been times when I stay at the lake I get a nice tan although I am putting on sunscreen. I, like you, do not burn but tan. Personally I would be really scared to get into a tanning bed on ze tane...

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I wouldn't go tanning. I use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer to get a bit of a tan (I use "Fair," and it covers redness well). It comes in three colors and has never clogged my pores. I put it on in the evening and wash it off when I wake up. It only takes about 5-7 days to get full color, depending on if you choose Fair, Medium, or Medium/Tan...

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I went snorkling in the NATURAL SUN and wore SPF 50 sunscreen. I still gor fairly tan but without the burn. Tanning on a bed is not good with or without tane, but some sun once in a while with a strong sunscreen should be ok...

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Hi!I use Eau Thermal Avene Moisturizing self-tanning lotion, it's for face and body, but I just use it on my chest and back (i also have acne there, but my face has too much inflammed acne to use it), and it works fine. It says it's for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Hope that helps!bb..

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Im very bad I tan while on it... I had to start tanning this month because my Wedding is in a Month. I never burned easily before and I still dont burn now. I only go 9 minutes mainly because I hate standing in there for long. Ive been out and about in the summer sun at festivals and such and didnt have a problem either.. Everyone is different if you think you can handle it go for a few minutes first then move up slowly if you dont burn...

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I just wanted to pop in again and say that I've tried the MysticTan booth thing and it works very well - better than any cream I've used. It's a bit moisturizing as well, whereas the creams I've used seem to sting a little when my skin is dried out from Murad Resurgence...

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Hi! Please don't go tanning! It is NOT worth the risks EVER, and especially not when your skin is super sensitive. (Don't mean to preach lol - I used to go all the time but stopped a few years ago.) I have always been really pale, so I had to find something else when I quit tanning, and I finally came up with something that works pretty well: Jergens on my body and a few drops of Dr. Hauschka Bronze Concentrate added to my facial moisturizer so I MATCH! I wish I trusted the Jergens facial moisturizer...I just don't. Anyway this has worked really well for me, and I'm planning to just continue it while on Murad Resurgence (I just started too!) Hope this helps!..

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I love Cover FX bronzer in Gold. Its amazing and actually helps my skin!..

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I went to the lake pretty much every weekend this summer. I was on tane the whole time. I used Coppertone SPF 8 and never got red. Some people get sun sensitive on the tane, others don't...

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Meh, I still tan.. I dont burn at all. instead of using the hot creams tho I switched to the ones that don't tingle and I only tan my face for a few minutes...

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Ive only tanned once since ive been on Murad Resurgence and didnt burn. I'm too scared to try it again. it's hard though because the tanning bed always helps my acne! you can always try tanning for a few mins and see what happens... just use a lot of moisturizer..

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Do _not_ go tanning while you are on Murad Resurgence. Read the warning on the box! This stuff can cause skin cancer folks! You'd kick yourself if you ended up with skin cancer in 30 years because of some tanning you did now during your Murad Resurgence treatment.....

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Honestly, I'm Indian (dark brown) and have never gotten burnt, but I'm planning on keeping my sun exposure to a minimum. That's hard for me to do, since it's summer and I want to be out but it's better just not to risk it. More than getting burnt, the long term negative effects like sun damage, wrinkles, and even skin cancer are too great to outweigh the pros. In general I think tanning risky, but especially with Murad Resurgence. Please don't do it...

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Ladies?? hey, guys can get tan to can't they? I burn easy from before Murad Resurgence so no way I'm gonna tan out in the sun or in a tanning booth. I've been using "Piz Buin selftanning tinted lotion" this week and it's pretty good, apply and you see the results in 30mins, apply again if you want a deeper color. It dries nicely and streak free.For daily use i've also had the "tan towel self tanning moisturizer", it's meant to turn you one shade darker in 7 days. It comes in a face and body version, and thats my main body moisturizer atm.It works great for me, I have a nicer tan now then I ever had (boiled lobster color most times). And no sunburn, no skin cancer, no premature aging of the skin.Also someone said mystic tan, the salon spray on stuff. Thats pretty good from what i've heard, but it prolly gets more expensive then the home-stuff if you plan on keeping a fake tan all summer (or year)...

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Don't tan!I agree with duchamp. It isn't whats visible that matters. Things change! A lot of damage is done UNDER the skin as well as skin quality. I'd rather have clear, pale skin than damaged, tan skin!..

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Tanning booths are evil, and highly addictive. I should know. I went through a heavy tanning stage when I was in my 20s, because it did indeed clear up my skin temporarily.Downside ..... my skin looked 50 by the time I was 30. It has taken me YEARS of topical retinol, AHAs, laser treatments and sunscreen to get it looking good again. It's nice now, but it still dries out very easily ....

Use a bronzer...

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