Ladies: Why do all women REJECT me on eHarmony and ?

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My first question is: Ladies: Why do all women REJECT me on eHarmony and ?

My next question is: Hello everyone, I'm back. As a guy, I love coming here and getting advice from all you women because it really helps me understand you better. I had questions back in November and all of you were so awesome to help me out. I really learned a lot about myself and the dating (online dating with scene back then. So I am really appreciative about that. But now I'm back with something different:I met someone from an online dating (online dating with service for the first time.

We found out that we had a few things in common. Two emails later, we found ourselves exchanging phone numbers to set up a time and place to meet. We met at a coffee shop tonight and had a pretty good conversation till the place closed (about a 1 hour conversation). We got up left and walked to our cars. When we got to her car she told me to "keep in touch", I reached out and gave her a quick hug and we went our own ways.When meeting someone face-to-face from an online dating (online dating with service and she says "keep in touch" at the end of the first meeting, does this mean she's interested and wants to see me again, or is this just her way of ending the night in a nice way?I am very interested in her and would really like a second date using (if this first meeting is even considered a first date)..

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Your question was: Ladies: Why do all women REJECT me on eHarmony and ?

 When I would meet someone and I didn't want to go on another date using with them I would thank them and end the evening, I didn't tell them to keep in touch or say call me sometime..But that is just me and not all females/males handle things the same way....

How about calling her on thel phone (not through email or on line) and asking her for a date using a few days away, don't call and ask her out for the same day you call her.  What have you got to lose?  If she says yes the great if she says no to the day you pick and offers another day, all the better.  If she says no and doesn't suggest another day then you will know and it is best to know that asap...

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Thanks for the reply! And I agree, I should call her on the phone and ask her for a date. But is it too early to call? Or is the day after the meeting a good time to call?In the event that I get her voicemail, should I just leave a quick "call me back" message? Or should I actually go into letting her know that I had a good time meeting her and that I would like to see her again.I know I might be overanalyzing, but I just want to be prepared and not be caught like deer in headlights when I got her voicemail and ending up leaving a really stupid message.Again thanks for your is much appreciated!.

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Hi...I have dated soo many times on the internet so thought I could give you advice...."Keep in touch", I would say is I like you and we had a great talk but that's about it but yeah she's trying to be nice. This is probably it but I would wait and see if she calls you if she does she either likes you for real or she knows that you will be there so why not....internet dating (online dating with is soo hard, really, everyone and everything seems so great, so right but then you find out why they are who they are so be careful and don't put too much of your heart into someone til you feel it in your gut. Ive been trying for 6 months and haven't found anything great yet. Good luck..

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There is no time limit... do what you feel you need to do...That 3 day rule is for the birds IMO.  Being the female I doubt she would call you first, she might send you an email telling you she enjoyed herself, which is good, but for most females especially in the beginning they want the guy to do the pursuing, lets them know he is interested..

If you get her voice mail, I would tell her you really enjoyed the meet and would like to do it again, to give you a call back.  Then let her call you back.  I wouldn't go into a lot of detail, just short and to the point, if/when she calls you back then ask her for a date using on the specific day and time..

Good luck...

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So I called her yesterday and got her voicemail. I basically just told her that I had fun hanging out with her the night before and that it was definitely worth the drive (she lives about 40 minutes away). I told her that I think it would be cool to do it again and to call me back if she'd like to get dinner sometime. So I guess all I gotta do now is put her in the back of my head, if she calls great. If not... then too bad because she was totally what I was looking for...

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You did what you could do, if she calls back great, if not no big loss, there are other fish out there.  Just keep baiting the hook..

>too bad because she was totally what I was looking for<.

You can't know that after meeting someone one time.  She might seem like the ideal that you have in your head but that is not the reality..

Continue on meeting other people, take things slow, don't get ahead of yourself..

Good luck..

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She could have said, Nice meeting you. That would have been code for, And let's not do it again. She invited you to contact her so go for it..


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Sounds like she was encouraging you to ask for a second date using :-). Go for it! I'm so glad you are here and you are a guy b/c I'm getting ready to post a question that pertains to online dating. I hope you'll weigh in.....I seriously need your perspective. After you ask for that second date! ;-)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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