Any lactose free Medifast foods?

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Is there anyone that is Lactose intolerant that has had trouble with any of the Medifast products? I have a friend that wants to try the program, but she is Lactose Intolerant...

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I am just starting, but here is my story.

I ordered the 2-week variety pack. I stayed on it for 2 days (could not handle the oatmeal, pudding and shakes.) I submitted another order for food and drinks I knew I would like. In the two days I was on MF, I was not nausious, gassy (eew!) or had "emergencies" to get to the rest room. During the six days waiting on my new stuff, all my symptoms came back. Now that I am on the new food (Hallelujah!) I, again, do not have those symptoms.

I say go for it. If she is still leary, she should get the sample packs and try it for a couple of days and make her decision...

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I am severely lactose intolerant and I have no problems at all with MF. If anything I feel better than before. I do use half and half in some of my stuff. Interesting fact: the higher the fat content of dairy, the lower the lactose... who knew?..

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Thanks for your comments! I actually got a reply back from nutrition support and they suggested most Medifast products are actually low lactose or lactose free, so I would think this should be agreeable for my friend. I personally find I do better when I omit soups (the extra sodium maybe) and now more recently bars. I'm not lactose intolerant, but I seem to do best when I have only shakes. After a few days, I didn't even seem to miss the bars, although I have been using Medifast for well over a year now. You'd think I should be at my goal by now, huh? One day at a time!..

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I am VERY lactose intolerant. I just take two Lactiade pills before consuming any Medifast meal. To be honest, even the ones that claim to be low lactose seem to affect me, which is why I take the pills with Medifast meal that claim to be low lactose. After the first week, I don't have any symptoms unless I forget to take the pills...

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I was taking a Lactaid before every shake and then I stumbled upon the info that the RTD's are lactose-free. I figured I'd try it one day when I knew I could be at home in case of any...issues.

I'm happy to say that I didn't have any problems and I can stop popping the little buggers for now...

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Just started Medifast two weeks ago. Am also lactose intolerant. Have been having really bad stomach problems but have decided that it might not be a lactose problem but think I am having a problem with the fiber. Did not eat a lot of fiber before. Hope things clear up so I can stay on MF. At the rate I am going no one except myself, my husband , and our dog will know that I have lost weight since I seem to be taking up residence in the bathroom..

Anyone else have a problem?..

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I have been on the program for about 2 months and also developed problems. At first I thought it might be an allergy to soy or something. Lots of gas, bloating, discomfort and almost the same effects that I've read that people taking ALLI have. At first, Beano seemed to help in terms of the bloating and gas, however not the "potty problems". One day I was in the chat room and mentioned it to someone who suggested I take Lactaid. I have already been tested for lactose intolerance and did not have it, nor do I get symptoms from ice cream and those kinds of foods (back when I was eating them of course).

The oatmeal, soups and bars either dont' contain any (I have the printout of the ingredients somewhere) or they dont' bother me. Since you already know you have lactose intolerance, none of this may appy to you, but I thought perhaps my experiences might let you know that you are not the only one in this boat. After my first month on the program, I can say that for the most part, I have very little problem now, so maybe it is just a case of your body just adjusting to this whole new way of eating. Oh, another thing I did was to stop eating the things that semed to make the gas and disomfort worse. For me it was the beef stew and the chicken and wild rice soup.

I hope some of this helps and if not, I'd recommend sneding an email to Nutrition Support since posting on their thread and waiting for an answer takes a lot longer than writing them directly. Good Luck. Feel free to contact me if you want...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.