it suppose to be awkward?

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To everyone:Earlier tonight by boyfriend and I were taking a nice walk along the Lake Michigan pier in Indiana. We get to the Lighthouse (we are in Michigan City), and we are just standing there and holding hands. Well I am not use to kissing in public especially with my first boyfriend. Is it suppose to feel awkward trying to kiss each other in public? He kept trying to kiss me, which were all nice by the way, but he even said that it's awkward for him trying to kiss his girlfriend (that is the first time he mentioned me as his GF-WOOHOO!). Anyways...we both agreed that we need to learn how to kiss first. LOLWhat can we do to overcome this weirdness with our way of kissing?Please help!!..

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Your question was: it suppose to be awkward?.

Why do you feel akward kissing in public? Or is it kissing your BF? Do you feel that kissing in in public is offensive or else? Expressing your feelings for your BF in pulic such as kissing or hugging isn't bad as long as it's not putting up a show. Do you feel that you don't know how to kiss? Maybe your and your BF feel insecure about kissing because you both don't have enough experience. It'd be fun to learn together. Search the internet and then practice with him. That way you both will learn how to kiss and it won't feel akward again when you do it in public...

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Kissing shouldn't be awkward, but if both of you are uncomfortable displaying an act of affection in public, then maybe it is just not your "thing" as a couple to do those things.Is the kissing in private less awkward?If you both need to learn how to kiss, I'm sure you two will have lots of fun practicing together!..

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I think the reason I feel awkward is because I'm just not use to it. I've kissed other boys before but that was in private make out sessions. This is very different because everytime we kiss it's out in the open. I don't think I feel comfortable kissing him in public. When I see other couples and they are "sucking each other's faces", I think it's disgusting. I will suggest the idea of looking at different ways of kissing and try it out with my bf. Thanks!Sarah..

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See the problem with us is is that everytime we kiss, it's out in the open. We were alone for our first real kiss, but it was still in the parking lot. Its our first relationship (thru and I want it to go well but I think we will have to learn how to kiss.Thanks!Sarah..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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