Is weight loss permanent with Medifast?

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Hi, I'm new to Medifast and would love to hear from some people that lost lots of weight and have kept it off by living in the regular (Non-MF) food world. I'm very motivated to get it off and would like to understand that there are many successful 'keeping of off' people out there. I'm a little concerned about keeping it off and I'm working right now on attracting the right kind of attitude. So, hearing from people that have kept it off would really help me out..


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I pretty new to Medifast so I'll watch for how your post gets answered - but I do think since we plan, prepare and cook the Lean and Green each day we are learning how to eat real food from Day 1 on the program. I think that is one thing that makes Medifast different from other diet programs out there...

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Go to the Sucess Photos Central discussion board and you will find some great inspiration including longtime maintainers...

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Even though I'm not at my goal yet, I did stray from Medifast a few months ago. I didn't finish the program as directed by MF, not going through the transition once I hit goal. I was lucky enough to maintain my weight lost and not gain anything back during this period. I was one of the lucky ones. I DO NOT recommend doing what I did.

What I can tell you is that I've recommitted and am back to lose the final 20 (my new goal is 140). Once I reach that goal I will follow the T&M to a "t". I think Medifast is the best program out there and once you start it works if you stay with it..

My best advice I can give at this moment is to stay OP and follow the T&M as directed and you'll be a success for the long run!.


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Oh, another thing. When I did go off Medifast cold turkey, I did incorporate all my healthy eating habits into my daily living and it worked for me. I never went on a binge and I continued to exercise. This program does teach you how to each a much healthier diet and it works, just stick with it!.


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I have kept my weight below goal now for almost 2 years (will be 2 years end of Dec.) Most days, I don't use any MF,,,although I do keep the cappucino and the hot cocoa on hand for treats occasionally,,when nothing else appeals to me, or I am craving something I shouldn't have. I have learned to avoid certain foods that lead me to crave,,,makes my maintenance much easier that way. Since I am not a spring chick anymore, I have to stay in the 1400 to 1600 calorie range to maintain. I still watch carbs, but don't really count them,,,if I eat a high carb food one day, I limit the size of the portion, and I choose lower carb things the rest of the day. My carbs are usually in the 140 to 200 gram range if I log them. I still occasionally log a days eating,,just to see that I am still staying in line. So far, this is working for me, and I have never gone back to 5/1.Maintenance is very doable,,just keep focused...

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Although not in maintenance yet, I do not have the fears of regaining that I once had. I decided that I needed to adopt a new mindset. To do this I used the Beck Diet Book. It is a six week program of daily tasks that help you develop more appropriate strategies for making food choices. I highly recommend the book, in fact to interalize the concepts I did the program twice (both while doing mf) to prepare for transition/maintenance. I start the daily chat thread for Green Team (on Ready, Set, Go, Challenge Board) and on Thursdays use a strategy from the Beck Book as a starter if you want to hop over and see some of the strategies...

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