Kebob recipes for Medifast?

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I am looking for something yummy me and my husband can eat together for one of my first L&G meals- we both love Kebobs and it can be served with salad or whatever (anything other than green beans or asparagus)..

I tried searching but didnt find anything, I may have spelled it wrong..

Anyways I am totally brand new to cooking anything besides chicken but DH LOVES meat so, any recipes would be greatly appreciated!.

Thanks so much!..

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You would get more by using chicken than beef or pork. I use Mrs. Dash seasonings and then you can used any peppers, cherry tomatoes. If your hubby likes onions you can add those for him...

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Okay so I will probably do Chicken since we have a LOT of it (and 10 pounds of bonesless skinless chicken breast coming soon lol).

Anything other than peppers? I want to make them the same so he sees it can be yummy :P.

He wants to just eat cereal instead of me cook twice but I dont really like that idea...

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ETA I am going to review my thing it has a big list of the veggies I can have :P..

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Cubes of chicken breast, green bell peppers, whole white mushrooms or baby portabella mushrooms, cherry tomatoes. Add some yellow or white onion chunks to hubby's. Toss with low sodium soy sauce, minced garlic, cracked black pepper, or whatever spices you like (see condiments guide for measurement limitations; soy sauce is 1 teaspoon, the herbs/spices vary). Grill or broil until chicken is cooked through...

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Thanks! I ended up getting red and yellow peppers (The green looked yucky) and a big big bag of romane for the next couple days and cucumber, yum! Oh and wishbone dressing nomnom!.

I will have to add more things next time! I am still making it tomorrow on my george forman. I have to check that PDF about the Mrs Dash I plan to use.

ETA I got italian and balsamic breeze wishbone sprays- do you think those would be better to season since I can use more?..

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Probably not. Real herbs and spices are much more flavorful than those spray on salad dressings. You will be surprised at just how much flavor is in a teaspoon of sweet basil or oregano. Also, flavored olive oils impart terrific taste to anything you use them on. If you don't want to use soy sauce or teriyaki sauce because of the small amount, or because of the sodium content, then go with a teaspoon or so of garlic olive oil. Put all the ingredients in a zip top bag and toss until everything is well coated.

The flavor won't overpower the food, but it will enhance it wonderfully. If you and your husband are accustomed to having chicken-flavored sauces with some veggies mixed in (that is, more sauce and seasoning taste than chicken and veggie flavors), you will be very pleasantly surprised at just how good food is when it is not overpowered by seasonings and marinades.

Good luck with your kabobs! I am sure they will be very tasty, however you choose to prepare them...

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Kabobs are one of the main dinners we made on the grill when my hubby was doing Medifast with me a few years ago. I think we just did meat, tom, mushroom, peppers and onions. and like you said, salad or extra veggie on the side...but it was good L&G to make and made dinner seem a tad fancy :-)..

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Thank you so much! You are AMAZING! Actually I was shying away because we don't have those things, usually when I grill chicken I stab it and soak it in lemon juice and pepper..

Since DH has the car I can't get the flavored oil tonight (Not sure if we have olive oil I will have to check) I forgot about the healthy fat with chicken... I was printing off the guidlines this morning though!.

Thank you again! I will report back about it!..

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I jsut LOVE kebobs, I am not sure why I do not eat them more often, but maybe now I have that chance, nom nom!..

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I love to skewer some fresh shrimp, brush with melted butter (healthy fat), sprinkle with Old Bay Blackened Seasoning, and grill..

Tastes just like restaurant food!.

I also love zucchini on the grill. It sweetens up and is delishious. You could cook that on the skewers as well, but perhaps with chicken or beef instead of shrimp. Zucchini takes much longer to cook on the grill than shrimp does..

My favorite way to cook zucchini on the grill is to cut it in half, then cut the halves in half length-wise. Sprinkle salt and freshly-ground pepper over the flesh side of the cut zucchini, and then grill flesh-side down until you have nice, dark grill marks. YUM!..

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Yum that does sound good. Off to google but do you know if soybean oil (vegetable oil) is okay (as in OP)? Its not listed. If not I have some smart balance but I feel like oil would be a better choice? If not I could just do a dry rub then run out to the store tomorrow!.

ETA this is all I found:.

But mine is not a mix, it's just soybean oil...

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Girl you were so right! That teaspoon of oregano went a LONG way1 Its sooo yummy!..

Comment #12

Great! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. How did your husband like it?.

As for soybean oil, sorry, I have no idea. In fact, I had no idea there was such a thing!..

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We love to do shrimp and zucchini kabobs, we would put the zucchini on first and then the shrimp later. Eggplant could be pretty good if you are a fan..

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YES YES YES!!! I love kebabs on the grill too- so many ways to make them easily and healthily AND you really should be cooking a Lean and Green for everyone in the family! It's the way we all should be eating- with healthy complex carbs on the side for those NOT on program. Let's get America healthy again, shall we??.

Check out my cookbook or website for a gazillion recipes to help you out too....



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Husband loved it and wants it again, often lol!..

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