Just wondering, has anyone really ever dated someone off of one of those sites on here. An

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My first question is: Just wondering, has anyone really ever dated someone off of one of those sites on here. An.

My next question is: Hello,I recently build the courage to meet a guy online. We have gone out three times, but now that he began his career and I returned to work we have been exchanging emails. In one of those emails he invited me to a Dodger game but never came through. I had to prepare for a CSET test which is extremely time consuming but promised me that once my test was over we would go out. Until now, we only communicate through emails, and I have initiated three phone calls. I have known his graduating present was to go to Rome and as a matter of fact he's there now for a week.

Can someone please help this helpless confused chick????..

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Your question was: Just wondering, has anyone really ever dated someone off of one of those sites on here. An.

You are over analyzing things. you hve only gone out 3 times??? you both have lives. relax hes in Rome having a blast on a maybe rare opportunity. And you had your test. This is an important thing. Concentrate on the priority of your life and  he will apprciate you more for having your own life, and not so wrapped up in his...

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Well he's in Rome right now so I'm sure he's wrapped up in that.  However I don't like the fact that he invited you to a game but never came through? Did he apologize, explain?.


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I told him that I was studying for my CSET test but that I would be able to make some time to attend the game. I really like this guy but I don't know whether I should allow more time or simply determine that he is no longer interested. What advice can you provide? Thankyou..

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It's not a question of if he IS interested - it's a question of HOW interested. A man who is SINCERELY interested in a woman WILL DO WHAT IS NECESSARY to spend time with her and make sure no other man gets a chance to cut in on him. He will call, plan dates (and SHOW UP) and generally give her no reason to question his intentions.Basically, if you have to wonder if a man 'is interested' then it's a good bet that, for what ever reason, he isn't interested enough to do more than he has done. This guy sounds like a 'lukewarm' prospect - let him go. You may really like him, but unless he feels the same it's irrelevent. It sounds like you are already doing more of the effort.


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I am going to chime in here........look warm can turn hot over time. It is a slow process let it simmer and know you are free to to speak. Why is it that if it's not hot in the begining people are so quik to let it go. Just wait and see. It was only 3 dates. I have been dating (online dating with someone for a liittle over 18 month started off pretty luke warm. Just relax and see..

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Well I think that you are not confused but just over reacting on what is going on. First of all you should not worried about what is going on because your not sure if this is the right person or it might be that at the end he was meant for just a friendship. Besides everything is at neutral at this point and you should not speed it up because you may crash. Take a step at a time and consider what is going on at this point. Think about it and ask yourself why is this happening right now? Normally I believe that we should not worry about what others do but what we do. To me building a relationship (thru is like building a house.

I f we build a house slowly and smartly it would be able to be strong and be able to substained a 10.0 earthquake. Why is this ? Even though it can break down there is a slightly chance that some parts fall apart and some dont. To finish this off I mean look at what materials we use to build a house and who we contract to build it. Meaning in order to choose the right person  should I take a risk or should I just go and see what happens? Think Think..

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I agree lukewarm can turn hot - but at some point, he has to make effort equal to hers for that to happen. Its far too soon, 3 dates is really nothing in the grand scheme of things - to be obsessing over his interest. When a woman is obsessing over a man's interest so early, it usually is because she likes him far more than he likes her (and often has higher expectations) and that puts her in a weaker position in that she often does more than she should given the stage they are in. The OP here has already indicated that she has done most of the calling lately - she isn't giving him time to 'miss' her - or to decide if he really likes her. When a woman is not putting all her eggs in one basket, even if she may really like someone, this kind of over analyzing doesn't really happen - because she knows that she is all that - and any man who doesn't see that she's 'all that' is not really worth her time in the long run..


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I totally agree 3 dates is nothing to be meeting the parents on. She should be available to other dates because yes it is only 3 dates. But also they have lives goingon and she should not be so quick to toss this guy to the side just because  he is on a vacation that was planned before they met I am assumming.  The man I date using goes out of town all the time. Mexico, Hawaii, Vegas...just dont be hasty and toss him yet keep you open to other dates. AKA not putting all eggs in one basket  LOL )..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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