Just received first shipment of Nutrisystem!

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I'm a newbie and I just received my first shipment. I opened the box and was horrified to see how it was packed, and I use that term loosely. The food was pitched in the box, no organization, stuff piled on top of more stuff. Some of it was so mushy, from the heat, I don't know if it's safe to eat. They say on their site how they have "improved their packaging". They have, they now have their employees just pitch the food in the box, seal it and ship.

I'm nowhere close to having this mess sorted out..

Buyer's beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

My enthusiasm is in the toilet right now. I was really excited to start on this journey of my life, but I see it's just more of the same that's already in my life - more chaos..

I'm just shocked at this mess and don't care if I ever start this or not. The very least anyone should expect is to have the foods packaged neatly and organized. This is what none of us see on their commercials - how they really do things behind closed doors..

I'm overwhelmed and I didn't deserve this. I paid my money and I get a box of stuff that looks like what we would pitch in a box to throw away..


Sheba48: confused:..

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Your question was: Just received first shipment of Nutrisystem!.


Thanks for the positive words. I was planning to go over my packing list. You should see it; it's all torn and waded up. There is nothing normal about this shipment. I don't know what happened, but all I have to go by is what I received and it is a full blown mess. I'm trying to sort it out and the longer I spend doing it, the madder I get.

I'm glad it's working for you and I had hopes for myself we'll see. I just hope everything is here.

Hell hath no fury like the wrath of woman!.


Comment #1

Sheba, This is generally not how the package arrives, but it does happen. I would just give Nutrisystem Customer support a call, they are great! They will be glad to ship you out a completely new shipment OR just send you any items that may be damaged etc. This happened to me once and they couldn't have been nicer. Unfortunately, Nutrisystem can't control how UPS treats your package on the truck and while in shipping. So cheer up and know Nutrisystem works Great and I love the food. You can do this! So take a deep breath, Cheer up, Relax and know, no one, including Nutrisystem Or UPS did this to you on purpose.

We are all here to support you. So let us know how we can support you further. Dan..

Comment #2

That is so bizarre - my packages have always arrived in perfect order, very neatly packed. I would absolutely call customer service and complain! First, do the best you can to determine what you received and it's condition - they may just want to pick up that order and re-ship...

Comment #3

Mine always comes neatly packed in trays stacked on top of each other. Those air cushion packaging things are used to fill any areas not full.

I have to say that when I was on the QVC version years ago that Nutrisystem didn't seem to pack those cartons as well. There were no trays. The items were all just put into the carton...

Comment #4

Sheba~ Don't let this discourage you. The packers are usually pretty good. I have never had any problems BUT are they still sending packing lists?.

I have only received one shipment so far since I have re-joined and there was no packing list. I assumed they were going green.

Go thru the box and then call CS and let them know. They are great to work with...

Comment #5

Definitely not the norm. Everything comes extremely organized when I get mine, in 3 tiers of trays with clear dividers for types of meals. Lots of little air packs too...

Comment #6

Yeah, this is not the norm! Mine always somes neat. Three different tiers with three diffferent compartments and everything neat. There is always bubbly wrap so things do not shift. I will say the last shipment and the shipment of my bear, the packing slip must have been forgotten because you can see how they reopened to get it in...

Comment #7

Holy smokes! Sounds like your Big Brown Box fell off the truck or something! That really sucks I've only had 2 shipments so far but they've both been packed nice and neat, divided into categories and those air bags to make sure stuff doesn't jostle around too much..

I would call Customer Service, they're very nice and helpful. Don't let this discourage you, it's a great program once you get it all sorted out..

Comment #8

Definitley not the usual.....but I received mine package last week....and was shocked.....ive been getting nutrisystem since jan 2009 and this was the very first time it was a mess.....mac and cheese was everywhere busted open, I was missing 7 lunch bars a pancake mix and 2 of my dinner boxes were completely opened...... ive had things here or there but never seen it like this before....

But I called and the are so great and are sending out replacements without a problem.....they have always given me wonderful customer service...

Comment #9

Oh...I did open a box of the beef in teriyaki sauce and there was a PAPER CLIP sealed in the box!!! The dinner itself was still tightly wrapped so I ate it but a PAPER CLIP??? Weird!..

Comment #10

Maybe Jennie Craig has a mole in the packing dept!..

Comment #11

I am sorry NSeater, I do not believe I ever mentioned that I was calling NS. The paperclip was in the box but the dinner was sealed appropriately but thanks (?) for your input...

Comment #12

Thats So Wierd,my Shipments Are Military Style,lol As Neat As A Pin,but The Chocolate Will Be Melted As It Sure Is Hot Out,just Put It In The Fridge And It Will Be Fine,i Even Put My Muffins And Cakes In The Fride Too In This Heat Mold Is Likely I Would Think...

Comment #13

I've been getting Nutrisystem since July 2009 - my last shipment was also a disaster for the very first time. It literally looked like they spilled the box out on the floor, then crushed the packages as they jammed them back in the box in no order at all. Looked like garbage. The box looked perfect on the outside when UPS delivered. I'm inclined to think it was the warehouse. Customer Service offered me replacements on the damages or an entire new box if I wanted to have it shipped back...

Comment #14

Call Customer Service - they will probably send an entire new box if you don't want to go thru the mess, or at the very least, replace what is damaged. The melted stuff is just what happens in a hot UPS truck. I let that melted stuff sit in the house for a bit to firm up then toss it in the frig for a couple of hours. It is all sealed & may not look pretty but that's just a part of summer.

I've been eating this stuff since last July & have never gotten sick - and it hovers around 95 degrees here from June to August. Some foods I didn't like, but I learned what I do like and just get those items now. Don't let this one unusual circumstance keep you from starting your weight loss journey. The diet plan is easy once you get it figured out & it works! And, you have a whole community of folks here on the forums to help you out with any questions or challenges...

Comment #15

Sheba, instead of venting here, why not just call customer service mistakes do happen. Don't let this one experience discourage you and cause you to abandon the decision you made. Remember you're in charge of your life, and if you're not satisfied, get it fixed. Good luck to you!..

Comment #16

It sounds like the box may have come untaped and stuff dumped out, so UPS just scooped it up and threw it back in. That could be a real possibility. Check to see if it looks like the box was retaped. I've had packages do that before when shipped UPS They are really hard on shipments! Does anyone remember the old American Tourister luggage ad with the apes playing with the luggage? I think UPS hires former baggage handlers from airports!..

Comment #17

WAY not typical. I'm so sorry..

What I'd do is call Nutrisystem and list every single item that was damaged. They will send out replacements for free..

PLEASE don't give up on this plan so soon. It really IS too good to be true! It works if you follow the plan. The boxes are all color coded so just put them together and get started. I promise you won't be dissapointed if you are ready to put some effort into getting healthy...

Comment #18

Please, go take a look at this before and after thread:

After looking at some of those pictures, then decide if it might be worth a call to customer service, who will happily fix a problem that was almost certainly the fault of UPS, not of NS...

Comment #19

Sheba, sorry that happend to you especially on your first order. But don't let that stop the great decision you made to start this. This program really works, I love over 90% of the food. I've had amazing support here. What you are describing is really not the norm at all, I have loved the way they packaged the foods..

That being said, now that you mention your experience the order I just received two days ago was very different all of the many others I've received. So I am sending customer service a note on what I received vs what I've received in the past. Even the box was more light weight than what is normally used so it was partially ripped and looked like somewhere along the way someone threw extra tape on it to keep it together..

The way it was taped my packing list was partially stuck to the tape so I had to partially rip it to get it out of the box. Anyway, again, not the norm at all and the food is not damaged at all, considering the way it showed up I totally checked everything out. Didn't get my bear either, but they sent it right away when I emailed them..

Please know how well this program works SERIOUSLY! Jillian..

Comment #20

I can't help but wonder if you are just looking for an excuse not to start NS. Which did you do first, call CS about the problem or post your complaint here?.

I know I sound crabby and I do not mean to attack you personally but I am sick to death of all the complaining - not just by you but by anyone who does it. If it means enough to you to lose the weight you've gained then you won't worry about a messy box, not liking vegetables, drinking water, being insulted by another poster, etc. Get on the plan, stick with it, and get to your goal weight. Enough already!..

Comment #21

I think this is what actually happened too!!! I live in Mo and mine always comes very organized. Everything in a divided compartment with air baggy things..

Sorry, just call Nutrisystem and let them know...

Comment #22

Wow, what's with these shipping companies lately? I've had packages say delivered when they weren't, boxes arriving completely opened, etc. It's getting a bit ridiculous...

Comment #23

I had UPS return a package, saying my address didn't exist even though they've delivered things here for years (and it's just a normal neighborhood, not some weird rural address or something). And yes, the package they refused to deliver was correctly addressed...

Comment #24

I agree with what others have said I've only received two shipments so far, since I've only been on the program for about 6 weeks, but they have both been very neatly packaged. I couldn't have asked for better. They packed everything in 3 layers using trays to separate each layer and air cushion packages to fill empty space (it took me an astonishing amount of time to realize I could poke holes in those with scissors or a knife to deflate them for disposal *sigh*). What you received is DEFINITELY not normal. I would definitely call Nutrisystem and tell them what happened and how unhappy you are...

Comment #25

What a disappointment that box must have held for you. They will make it good, I am sure. And yes, they are still sending packing lists because I just got my food and had one in it...

Comment #26

I have had UPS retape the box because UPS threw it around. I would guess that UPS messed up your food, not Nutrisystem...

Comment #27

I had this happen several months in a row. The shipping boxes were in perfect shape and the sealing tape was intact, but the contents were a mess. No protective packing materials at all. Yes, customer service replaced all of the damaged items, but it got very frustrating to have this happen month after month..

My last few orders have shipped from PA and have been packed very well with cardboard trays and air cushions. Definitely a big difference...

Comment #28

My first shipment - just arrived three days ago - was in the same shape, with the added fact that the box was half opened. Quite disappointing..

Comment #29

This is how my first box arrived couple of weeks ago. Everything was nice and neatly packed in the box with air bags and all. But the lid was partially open and the packing slip was stuck to the tape partially out of the box. And the side of the box was ripped...

Comment #30

Ok, I just looked and this box came from Sparks, Nevada. I don't ever remember getting a box from Sparks Nevada before..... Hmmmmmmmmm I'm just editing this comment, I just looked in my garage and my boxes all say Sparks, NV so that isn't it. LOL, I guess I never noticed where it came from because it was never an issue before. So much for my sleuthing and recollections...............

LOL, either way, I LOVE Nutrisystem that's FOR SURE!!!!!!!! They may just have a "challenged" distribution center or UPS problem. But seriously after I read this thread I looked again. (procrastinating at putting things away) Seriously, nothing was damaged. And I ordered extra chips/pretzels, ala carte, love their high protein counts. Anyway, they were right on top and packed so well, nothing seems crumpled and they are full of air..

There are so many great things about this program. I'm just sending the email to give them my description so they can narrow down the problem, maybe it is just a particular part of the country that is having some shipping issues...

Comment #31

My bbb's are always in perfect order too with a packing list. The first thing I do is go over everything and make sure it's all there. Every once in awhile I might be missing something but one phone call and it's on it's way. Don't let it discourage you. This is a great program and it will probably never happen again. Good luck to you, Nancy..

Comment #32

I just received mine on Thursday and it was very neatly packed. I even took pics of it! I love the little tray dividers and how everything was in each food catagory - breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! They put a lot of work into packaging it. I did receive some items (mostly chocolate) that were warm and melted. I just put the chocolate items in the freezer and they were fine. The chocolate melts weren't exactly in the size they were supposed to be, but I had a nice huge piece of chocolate! Once you get it all straightened out, it's so worth trying!..

Comment #33

My very first shipment was a mess. They didn't use the trays. They put in cardboard dividers instead, which didn't work. It was particularly disappointing because I had paid extra for the expedited shipping. But I didn't let that dissuade me. Now 90 pounds lighter, I am very happy I stuck with the program. As a bonus, all of my subsequent orders have been very well packed...

Comment #34

Thankfully, mine and my husband's orders come neatly packed. Maybe someone needs to contact a shipping supervisor to let them know what has been going on. It would be less expensive for them to fix the problem, than to continuously have to send out new foods for free. Those of us who Nutrisystem has worked so well for don't want to see Nutrisystem get a bad rap...

Comment #35

My last shipment, while in it's cardboard trays, the packing bubbles were all totally deflated and kind of defeated any purpose those things serve. While my shipment was still OK, just thought it was weird...

Comment #36

My orders have all been very orderly. Maybe something happened during delivery?..

Comment #37

It's always great to vent here, but unless you call Customer Service, nothing can be done to either rectify the problem or TRY to make sure it doesn't happen again..

Take a deep breath!!.

You're devastated? Hardly, Nutrisystem as others have stated will do their best to make sure your order is complete and that you're able to eat it...

Comment #38

I have been on this plan since Sept 1 and have reached goal and I have never had a messed up BBB..

I believe you had a shipment problem rather than a Nutrisystem problem. However, NS, will stand behind all mess ups since they contract the delivery co..

Just call them and don't make such a fuss, get on the plan and eat the food and enjoy the journey, Nutrisystem will replace anything for you..

They are very kind and helpful in that..

You can do this plan, just shake this attack off and get on the bus..

Soon you will be posting all kind of victories and this will be a bleep on the screen. Wishing you the very best...

Comment #39

Hey Sheba - i'm so sorry this happened to you. I have to echo what most are saying here; that the boxes are usually well-packed and relatively minor if any damage done during shipping. you should definately call customer service - we're paying their salaries by ordering, and these people get that - you can tell because they're generally very nice. having said that, of course there are bad apples - there always are - but they're the minority for sure..

But don't let this stop you from using the program! this is certainly NOT a good first impression, but let Nutrisystem make it up to you; I can't imagine you being disappointed with the results..

I remember back in 2004-2005 when I did Nutrisystem the first time, the packages were much bigger and there were no cute little trays. I think my orders came in two or three big boxes - no kidding. the shelf space this stuff used was unreal - i'm lucky I had a lot of it (shelf space). this time around I was so glad to see Nutrisystem was trying to be a little greener by using less paper and plastic in their meals, so they're trying to be good that way too..

Sheba - have a great day and don't let this get you down too much further. visit the boards and vent whenever you like; there's always going to be someone here to cheer you up!.


Comment #40

My shipments come from Nevada and they always arrive perfect in 3 tiers with air paks to cushion...

Comment #41

The first time I ordered I got my shipment through QVC and the items were thrown around in side with no dividers. Luckily, the QVC shipment was very slow and I was very anxious to start so I placed a second order direct with Nutrisystem and the Nutrisystem direct package arrived before the QVC shipment and was very neatly organized. I wound up keeping both shipments but cancelled the QVC one. I did call customer service to tell them they had lost a customer due to the packaging. They told me they got their orders from a different warehouse than Nutrisystem uses. No problems since then. I've had a total of 4 shipments...

Comment #42

I just got my package to...everything looked great...just started myself.Sad your first shipment was a mess.....

Comment #43

My last box came kinda disheveled. One side had been opened and re-taped. Other than that, everything else has arrived in ok condition...

Comment #44

When I first did Nutrisystem about 5 years ago - it would come in a jumbled mess - eventhough it was packed within separate BOXES within the big box. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED when I got my first order this time - each meal period in it's own tray - nicely organized with the air pouches. NOW - I live in Miami and yes, all the chocolate items were melted since my UPS drop off is around 5pm. But I just tossed them in the fridge for a couple hours, and they were just fine..

If nothing else, I would call customer service just to let them know how it arrived. I guarantee - this is not what they intended for you to receive...

Comment #45

6 pages of responses - wondering how sheba is doing now - hope all is well...

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