Registering with iPledge and Murad Acne Complex

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Hey everyone,just got back from my 2nd derm appointment and am slightly frustrated...initially I went to the derm on 3/24/09 after being referred by my primary, during the visit she gave me the ipledge booklet and sent me to the lab to get my blood drawn, which would include a pregnancy test. so she then scheduled me another appointment for today 4/8/09 to register with the ipledge system. so I received the lab results a few weeks ago and I'm in great health and NOT PREGNANT! I was under the impression that 30 days from the FIRST neg pregnancy test I would take a second test and upon those results, which I know will be negative, I could receive my Murad Acne Complex. basically I thought I would start Murad Acne Complex 4/24/09....well heres where the hoop jumping starts. turns out I was told to take a urine preg test today along with registering with ipledge, it must be 30 days AFTER you register with ipledge, and have a second neg pregnancy test, that you can receive Murad Acne Complex...did that make sense? haha I get a little confused myself. so all in all my first pregnancy test goes out the window, doesnt count for anything, total waste.

So upon the results *crosses fingers* I should be starting on 50mg that day! heres a little bit about me freshly turned 24 year old living in san jose, ca. getting married to my highschool sweetheart in about 5 months!! *biggest reason for my dissapointment about not being able to start this month*ive had acne since I was 14 but it was mild until about 2 years ago when I developed cystic acne. tried doxycycline, minocycline, retin-a, clindamycin, and about a thousand otc products including murad, proactiv, facials, changes in diet...NOTHING has worked and after a significant amount of research I'm ready to try Murad Acne Complex!..

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The EXACT same thing happened to me!! I was so frustrated that I cried in the dermatologist office! it is basically the derms fault for not having all of the correct paper work done in the right order. I'm sorry that happened!! BUT THE WAIT IS WORTH IT!!!! just a warning.. the whole Murad Acne Complex process is nothing but hoops and loops every month!! it's the only way to keep the drug on the market... so I'm greatful for that I guess. glad to hear you have done a lot of research! I was one of the lucky people who took a high dose and didnt experience any major side effects so dont let all of the horror stories scare you away. hopefully you will clear up in time for your wedding though.

I completely cleard up in the 4th month so you should be fine! good luck and congrats!..

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I also cried at the dermatologist when trying to get on Murad Acne Complex! it's rediculous the stuff you have to go through. guys don't have to do any of that... they just get a prescription and go. ugh the same thing happened with me for the pregnancy tests and I had to wait an extra month to get on it. everytime I get a refill something messes up with ipledge... it's really a horrible system...

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Same thing happened to me too... I was supposed to start in September of 08, but then that happened. Finally in October when I thought I was going to get my medicine, the pharmacy screwed it up. You have a certain amount of days after your pregnancy test for them to enter the prescription in.. so I took the prescription after my derm appointment straight to the pharmacy. They didnt have the medicine there in the store and were going to have to order it.

So it basically sucks having to work through IPledge. I didn't end up getting the Murad Acne Complex until November and every month since then, I've called the pharmacy the week I am going to get my blood work done and told them that I will need the medicine, so they will have it there when I need. Anyway, good luck when you start your course!!!!..

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I've decided it would probably be easier for me to get heroin than to get my prescription filled every month. After several mishaps - none of them my fault - I am very vigilant in calling the lab, my dermatologist office, the pharmacy, etc., and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing in a timely manner. It sucks but I feel I don't really have a choice. Good luck and congratulations on getting married!..

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Same thing happened to me. my derm didn't register me for ipledge for 2 months.i'd say just keep calling. daily.they'll get the point eventually.... or spend your money elsewhere...

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Ah I'm lucky ina way I live Ireland so I dont have to go through all that, but it's bad on the other hand coz no1 gives a damn,i didnt have any tests b4 I was put on Murad Acne Complex I still didnt have a blood test and I'm almost finishin my 3rd month on Murad Acne Complex...its pretty bad I kno,but I'm goin to get a blood test next week,i wish they took more care,but maybe thats coz I was perscribed Murad Acne Complex by my fam doctor not a dermatologist but they should still take care of blood tests and all that b4 puttin some1 on somethin serious..

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