Can I get rid of jiggly belly with Medifast?

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This question is for those that hit goal and workout during the weight loss phase. I have a realy jiggly bell even though it's flat when I sit I have a roll and when I pull on it it seems like I have so much fat there. I workout 6x a week and I do cardio, circuit weight training and ab route. My question is have any of you that have lost alot of weight and workout been able to get rid of that jiggly belly or does it just tend to get smaller and remain jiggly. I would be fine if I couldn't get the six pack but I would hate to be thin and have that jiggly bell. I have never worn a bikini and never showed of my midtriff.

But I am 15lbs away from goal and my stomach has shrunk but it is still really jiggly. I am thinking I might have to get a tummy tuck yikes!..

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Do you have kids? I do, and my belly is pretty jiggly and I know it won't go away. It looks good when I am standing Between that and my deflated chest somethings gotta give. Your young and single?(single meaning no babies) Give it time. I bet it goes away..

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I have a 2.5 year old thats how I got here in this first place. I am now at the weight I was in h.s and can fit my prom and graduation dress but it doesn't fit the same. I don't remember my belly being this size either but I have been noticing that since I am working out it is getting a little tighter I guess it will take some time and hard work...

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Are you sure it's fat and not excess skin?..

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I don't know how to tell the difference at this point I rather have it be fat cause I can get rid of that...

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I'm jiggly.....saw this thread title and loved it cause I'm feeling jiggly too! LOL.... I think mine is from being overweight for so long but my friend said she has that and it is from pregnancies......who knows??? I'm sure it will go away in time, especially with how much you are working out! Strut it baby - you deserve any jiggly that you have - it's much better than being a puffer fish like I was..well, at least that is how I feel! PS Tyra Banks jiggles...well, in all the right places..HA!!!!!!! Sorry I can't be any more help! I've learned to start adjusting to my jiggles, my rolls, and my excess skin and although I'm not fond of any of it..I'm proud of my battle scars and know I will firm up in time......what's leftover, well - then I will see about a tummy tuck some day.. Hugs hon! I think you are doing fabulous - less than ten till goal!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!..

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Yep I'm jiggly in the middle. I watch the ladies at the beach, and even the skinny ones jiggly (well except for the little girls and teenagers). I have accepted that few women have no jiggles after child birth. I, like Tracy, wear it well and don't fret it. Didn't you ever here the LL Cool J song !! Jiggling Baby??!! However, I this body doesn't see a two piece without a cover up...

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I am jiggly and start accepting it...i think...this society with media craze about the perfect body has just become totally out of order...and it makes me angry to see the statistics about women going under the knife to fullfill these absolute out of wack "requirements" about being beautiful...why do all that ?? why not trying to accept that we all are so different with shapes etc? I am not talking about health and doing something we all deserve for ourselves...but a little jiggling here and there? so what? we dont need to be the next miss america gals !!!.

Hugs to all, Susi in Germany..

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Mine's excess skin. I had the big spare tire around my waist and i've managed to shrink it up tremendously, but there are limits on how much you can do when the skin has been stretched. I also have loose skin issues in other places (arms, legs, butt, etc.). It's not particularly attractive but here's my plan:.

I'm going to give it a year and see just how much it firms and tones up on it's own. Once I reach the final part of transition, i'm going to start back into my weightlifting routine that I used to follow for HS football to bulk up. Adding more muscle mass in my problem areas will help fill out the loose skin in my arms and legs and glutes. There's only so much I can do with my stomach and abs. I'm not that vain about it, because I look fine standing up, but the muffin top does re-appear when i'm sitting or laying on my side.

The only people that have to see it on a regular basis are me and my GF anyway, and she finds me even more of a sexy beast now than I was at 354 lbs.. Besides, i'm healthy now, and i'll take good health over loose skin any day of the week...

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