Iv been taking the VitaminShoppe womas's Ultra Mega vitamin & haveing nose bleeds! what do i do?

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My first question is: Iv been taking the VitaminShoppe womas's Ultra Mega vitamin & haveing nose bleeds! what do I do?.

My next question is: I got talking to this lad at the gym who turns out is only 16 and on the gear. He isnt a small lad but by no means big at all. So he was telling me that he was talking 250mg of sust every other day. I know a lad who is on the exact same cycle but 24 and it's his 4th cycle. Then I got thinking how crazy that sounds (well to me anyways) that amount of gear or any at all at that age. I mean personally I can't wait to start using but he asked me if I was and I told him no but I will be within the next year or so as long as I stick at things like I am.

I have a few training partners who use and all of them started with that cycle and made nice gains from so clearly the lad hasn't got a clue..

Is there anyone like this in gyms where you lot train... I personally think it's a shame because if a 16 year is using 875mg of test per week now imagin what he'll be wanting to use a few years down the line... Craaaazy!..

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Your question was: Iv been taking the VitaminShoppe womas's Ultra Mega vitamin & haveing nose bleeds! what do I do?.

Wow at that age I did not even know whats steroids was, for me it was playing Sunday league football and chase the girls at youth club and who had the best Reebok pump trainers..

What is up with kids nowadays ????????..

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Stupidity in the extreme. I was still growing in height and size at 19. Being on the gear at 16 is not a good idea. Plus, I'm not sure 16 year old lads are mature enough mentally for 1g of test weekly...

Comment #2

Lol a 16 year old with all that extra test.....

They must be ready to nail even a hole in the ground..

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I would like to know how theyn afford it at that age. It's expensive enough as it is..

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Hey, I'm looking for anyone in the UK who's been takling steroids since they were under 17, please could you get in touch with me if you have. It's for a radio piece, no one has to be named but they'd get a chance to say why they should be legalised. Thanks. ()..

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Is pretty much the same across the board, young 1'nz come in and c us bigger built lads and crave a quick fix......not realising tht we put rediculous hours in!! at 16...mad..

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Its thanks to the openness of forums and the increased talk and knowledge sharing of steroids that will see them re-classified in the eyes of the law I feel.

At one time you had to be in the right gym and have served your time in the eyes of your peers before you could find someoine willing to sell you gear or even share knowledge about the topic but now you register on a forum and within no time at all you've got some tin pot guru telling you what to do without knowing any significant information about you..

We have taken something that was private and seldom spoken about and opened it up to the mainstream public, they can't understand it and are unable to differeciate the difference between steroids and recreational use.

Its not made clear to the public that steroid use is legal, possession is legal, they aren't banned from competition and if used sensibly they are safe too. The public only get to see what the media have to say - and they know nothing about it either other than sensationalising about it everytime they can..

It could all change soon and it's down to people like this kid and idiots on forums who'll ruin it for the rest of us...

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All the younger lot in the gym I use are doin it, I over hear what they are using and how they are using it (mostly anadrol 50 - all trying to out do each other on how many using and how big there getting) and wonder whether to let them learn the hard way or go over and speak to them?? :S..

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Gesh ima 18 dont even know what any of this is. if it grows out the ground it's prob okay but drugs made with chemicals and all that crap i'd never try...

Comment #9

[quote][/ if it grows out the ground it's prob okay].


Comment #10

Oooooww yup it is ashame there not legalised least then I wont risk my job and can happily smoke it...

Comment #11

Kids these days just dont fear anything, ASBO's are a ****ing medal to them, Drugs n alcohol a game. Dumb little children who think that all the side effects wont effect them. I am 20 and have been reading up since I was 19 to make sure that I was fully equipped for my first cycle which I started two weeks ago!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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