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My first question is: ISNT VitaminShoppe THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR VITAMINs?.

My next question is: I got pulled over and police found 4ampules of winny in my car, they then arressted me and raided my house straight away..

They found 25 sus ampules, 8 winny, 10ml vial of BD sus, and 10ml vial of tren E Rohm labs..

They originally said I drug dealer and said that I going prison but then at police station inmy interview I told them I take it, which I had been telling them all along..

They now let me off with a caution..

Although I happy that I not getting done for intent to supply, are they allowed to keep my gear..

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Your question was: ISNT VitaminShoppe THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR VITAMINs?.

Yep thats me on the others sus is pharm grade so is winny..

Comment #1

What did you do to get pulled over or was it just random bad luck?.

Steroids are a Class C controlled substance so you won't get them back and receiving a caution is'nt being 'let off' either that will follow you everywhere you go for the next 5 years and cause you some major problems in getting work in certain areas...

Comment #2

Those are Class C Schedule 4 Pharma meds, so Controlled Rx requirements don't apply..

He should get them back...

Comment #3

Nah if it's UGL you wont get it back, thats ROHM labs not pharma..

Its classed as a counterfit item...

Comment #4

I know where you're coming from mate and it might be worth him giving it a try but I just can't see the fuzz turning round and saying 'ah yes here you are Mr.raj,heres your steroids back!'Once items have been seized and a caution has been given you can kiss goodbye to whatever it is they've taken..

Ive been there...

Comment #5

Have a read of this one - I knew I'd seen something before:.

Funny Story - Steroid and Testosterone information..

Comment #6

LOL.They kept the Viagra though!.

Thats surely got to be an isolated case man,that would'nt happen in my neck of the woods the cops are......

Comment #7

It shouldn't be... I mean you are allowed to import 135 worth for personal use apparently.....

Comment #8

This country is a nut house when it comes to law.Customs don't know whats what.The Police blow your front door hinges off with a 12 gauge shotty,torture you for 12 hours,send you home then ring you up and say 'sorry about that,you can come and have it back!...

Comment #9

Yea but it has to be pharma goods. not something some pot head brewed up in his back garden..

Even then they can get shitty is staveros has said that 20,000 oxy are only worth 50..

Comment #10

Ahh I missed the fact he said 'Pharma grade' as opposed to Pharma..

Comment #11

Every ugl will clame there "pharma grade" but then who has verifyed this clame.....

In reality goverment is more worried about the big phara compaines not getting your money..

I think thats the big reasion behind things like the powder crackdown ect - you had guys that were makeing literaly hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Yea there might have been sterility issues, QC issues but thats never stoped them with other stuff that china exports?.

The MAN wants your money to go to his friends, not some random dude trying to get rich.

Thats why with pharma goods, your pretty much aloud to do what you like as long as it's for your own consumption...

Comment #12

I disagree the goverment does not help the pharma companys that much anymore and are getting tougher around pricing issues. Hopefully the powder crackdown will die down after the olympics in china..

Comment #13

The Governments own website and the Police say it is not against the law only if you are trafficking steroids is there cause for criminal action..

You should get that caution quashed if the items were for your own use and there is no evidence that you were trying to sell them to anybody else. Assuming you are telling the forum the facts of course..

Gazz is right you now have a criminal record if you didn't already which will cause you problems with CRB checks..


Comment #14

In UK possession for personal use is noy an offence so should not of even been cautioned as to receive one you have to admit to an offence. Also as already said if it's pharma you should get it back but then again how do they no it's not pharma and they certainly wont pay for any test or research to prove otherwise just to see what they can or cant give back...

Comment #15

I've been there too and got the lot back, the police don't know whats generic or real and wont research it prior to giving them back...

Comment #16

Had my mate get nicked with 5 tubs of thai pinks, and 100 sust and he got them all back....surprised me totally...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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