Is weight loss slower for vegetarians on Medifast?

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Im a newbie, havent started yet, still waiting on my food actually. Anyway, Im a vegetarian and have been looking over the meatless options and found a lot of the items to be extremely high in sodium, and many high in carbs as well. I want to lose weight and get healthy just as much as everyone else, but I just need to ask, is the loss average slower for us vegetarians? I know other weight loss programs I have tried boast in their ads "3-5 pounds a week!!!" and then when I go in for a consultation they inform me "Oh, you dont eat meat? Well, for vegetarians it's closer to 1-2 pounds a week" And I'm just wondering, is Medifast the same? I just need to know so Im not disappointed with my results if this is what, as a vegetarian, I should expect. Thanks everyone!..

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I have been OP for 4 weeks and lost 16 lbs those 4 weeks...

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Everyone is different and everyone reacts to the plan differently. On average vegetarians I've seen on this plan for the 11 months I've been here haven't been a lot different than anyone else's...

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I'm a vegetarian (no red meat, no fowl, no fish or seafood, but I do eat dairy and eggs). I'm too tired to do the math now, but I think I've averaged about a 2.5 pound loss per week (49.6 pounds lost in 20 weeks). It was faster when I started, when I had about 72 pounds to lose, than it is now, when I am about 2 pounds from a "healthy" bmi and 22 pounds from goal.

I do run and lift weights, but didn't start doing those activities until about a month into Medifast (and I worked up to the running with the Couch to 5k program). I try to keep my carbs between 80-85 per day, which can be a bit challenging with some of the meatless options for the L&G, but it's doable..

Of course, all of this is just my personal experience, but I hope some of this is helpful to you. Best of luck!..

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I am a vegetarian too. Just read your comment about high sodium in veggie options - ACK! That didn't even occur to me and I should be watching that due to cholesterol... I've already learned the hard way about the carb thing. Veggie options have to be 7 or fewer carbs per serving but I didn't know that when I initially stocked up on veggie burgers for my Lean & Green meals... whoops!.

I wonder if there are lower sodium veggie burger brands out there??..

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I haven't found any low sodium veggie burgers (and I MISS them). Given the choice, I use MSF Grillers Original (260/patty). It's not great, but sometimes you just have to have something easy you can toss in the micro.

You also have to watch cottage cheese for sodium (and I don't know of any low sodium of those either).


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Oy, yeah Cottage Cheese is terrible for sodium. I did buy a package to use for a "lean" option, but I haven't opened it yet. As with all delicious things, I guess it is all about moderation...

I will have to try MSF Grillers. As a long-time veg I tend to be slightly skeptical of the more "meaty" looking veggie burgers (I like to be able to see pieces of mushroom, etc. in my veggie burgers!). I'm not saying it makes sense, but there you have it...

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I like them because they're an easy 3 minute meal. I prefer a nice grilled portabello cap but it uses all my veg, so all I get is 'burger' with no side (I use my protein and go with cheese). Gotta have those Medifast puffs for that meal.


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I like the grillers, too. But my favorirte is tomato basil pizza burger! Both are morning star farms, also like the Veggie Patch meatless meatballs and the ones from Trader Joe's...

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My favorite 'substitute' product is gardien chicken scallopini. Each 'breast' is 90 calories, 2g fat, 4g carb (2g fiber) and 14 g protein. Sodium is 330/each though. They're in the freezer section....


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