Is VitaminShoppe weight gainer effective??

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My first question is: Is VitaminShoppe weight gainer effective??.

My next question is: Hi I'm in glasgow, living just wondering if any one knows how hgh blue will do, 200 stromba or whinnies pill form, and 60 t3s would help as I'm busy dieting and fancy alittle boost lol pm me if you have any suggestions?..

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Your question was: Is VitaminShoppe weight gainer effective??.

Hi I'm 29 5,10 20 stone the now was 23 5 weeks ago trainned for 10 years now, bench 120kg for 12, squat 200 kg for 8, etc been out of the game for a few years only doing it on and off scince getting married but now I'm back in it again started dieting 5 weeks ago basic diet, 500-100g carbs per day 210 g protine, and 10-0g fat never counted cals dont see the point, I stick to basics only chicken,turkey,cod,prawns,rice,brownrice,patato,ca rbs drink,metrx,kidney beans,veg,tuna,2 gallons of water, etc perfure to blend it in t baby food, 6-8 meals a day 3-2 hours inbetween depends on amount f meals,with one day off a week untill the final month it's always worked I liive I glasgow now and dont wanna shoot to newcastle for sum gear, iv dieted every year from 18 -25 normally going from 25stones to 14 stone ripped with in the 3 month gap but allways used the same set up it's just wat works for me my diets fine I think any suggestions please tell? my tranings fine, and have no problems with the cardio neather just after the needed boost to stop from loosing my size as well as body fat.and I seem to work alot harder when I know I'm spending money on such things you just dont wanna wast it,.

And I'm not a cop lol.

I am very open never kept it a secret what I have dun I belive if you cant take it dont do it. also I am very to the point, to many year fannying about lol..

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, iv dieted every year from 18 -25 normally going from 25stones to 14 stone ripped with in the 3 month gap.

Hello m8 welcome to mc.

25 stone to 14 stone thats a hell of a loss do you do that every year ?

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Yeah every year apart from the last two years marrige does that lol but back the now. I normally go to about 14.5-14.9 ish dont really go by weight at that stage just by body fat and how I look, if I'm about 6% thats me ish but hopefully ill lean out at 15 this time as I do feel iv put on quite a few quality pounds even though it's not been so hard core, the first time I did a diet I was 18 went had been traning just over a year then full of gear went from 22 to 12.6stone that was me ripped but like I say I started the gear early, at the mo I'm looking for a good gym in glasgow been using the antinine and home I spent the past two years collecting me weights got two rooms in our 6 bed house for the gym got olympic weights up to 300kg squat rack, with pullys for back etc, bench(incline/decline) dumbells from 10s to 50s powerstation(abs and pullups) all the bars, pully attachments,and carf station to also gt a 300quid exbike, most my cardio done on that. gonna start going to marinecraft gym nce I'm down to 18stone it's in dumbartion all power lifting real basic stuf like I like it and all powerlifters there round my weight lol..

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Theres sum on the new t forum page the one on the bike is me at 23 stone, ill dig out sum oldies too..

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Alrite mate.

Im in glasgow, just getting back into training have never really got that big, but starting my 1st course of test-e and maybe dbol for 10-12 weeks prob starting in a week.

Looking for a good gym and maybe someone to see along there, I'm not from here and would be nice to meet some guys for advice and to train with at times..

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The only real bodybuilding gym in Glasgow is Venice Physique at Bridgeton Cross, there are plenty good guys in there and I know once you've been there a bit someone will be able to point you in the right direction for some juice...

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Hi m8 chris182cup pm me where in glasgow are u? iv been looking the best iv seen for hardcore training is marinecraft it's got every thing including powerlifting stones logs tyers everthing and ya mr scotland for worlds strongest man trains there etc. starting there once I drop my next stone...

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The guy your speaking about is Andy Cairney, Andrew Cairney he also owns Better Bodies Glasgow the supplement store...

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Thats the one will be going there in next few weeks very basic very good gym...

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Went along in the car to find venice physique didnt see the building but got a rough idea where it is now.

Just took my first test e shot 500mg first ever injection decided on delts and was pain free, got some stuff called german remedies it's an indian company that bought the rites to sell schering over there will be stacking with dbol get that on monday but will only use for 4 to 5 weeks till test gets to full potential...

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