Is VitaminShoppe maximum greens complete worth buying?

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My first question is: Is VitaminShoppe maximum greens complete worth buying?.

My next question is: Hi guys new to this site and the gear.

Umm... ive been injecting now for about 2wks every time I inject I always.

Inject in to right ass cheek all the time as I find it very hard to do it in my left 1 dose it make a diff if I just keep injecting in the right or not ?

Also after I inject the next day I get a dead ass it feels like some one kicked me or punched me in the ass is this normal as it goes with in 3 days.

Any help from you guys would be much appreciated.



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Thanks alot for the help mate much appreciated I will try it later.


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Bump what Rianabol said, try the thigh. When I shoot test-E into my arse it hurts for about three days too. When I inject it into my quad I don't get the pain. I've no idea why this happens but I now prefer shooting into the quad if my cycle has a painful ester in it (i.e. Test-E)...

Comment #2

I don't understand I never feel the sort of pain that people chat about when injecting. I go deep into my glute and shoot slowly and thats it. Ok I have a slight discomfort, as one would expext when you consider taking chemical enhancement, but nowt like some describe. I'm using apex t-350, apex deca and some dbol and I'm cool with it. Are you taking your time when your shooting ?

Comment #3

Yh of course I found out some times tho it can be the type of gear your using like under ground labs..

Comment #4

I think a large part of it is the concentration and the solvents used. I home brew my own juice but all my stuff is pretty high concentration. I make enanthates at 250mg/ml, my Eq is 400mg/ml. I keep the BA concentration low because the higher that gets the more pain you'll get (above 5% is supposed to be a killer)..

Are you running Tren-E or Tren-A? If it's the acetate then I don't think twice a week is often enough for consistent blood levels. JMO...

Comment #5

Test-E & Tren-Ace 2mls on the monday and 2 mls on the thursday 1 ml of each..

Next time I do it lol stright into the thigh ive tried the top of the delt on monday pain wise thats good and I tried the ass again yesterday I got f***ing pain again today trying to drive is a nightmare sitting down on my left cheek not my right lol.

Is it alright if I mix the 2 together and inject it in to my thigh.

Also lads how long do you think 2 start seeing results I started using on the 16th april and still not noticed any strength or gians yet??..

Comment #6

I just assumed that you were injecting both from one syringe in one go. Its definately ok to do. Its quite commone to cut painful gear (like tren A and test E) with a painless one like Eq. Might be something to bear in mind next time you put your cycle together..

Alternatively it's possible to draw a bit of sterile USP oil (cottonseed, peanut, whatever you get) with your juice. Note I said STERILE USP oil, it must be STERILE filtered (just trying to make sure nobody misses this point). This will reduce the concentration of the steroid and should make it less painful. I reckon Test-E kicks in after 2-3 weeks. Tren A should be faster due to the acetate ester being faster acting. I'd guess about a week but I haven't used Tren A.

This type of gyno is different to the normal type of gyno you get and regular PCT drugs (i.e. Nolvadex and Clomid) won't do squat...

Comment #7

No I will have to buy some where would I buy BROMOCRIPTINE and how much would I need to take should I be talking this now ? .

I will do nolvadex and clomid after my cycle for pct.



Comment #8

If you start getting gyno symptoms you should immediately start on bromo at 2.5mg per day along with Nolva (just to make sure you stop whichever type of gyno you're developing). If you don't get bad sides after a day or two bump up to 5mg. A compound called Dostinex also works on proalctin induced gyno, don't know about dosing though.

I can't post sources so you're gonna have to search for this one. these substances are normally used for medical purposes, so online pharmacies might be worth a try. Sorry I can't say more.

Prolactin gyno is rarer than estrogen gyno but I'd definately prefer to be safe than sorry. Oh, yeah...the side effects in the sack are a bonus..

Comment #9

Thanks alot mate for your help very much appreciated !!!.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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