Is VitaminShoppe a good product?

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My first question is: Is VitaminShoppe a good product?.

My next question is: Hi lads am guna do a dbol only cycle it's the first time I have ever done roids I no people say why are you doing orals the reason is cause am just testing what my body can take and am just testing the water on roids I have worked out for 6 years am 21 my weight is 12 8pounds my body fat is 12% and my high is 5.9 and my diet is good not the best diestin the world but whos is I have an intake of 352grams of protein and 400 grams of carbs I know all about pct and I have some liver support to so I knwo what am doing on this cycle done all my research all I wont to know is your review on dbol and if you done good or not.

Thank you for reading this.


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Yeah, Ive done Dbol only and had great results and think it's a good starter cycle.. the only problem is holding onto your gains. Ive never been able to, but there again I never knew what PCT was till pscarb took the time to explain it to me. Now all my cycles have a good pct. HCG you never mentioned this, I think you might need some...

Comment #1

Hgc I will only take that if I do a test or sus or deca ect cycle nolva will just do for know what do you recon on me take nolva 20mg all the way threw my dbol or just use it after my dbol also c8ra how much stronger did you get on ya bench am doing 120kg know so how much more would you say I will go up.

Thanks lads took all the info in like always take care.


Comment #2

I only use 20mg right up to to pct, do you not think dbol might shut you down? I'm not sure. The more experianced guy's will know...

Comment #3

I have been told if you use a high amount of dbol it will the min peole say is 25mg to 30mg so when you used the 20mg all the way threw did you still get good gains and it will the water down wnt it.


Comment #4

I am no expert mate..

But yes the d bol will shut you down! No doubt..

Hcg wont be needed, but you will need plenty of nolva on hand incase of gyno and for pct..

If it was me I would do.

6 weeks d bol at 30mg.


2 weeks nolva 40mg a day.

1 week nolva 20mg a day..

Comment #5

I put keeping my gains down to training rather than diet-i just ate clean...

Comment #6

This is now becoming a very interesting thread, bulldozer you agree Dbol will shut you down and are you saying nolva kicks the balls back in?.

I always thought hcg, did that and helps to keep your gains as the quicker the balls start producing your own test the more of your gains that you will keep...

Comment #7

Started using roids in 1978. done many combos. The best was taking 1 cc deca and 1 cc of enanthate twice a week in the glute. Plus 10.IU of growth mixed with 4.IU of insulin twice a day in the stomach. Took that for 3 months. went from 215lbs to 254lbs.

Very expensive, but it will do the trick..

Comment #8

But certainly not a cycle for a first time user!.

I'd agree that for a first time "tester" cycle, bulldozers recommendation is spot on. Easy mainenance. Easy to monitor and easy to build on for future cycles too!!..

Comment #9

Dbol being a short half life recovery shound not be too bad should it ? to get ya test bk up.



Comment #10

Sorta right there mate, HCG is used to reverse testicular atrophie and to help natty test levels get back up to speed quicker.... this shouldnt really be an issue with just DBOL though as it generally takes stronger meds for a longer period to cause shrinkage..

Would be interesting to know some of the experienced guys opinions on the stuff too as I didnt find HCG very effective at all - still the best part of 4 weeks of pct for everything to return to normal size...

Comment #11

I would say I probably added up to about 25kg to 35kg..

It was hard to say I somethimes I didnt feel as strong as I did the time before...

Comment #12

Hello mate.

I always made good gains from dbol especially when stacked with deca....fantastic!.

I used 10mg tabs week 1 - 4 per day, week 2 - 5, week 3 - 6, week 4 - 6, week 5 - 5, week 6 - 4. Deca was 200mg per week...

Comment #13

With ALL steroids taken in a dose high enough to cause muscle growth(as low as 10mg per day) suppression occurs please do not try to kid yourself guys that it does not happen...PCT is always needed after every cycle no matter the steroid or dose used.....

This is part of the HCG article I posted 2 days ago it explains why you cannot go by the size of your nuts to see if you need PCT only blood tests will tell you this for certain....

If you want to really help your nuts kick back in once the cycle has stopped use small doses of HCG through the cycle even a D/bol cycle this will help keep the nuts ticking over....(see article posted in this forum about HCG on cycle)..

Comment #14

Taking dbol @ 30mg a day would you recommend taking one morning dose or split the doses and take 2 x 15mg ? just wondered what the general opinion was coz ive heard both recommended!..

Comment #15

Split the dose over the day mate, split into 3 would be even better!.

Keep the blood levels more stable..

Comment #16

Thats what I thought coz it's got a short half-life but then you dont get a good peak in your system!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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