Is transition and maintenance after Medifast hard?

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I notice alot of people who were on Medifast a year or so ago and gained. Now they are back on Medifast again. Is maintaing hard?..

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I just wanted to let you know that it isn't hard, it is just that you must be aware of everything you eat at all times. Seems like I have to watch the carbs more and not eat white processed starches at all. I try to eat whole fresh foods more and have a planned indulgence once in awhile instead of what I used to do. I still exercise about 30 minutes daily.

I have maintained my weight loss -70 lbs so far since April and I am real happy about it. I still have to lose 45 more but I planned this break and will go back on Medifast this Fall to lose the rest of it for a total of 115 lbs lost by the end of this year. During this break, I learned that I can keep the weight off and still live a life free of Medifast while eating regular food. I was worried about that. I do not want to eat Medifast to maintain for the rest of my life..

It is now a new learning curve for me. I wish you luck as well..


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I've been maintaining for 10 months and it's a learning process. Obviously, I can't go back to eating the way I did before MF, or I'll quickly weigh the same. So maintenance is a time to figure out how much you need to eat and exercise to stay in an acceptable weight range. Here's what I do...

I weigh every day - and if I'm more than 1 lb over my goal weight for more than 1 day, I go back on the 5/1 or 3/2 for a couple a days to catch the problem right away. Being over my goal weight is NEVER acceptable. And yes, a couple lbs DOES matter! This is a big change in thinking for me.

I use 2 - 3 Medifast meals a day still. I eat 2 L/G type meals/day. And some healthy snacks (fruit, yogurt, etc.). Then occasional "treats".

Why do I eat the Medifast food? I like it, it's easy, and it's a constant reminder that I need to watch what I put in my body. I also try to keep a lot of structure to my eating. I still eat every 2 - 3 hours. I limit refined carbs (white sugar and white flour) - I don't eat that kind of food every day. Like Jodi, I try to eat whole foods (veggies, fruit, protein, etc.).

The nice thing about MF... if you do gain some weight back, it's quick to go back on it and drop a few lbs fast and then get back to maintenance. If you read blogs, check out SherylC's blog, she has tracked her maintenance and will be celebrating her one year anniversary at goal this month!.

Hope this helps... Its MY approach. Other people have different approaches. Becki..

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The concept of T&M freaked me out! I asked my Dr. to send me to a nutritionist to help me figure out an eating plan. She said insurance won't cover the visit, but encouraged me to put in the effort myself to figure this out. For example, she said Breakfast - Special K w/ skim milk, Lunch: turkey on whole wheat, mustard (no mayo), lettuce/tomato, fruit. Dinner - L&G as I've been doing. Low cal/low fat snacks: fruit, etc.

I realized I didn't want to do the work of figuring out what to eat, but I NEEDED TO!!! So I spent an hour or so w/ the Medifast guide and figured out my plan for T&M, what to add, etc.

I think it's naive to think that thin people can eat whatever they want and stay thin. I talked with numerous friends who have always been thin, and they tell me that they DO have to watch what they eat, and do regular exercise. But it's much easier to exercise with all those lbs gone!!!.

I agree w/ the above posts - restrict certain foods (sugars, white flour), enjoy a treat, but don't make them daily. Exercise. Drink LOTS OF WATER! Be diligent in watching your weight, and act fast (some say 1 lb, but my body can fluctuate 3-4 lbs w/ TOM, eating a salty meal, etc).


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I have not found it hard at all. I lost about 60 pounds from August 2006-Feb 2007 and have been maintaining sincein fact, I even lost 10 pounds below my goal and fluctuate only within 5 pounds of that lower weight (still below goal). I look at it that Medifast trained me to eat mini meals just like on plan so a bananna, then later yogurt, after that grilled chicken salad, maybe some pretzles, an ice pop, apple, chicken/rice/veggies for dinner. Still lots of watervery important. I also joined a gymexcersice helps too. You'll be finejust stick to it, stay's work, but knowing how far I've come on Medifast and how healthy I feel keeps me very in tune to my eating habits so I never go back to the way I was!..

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It is definitely a learning process and sometimes challenging to change from our old ways that got the weight on before, BUT... It is worth it!.

NO DIET CAN KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF US... WE must make the necessary changes of making healthier choices in our activities, foods AND GENERALLY HOW WE HANDLE "stuff"..

CHANGE is not always easy..

During 5/1 is an excellent time to seriously & honestly evaluate the factors that influenced our choices in the past. The reality is: If we go back to what we were doing, we WILL go back to our old weight!.

The posts previous to this one made excellent points. I think we all agree... IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT!.

(I also, like some of the above posts have focused on "whole foods".).

NUMBER ONE PIECE OF ADVICE (which I keep trying to remember myself) is:.

KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, accept responsibility for our choices, AND SIMPLY DO THE BEST WE CAN..

Remembering PERSERVERANCE is more important than PERFECTION!..

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I don't think that it's so much watching every single thing that goes into your mouth. Its all about moderation eat healthy but also enjoy in moderation somethings you are carving. I also believe after being on the plan for a long while and you adapt to eating vegetables and healthy you just have to make your choices wisely continue to exercise enjoy the foods you love just don't over do it..

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Along the moderation lines....

The most valuable lesson I have learned thus far on Medifast is how to eat the decadent bad stuff in "condiment portions". We all know which of these types of foods is a major temptation for our self. Learning to eat them as condiments instead of binging is the key. That way, you are not deprived, but you also did not gorge on something yummy for no reason. You got the taste without making it a meal, so to speak...

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To be honest I am struggling with maintence. I am not eating like I did when I started Medifast and I have still gained 6lbs. I am freaking out. I had lost 36lbs and now just 30lbs. This weight came on in 1 week. I guess from what I have read above I should go back to Medifast and lose the weight again.

The plan is great and it works... I think I rushed the transition phase and as the nutritional support team told me if I did there would be rebound weight gain and I guess that is what has happened. So I need to take control back and do it the right way...

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Thanks for your honesty, Byrdie...I really appreciate hearing what can happen. Best of luck with getting that small gain back down and GREAT JOB on your weight loss!~..

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I just finished the full two-month transition.

It hasn't been hard at all (confusing at first and a bit scary, but not hard). It's been a real pleasure to have fruit and dairy again... but I was fully in the mindset this time around that maintenance does not mean eating like I used to. I did not think that way with previous diets, so I believe that is the most important difference now..

Maintenance to me now means enjoying food and life while staying disciplined and vigilant..

And like I said, so far it's been a real joy, I am loving it...

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I stalled out doing 5/1 about 5 pounds from goal so started transitioning then. Upped my calories to around 1200 continued eating 3-4 Medifast meals per day. I avoided (and still do) all "white" carbs (white four, sugar, etc.) and eat a limited amount of sprouted bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, sweet potato, etc. (no more than 2-3 times a week in very small portions). I enjoy fruit and non-starchy vegtables; reduced fat cheese; small amount of dairy. I lost the 5 pounds quickly and have gone 2 pounds below my goal.

For me I know maintaining is going to be my biggest struggle. I have lost lots of weight many times never maintained. My intention is to never eat "white" carbs again (unless it is in a condiment portion for my birthday or some other special occassion) and to continue portin control and more frequent meals. I am logging (on a different site that has more food choices in the program) and watching things such as sodium, saturated fat, etc. Still drinking lots of water.

That is when I will begin to claim that I have achieved some balance in this area of my life...

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Thank you to everyone that answered my post. I can see that transittion and maintanence will not be easy. I will have to watch what I eat just as I'm doing now...

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Congrats on weight loss. I was thinking that I would try to go a little under weight too. To help with the wieght gain during t&m...

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I have kept my weight loss off by just watching what I eat. I actually was off any diet totally for a month, ate whatever I wanted and still maintained. I never was an over-eater, though. I just started losing again on my own recently by watching carbs and calories. I am sure it's a LOT easier to maintain Medifast weight loss than, say, Atkins.

I plan on returning to Medifast when I get the funds to lose more because it was sure quicker than on my own...

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Thanks everyone for being so open and honest about life after Medifast - I still have a way to go - but it's always on the back on my mind - what and how to handle everything once I reach my goal - I truly appreciate reading all your posts - You are correct - I just have to remember - not to go back to my old ways - ;0)..

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I have been in maintenance for almost 3 months and not finding it difficult at all. Summer with all it's fresh veggies and fruits has been a real blessing. I am still logging everything I eat and weighing every day. I have not completely denied myself anything; I also do the "condiment" portions only. If I eat it I log it and then adjust in other ways for the extra calories (exercise or cutting down on another meal). I stay mostly away from white carbs also and still eat 6 small meals a day.

Everyone finds what works for them and you will too!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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