Is there any stuff at the VitaminShoppe store i can buy to help my endurance for when i run?

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My first question is: Is there any stuff at the VitaminShoppe store I can buy to help my endurance for when I run?.

My next question is: How hihg is posibility to shut down thyroid after t3 cycle ( I'm on 37,5 and now statrt to tapper it down ) is it anything that can help to ulok thyroid.....

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Your question was: Is there any stuff at the VitaminShoppe store I can buy to help my endurance for when I run?.

I will, maybe ill add some clen cos I lost lot of fat really but not enough and I wasnt go to gym cos I'm to lazy right now I know it's stupid but .....

Comment #1

Just how effective is t3 for fat loss?.

How does it compare with eca or clenbuterol?..

Comment #2

It is very effective and plus it being a natty drug opposed to ECA or Clen the sides are more manageable in my opinion..

Comment #3

What doses are safe and would you use it for the last phase of a comp diet?..

Comment #4

Well I have used it at 150mcg a day for 10months with no negative side effects..

Comment #5

Hi boy I tryed the t5s and I lost 3 stone in 13 week the fat just flew of me keep diet clean and away to go..

Comment #6

You was on t3 10months ???? at 150mcg .....

For me it was grat gear.. now I'm 5th day of and wil run spiro cos I dont want to gain fat .....

Comment #7


Most recommend up to 120mcg, sounds awesone with 150 for all that time! Not worried? Do you cycle clen 2w on 2w off? Can one cycle clen on top and eca on the clen "off weeks"?..

Comment #8

I would ask why most recommend no more than 120mcg's? is this because they have experienced bad sides and blood test results or is it because they are just following what someone said on another board?.

I am not saying everyone should use what I do when I compete all I am saying is that I have used high doses with no negative effect on my thyroid gland and I can say this because I get blood tests done.....

I have cycled clen in the standard 2on 2off routine but prefer to use a more instinctive routine like 1on 2off 2on 1off etc....last year I used it all the way through the diet incrementing up every week and still got good results.....

Comment #9

Ok, I agree everyone prob read too much into scare propaganda and we are all different...

Comment #10

Yes m8..

A 10 week cycle leading up to a show would look somthing like this:.

Weeks 1-3: 50mcg a day with 80-160 mcg Clenbuterol a day.

Weeks 4-7: Stop use of both clen and T3.

Weeks 8-10(week 10 being the show):100 mcg T3 with 200 mcg Clen.

You can stop the clenbuterol imediatley after the comp, but for the two weeks following the comp tapper down the T3 to 50 mcg in the 1st week and 25 mcg in the second week...

Comment #11

Ok so I am a little confused about this post....

Can you explain why you would stop the T3? in weeks 4-7.

Why taper down the T3? there is no proof what sop ever to say this helps in any way your thyroid output will be low it will not start to recover until you have no synthetic T3 in your system so you stop it dead and you will be fine.....

Also I am confused to why you are using clen at this very high dose in the last week? as clen is much more dangerous than T3 plus it negatively effects the carbing up phase before a comp......

You see you advise to use small amounts of T3 but with huge amounts of Clen when Clen is potentially more risky?..

Comment #12

The cycle is taken straight from the book I talked about earlier PScarb, 'the works' , I'm not sure why weeks 4-7 you cut the T3, as for the tappering I can only assume that it's not so much because of the effect on the thyroid itself, it's not a long enough cycle for it to effect the thyroid function so as to become dependant on thyroid medication when coming off(but there IS evidence to support persons becoming dependant on thyroid medication after LONG cycles of using T3 meds) but to keep to a minimum any side effects that abrupt intake or cessation of larger doses of T3 can have on the body(sweats,tremors, nervousness, palpitations ect). The stack I have taken this cycle from also includes Deca, test prop, anadrol, primobolan, winstrol and halotestin alongside the t3 and clen, so I dont know if that would effect why the author has chosen the way he has stacked the T3 and clen PScarb, maybe you could enlighten me..

Ill reiterate what I said before PScarb, I'm only providing source researched advice, I dont claim to be an expert, but in future when posting advice that is not personally from my own experience I shall most certainly remember to reference at the end of my post...

Comment #13

I have seen the works and to be honest mate it is badly written and makes some basic errors.....

As soon as you start to use T3 it effects the thyroid output as the body detects it and lowers output to compensate.....

Can you post up these studies to prove that people become dependant on T3 through bodybuilding use as I have not seen any unless the person has a history of thyroid issues your thyroid will recover within 6 weeks, I get my bloods done before and after every cycle so what I say is not a guess after 10months on 150mcg's within 6 weeks my thyroid was smack bang in the middle of the normal range even my doc says it is very hard to screw over your thyroid gland....

Nytol over at UKM posted a study where 300people where misdiagnosed with under-active thyroid and where prescribed with T3 for 3 yrs when the mistake was found they where all taken off the drug straight away and every one of the patients had fully recovered within 6 weeks.....

As I said the Works was not very good when it came out now it is very out dated......

Comment #14

Yes when you take Clen is hampers the body's ability to store glycogen in the muscle..

Comment #15

The BNF mate, you know the bible of doctors and nurses, quite clearly states that misuse of thyroid medication can lead to the development of hypo or hyper thyroidism, permenantly damaging the thyroid gland, and therefore leading to dependancy on thyroid medication for the rest of your life...

Comment #16

So does the glucose that would normally be stored as glycogen just remain in the blood then?..

Comment #17

It hampers the process it does not stop it totally, so for example if you can load on 3000g of carbs without clen the same amount with clen would not fully carb you obvoulsy the percentage is different for everyone....

Last year it took me 600g more to fully load when I did not keep the clen in for the finals.....

Comment #18

PScarb, did you have any sides to mention on the T3, for us non-competing and with less access to medical advise I must still say 150mcg sounds on the heavy side. I am about to cycle ECA/Clen/T3 and was planning only up to 50mcg for the first run. Will it have any effect?..

Comment #19

No bad sides at all mate and everything back to normal within 6 weeks, you say 150mcg's sounds heavy and to be fair for most it is but then you go on to say you are prepared to use Clen/ECA and T3 do you not think mixing these 3 is on the heavy side??..

Comment #20

Like most bibles in existence in whatever field, it will be heavily flawed - or more accurately it's interpretation by those who should know what they are talking about is heavily flawed....

The amount of times I have had to straight up TELL a doctor what is wrong with me and how to fix it because they have no clue about the meds we use anyway, never mind in the context and doses that we typically use....

Most recent time was an abscess in my thigh from a fkd Winstrol shot (2007) - first bad shot in over 12 years of usage and well into 4 figures of injections, not bad odds - doc tried to tell me I didnt have an abcess because the area wasn't hot and never had a head in it. Another fine gem of diagnostic taken from a bible no doubt. Never mind the fact I could barely walk, couldnt bend the leg, was in throbbing agony and it had swollen up like a bright red balloon....

What the doc couldnt grasp is that I had put the stuff in with a 2" green - by the time the infection got up to the surface to be properly locally visible, the only course of action would have been to cut out most of the outer head of my quad. I explained this (twice) before it sank in, and asked for a course of cefalexin or similar, which I got, and it was sorted wihtin 3 weeks..

So, long and short of it, Doctors dont really have much of a clue about what we use or do, and are only interested in looking down their noses anyway - unless you get a helpful one, and then you can get bloods etc - but you are still best interpreting them yourself....

So, I dont trust any doc that says you will shut down natural thyroid production by using synthetic thyroid, especially with the wealth of evidence - studies and anecdotal - that clearly debunk this....

As for T3 itself, I love the stuff, using it moderately while bulking as well, definitely attribute some of the gainage I have made recently to it's actions just accelerating everything along that little bit, as long as the nutrition is in place of course...

Comment #21

Totally agree with RS I am lucky to have a Doc and Endo that helps me with blood tests etc.....

Both have told me that you would have to really bash your thyroid to damage it (unless you have family history) when I told them of the dose I use they said I would not damage it, this I have proven as over the last 5yrs I have had my bloods carried out with no issue to my thyroid at all......

On the bible tell a Doc you are using Clomid or Nolvadex for PCT they will ask you why...this is because most GP's only see the use of these drugs for cancer not HPTA recovery.......

Comment #22

Right, BUT I am not running them at the same time naturally, just swithed to T3 today after 2 weeks on clen and ECA prior to that. So far with a strict diet and cardio as well as work outs I have shed 4kgs. Did not mind the ECA it also helps to keep hunger at bay but clen was tricky to sleep on some nights at 120mcg..

Is it normal to feel shortness of breath during exercises on T3?.

Just to clarify...

Comment #23

Hmm, I see where you's are coming from, being in the nursing line of work I'm a little bias though. Both my mum and gran have underactive thyroid, and are on thyroxine, so seeing as it's in the family, I personaly think my own use of t3 n t4 meds needs to be monitored. Im using levo atm, 0.1mg x 4 a day, as I was a bit worried about jumping straight into using t3, do you think I could up the dose a bit?..

Comment #24

Because you have a family history then I would not be upping the dose without seeking advice from a Doc..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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