Is there an age limit on stuff you buy at the VitaminShoppe store?

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My first question is: Is there an age limit on stuff you buy at the VitaminShoppe store?.

My next question is: Howdy all..

I've looked at a couple of studies that show positive results jabbing test sub cutaneously ie no differences between test levels using sub q and intramuscular. These were, however, only 100mg doses. I'm thinking about trying this out for a while. What I'd like to know is .....

Does anyone do this? What's your experience? What pins do you use?.

Is there any reason NOT to do test sub q?.

Thanks in advance...

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Your question was: Is there an age limit on stuff you buy at the VitaminShoppe store?.

I have never known a sub q injection that was not an aqueous (water based) substance. Ergo, I suspect only test suspension is reccomended for this application. I have no experience of sub q test injections or know anyone that has done it so can't advise on it. However, test suspension f*cking hurts, so try it at your own peril...

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I've done quite a bit more searching on this so ........

It wasn't growth - it was Test E.

Doctors were administering it to test replacement therapy patients and teaching them how to self-inject, so just how much of a "bad idea" can it have been?.

Also, subQ injections can and are done at 90 degrees. They're alse a lot less painful than I.M. It's easier to f### up an IM than a SubQ - would you rather have to treat an abcess all the way down into a muscle WITH SURGERY or one that's just under the skin?.

It appears that the main difference to intramuscular jabs is a SLOWER release of the esters, due to the fact that the substance is stored in fat. This, in turn, results in less chance of aromatization due to the slower release! Hmmmm .....

Anymore? Anyone?.

How do ya like me now?..

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From memory they were jabbing small amounts weekly (0.5ml?) for TRT purposes..

It would have also been Pharma Test E.

Theres a load of stuff on UKIron about it somewhere...

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Before my dads life was claimed by Nephrotic syndrome he had to SubQ himself in the stomach 4 times a day and I can safely say if he was around today he would diffinately disagree with you there! Agree with the abscess point though as will most who have seen the bicep lancing video!..

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You mean this one Gazz.

Video Guy injected oil into his arms - TC Magazine..

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Sorry to hear about your dad. My point was, though, that like for like ie one IM vs one SubQ, the one SubQ with a slin pin's gonna be less painful / less likely to cause PIP (and any other problems) than an IM with a 23 or 25 gauge.

As Tall said, the SubQs in the studies were small amounts and, by all anecdotal accounts I've now read, 0.5ml appears to be the "comfortable" limit. However, with SubQ and slin pins, you're still able to move an inch and jab again..


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No worries.I think what my old fella was injecting was just a very stingy shot. Test would be less of a burn! There's a Doc in the states who's been tampering with this idea for a while. A Dr Shippen. Apparently his preferred method of testosterone replacement therapy in cases where he otherwise might have tried hypopituitary pellets, creams or gels is now SubQ testosterone injection. "Unlike intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection of a small amount three times per week results in ultra stable levels and low estrogen conversion". Apparently Shippen uses this method for his own testosterone replacement therapy! "Not only does it work better than hypopituitary pellets etc but it's dirt cheap compared to any other method" he claims.

People use cyclodextrine complexes usually. But if this really works, avoiding IM injections would mean a huge shift in the way we 'supplement' ourselves. It would be like taking a shot of insulin. We could do that all day long!..

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That's the reason I started the thread. The only "negative" seems to be the amount that can be done in any one jab - but that doesn't really matter because it's a slin jab. As you said, you can do 'em all day long..

Anyway, as I'm 45 I'm going to be running GH and low doses of sustanon250 for a year, starting this week, as a hormone replacement therapy-type experiment. As a scientist involved in neuroendocrine stuff, I'm interested on the impact of such a protocol on mental and emotional wellbeing. Not looking to grow but it should harden me up / lean me out pretty good after 6 months or so, even with regular workouts and diet..

So .... no better time to find out how sust works as a SubQ. After all, just because j#rking off works for you it doesn't mean you're gonna turn down a bl*wj*b when it's on offer.


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Am liking the analogy.

Neuro, dyu mind keeping us informed of how your results get on regarding subq mate?.

Cheers, and good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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