Is there a VitaminShoppe weight loss called "women's release" (or something similar) that cost $129?

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My first question is: Is there a VitaminShoppe weight loss called "women's release" (or something similar) that cost $129?.

My next question is: After many months of reading and getting advice I think I have got my first injectable cycle sorted. a previous thread stated I was going to use Sustanon 250 but after reading up I have seen that Deca is probably the better and safer choice first time round..

Apologise for putting up my cycle ideas all the time, I am just interested in everyones opinion and the more I get can only help me in the long run. :-).

I was thinking....

Weeks 1-10 200mg Deca (do you think 200 is fine or should up to 400mg?).

3 weeks after last Deca shot will start PCT.


Days 1 - 7 = 40mg Nolva/100mg clomid.

Days 8 - 28 = 20mg Nolva/50mg clomid.

How does this look to the experts? Ta.


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Your question was: Is there a VitaminShoppe weight loss called "women's release" (or something similar) that cost $129?.

Nandrolone causes considerable shutdown so if your research was I little more meticulous you would of discovered that most people run it alongside a testosterone compound.Internet research is slipshod at best as opposed to getting your information from an exerienced head.Something that we have in abundance on this forum so good job you asked first.You may be familiar with the term 'Deca d1ck'?It is what happens when your wedding rifle is reduced to the size of a 2.99 cap gun from Pound stretcher!..

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LOL. I found about the hard shut down that Deca causes after I posted funny enough. I am probably going to opt for some kind of test...

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Keep it simple m8.

500mg of enanthanate or sust for ten weeks then pct will see some solid gains in size and strengh if your diet is in check..

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Yes I would for your first injectable course.Fat's is right,a simple test.enth or Sus cycle with proper PCT would yield a good foundation and give you valuable experience with regards to how your body responds.Keep us posted...

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Cheers for the answers guys, it has been extremely helpfull..

OK scratch Sust! lol.

I have just read up on Testosterone Enanthate and it looks like a good choice and as you guys talk quite highly of it that may be the choice to go for..

How much would you say per week? 250mg or 500mg?.

Sorry for the naive questions, just want to get my facts straight before I go and order..

Does my PCT look ok on my original post?.

Cheers guys..again..

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You could run 250 a week but most will run 500 m8 just one shot a week simplekeep some nolva on hand and take milk thistle ...

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Cheers pal. I will have nolva on hand during the cycle and I will also have more and clomid for PCT..

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Bump to Fat and Gazz! Very sound advice!!.

Personally, IMHO and from my own experience I would suggest that you also look at the 'bigger picture'. By this I mean not just to think about what you can do with this cycle but also how you can sensabliy "build" each cycle through out the years that you plan to train..

Baisiclly anything you now do is going to give you descent results, but in my experience no one ever does one cycle so the next one is going to have to be a little more, and the next one a little more again and so on and so on......

I hope I've explained this right?.

I now train with a couple of "seasoned" bodybuilders (they'd kill me if I called them old) who through misinformation in their day, were a bit "gun hoe" during their first years of steroid use.... The more is better attitude. And now these guys are having to use doses of drugs that are way higher than you would like to imagine as 'safe'..

I dont know if there is any clinical or scientific evidence that the body responds less or not so well to same dose cycles time after time???? But this is what I have personally experienced..

I hope this is of some help to you mate (and anyone else who is concidering "taking the plung") If so it was worth the typing...... I need a bloody good cup of T after that!!!!..

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What do you guys think about omnadren ,im also starting a first cycle I want to go with sust but am having trouble getting a hold of some..

Comment #9

Basicaly it's the same thing so it will be fine..

Comment #10

Alright thats what I thought , but I heard that you hit your peak level of test earlier which is good but you start making more estrogen earlier causing more side effects..

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This is the cycle then guys......

Week 0 Arimidex 0.25/day.

Front load with 60mg T-Bol for first 4 weeks.

Weeks 1-10 Test E 500mg per week.

Arimidex 0.25/day.

2 weeks after last shot start PCT.


Days 1 - 7 = 40mg Nolva/100mg clomid.

Days 8 - 28 = 20mg Nolva/50mg clomid.

Test E has been recommended by many people including Gazz on here as best for first injectable cycle.Should give me good lean gains hopefully...

Comment #12

Gains should be lean if you dont over do the carbs mate,you`ll get less bloat while on too..

Personally I reckon 250mg per week of test e would be enuff,but thats just splitting hairs...

Comment #13

Mmm and you do like to split hairs cal..

Comment #14

I got Bad gyno symptoms on just 500mg test enth a week..

DONT think it wont happen and not buy nolvadex...

Comment #15

Me nah never Fb.

Why do more than you have to tho!..

Comment #16

Yes m8 exactly get the maximum from the minimum always..

Comment #17

Id would go for.

1-12 500mg test.

1-10 400mg deca..

Buts thats me...

Comment #18

I see were your coming from m8 but as a first cycle I dont realy see the need to run a second compound.

Graham24 realy only needs a test based cycle at this point he will make good gains and be able to moniter any sides leaving the option of adding more compounds in the future ..


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Sorry to crash on a thread, but this looks like a resonable place for me to ask a few follow up questions!.

I'm considering running my first ever cycle, having researched the forum, Testosterone Enanthate has had glowing reviews and would make sense to use. I agree with the posts of "keeping it simple" which is what I'm looking to do..

I do have a few questions though, as some of the posts (and other research) doesn't really confirm what I'm looking for. So please don't flame me, I'm just looking for some sound advice from experienced people.


Testosterone Enanthate 250mg.

Some recommend 12 weeks, other 10 weeks, for a first cycle, would 10 weeks be considered "long enough"?.

Gyno concerns/bloating.

To help prevent Gyno - I will have nolvadex on hand, should this be taken only in the event of symptoms showing? or should it be taken any way? I've read that it can help prevent bloat, which is what I would prefer and 10mg per day *should* do this...if this is the case, should I take it throughout the cycle, or say after week two?.


Many have suggested Nolva and Clomid for PCT. If I was to run a 10 wee cycle of 250mg per week, could you advise me what kind of dosage of PCT would I need, and at when? (i.e after week 10 etc).

Many thanks..

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Hey guys nice thread well responded to, I'm thinking of doing my first cycle of test e. I read once your body produces 50mg a week naturally so up the dose by a factor of 10. so ill probably go at 500mg of test E for 10 weeks..

My major concern is Gyno and PCT. so tips to minimize this really appreciated..

If I run 250mg of Test for 1 - 10 weeks how is PCT going to look compared to 500mg of test for 1 - 10 weeks..

Also would you suggest going 250 for your first cycle then running 500 on your second then maybe add a second compound on your 3rd cycle, planning for the future etc etc..

Also I hear guys saying they are injecting ml's per week. how many mg goes into 1ml...

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This question is unanswered so I'll give my 2p..

I'm just finishing off a 500mg pw sust cycle as my 1st. I'm running for 12 weeks..

I wanted sust so the rise in test levels would be gradual and I could gauge if I was ok with it - this is after 2 nasty attempts on dbol..

I was going to do 250mg pw - but that was just because I was afraid of injecting tbh and my PCT was to be the same - shut down is shut down no matter how much test you use (within reason)..

I dont see what the issue is with bloat and acne - I got a bit of both and it's no big deal. If I was worried about it then I wouldnt do the cycle.

The way I see it the less meds I take the better - especially pills which are liver toxic..

Sust and enth are usually dosed at 250mg per 1ml and come in amps of 1ml..

Other compounds are dosed differently..

Hope this helps some...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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