Is there a supplement at VitaminShoppe that can help you from miscarrying?

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My first question is: Is there a supplement at VitaminShoppe that can help you from miscarrying?.

My next question is: So far I have been a bit daft with regards to my courses. I did a 6 week course of dbol and I have done only a 4 week course of deca and sus, I now know I shouldve done it for at least 6 weeks. Im thinking of doing it again in june time, just after any advice. In an ideal world I would prefer to take tablets but I know these are just two toxic for the liver and although I dont recall it with my course of dbol, it apparently bloats you up and you lose much of the size. I dont know how realistic it is to expect to keep all of the size gained during a course but obviously I'm wanting to keep as much size as possible when I have finished. Please excuse my ignorance as I'm not too experienced in this area...

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Your question was: Is there a supplement at VitaminShoppe that can help you from miscarrying?.

Dude, you really need to do your research this time. Youv made some schoolboy errors here! I mean 4 weeks on sus and deca!!! you need to run them for 8weeks minimum!! And you asking what PCT is??? thats worrying!!!.

PCT = post cycle therapy.

This involves taking ancillary drugs after your cycle so that you get your test levels back up as quicly as possible to avoid doing yourslef permenant damage!!! and you need PCT in order to keep your gains! Nolvadex and clomid are needed for PCT.

I would recommend you do some reseach. But heres the cycle that I would run if I were you.

Wk 1-10 - test enanthate or sus at 500mg per week.

Wk 1-4 - dbol 40mg per day.

Pct - starts 2 weeks after last shot of test. 100mg clomid and 40mg nolva for 2 weeks , then drop the doses to clomid 50mg and nolva 20mg for a further 2weeks. Eat loads, train hard and you will pack on a lot of size with this cycle. Deca isnt needed for your 1st cycle. (well your 1st proper cycle)..

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Thankyou, much appreciated!!.

I did go into it abit blind and silly really, although I can get the gear I havnt anyone to really advice me on it. Does Deca retain much water after the cycle if I did go on? I know a mate of mine went on dbol and blew up but after he just shrunk back to normal, I dont want this to happen to me beause obviously I am going to be training harder than ever whilst I'm on it...

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Sorry mate but that advise above is just not true, test levels from nandrolone peak after 3 days after injection then fall gradually over about 2 weeks, the sustanon's prop and phenyl are released into the blood stream within the first 4 days, the test iso releases over two weeks and the decanoate over 3 weeks, so even after your last sust jag it takes 3 weeks to clear your system. Meaning your PCT from a sust cycle wouldnt even start till week 7, after cessation of drug use at week 4..

A four week cycle is NOT too short, infact I know of a Brittish IFBB pro(whom I will not name)who only does four week cycles at a time...

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Thats interesting. I dont know as much as you guys as I'm new to the steroid game so I cant comment, all I know is people say it is far too short. A friend of mine has been told that for a first cycle he can do 6 months on! Thats seems excessive to me to say the least.

By the way, Lee Priest .. Legend! Love the bloke and the way he speaks his mind. I saw him in recent pictures and to be honest he didnt look his best, hope we havnt seen the last of him though...

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Also am I right in saying traces of deca can stay in your system for up to a year, or is this just more misguided information?..

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Decca will show up in drug tests for a year, sometimes more, that is correct, but that doesn't mean it's actively working for a year, alas it would be bloody good if it did..

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Mr Priest, yes he certainly is the naughty school boy who doesnt do his homework, yet still passes the exam with flying colours!!!.

If you want to talk to him he has a thread over here:

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This is good advice m8 simple and straight forward dont overcomplicate things..

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